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New Weekly Releases for 12/11 posted by Alina on

As the battles heat up in this week's new game releases, our new rewards will thrill and chill you! Artix Entertainment's holiday releases continue this week with more quests to complete, bosses to slay, and gear to unlock!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Queen of Monsters: The Poison Spreads!

Brightoak has succumbed to Nevanna’s poison and now the heart of the World Tree itself is under attack. Race to reach the center of the Grove before she uses the Horn of Protection to summon something even more earth-shaking!

  • Battle General Nevanna's army before the Gaiazor is unleashed
  • Find Quibble Coinbiter's 2015 Frostval Rares shop in Battleon!




Frostval - A Chilly Request

This weekend, travel to the village of Frostvale to investigate a mystery that, if unsolved, will leave you cold as ice! 

  • Solve the mystery of an ancient relic after Chilly summons you!
  • Be on the lookout for Kibbles and Tibbles as they spread holiday and monetary cheer among your fellow players! The top 15 donatos will receive 1 of 2 exclusive weapon sets! (Or both if you are that uber generous!)




Epic Duel

29 Days of Gifts

This week, EpicDuel players will witness the exciting relaunch of the extremely popular Gifting system! We will also be updating the Legendary shops and seasonal shops with some awesome new gear!

  • Log in for over 60 new items including weapons, home items, styles, and armors!


AQ3D Kickstarter: NEW Package and Rewards

We are over 80% of the way to reaching our Kickstarter goal... just a short way to go and 20 days to get there! We've added a new $10 USD package that comes with in-game items in AdventureQuest Worlds, AdventureQuest, and DragonFable!






BioBeasts Coming to a Mobile Device Near You... VERY SOON!
  • BioBeasts is nearly ready to launch! Find out what you can do RIGHT NOW to help us spread the word and make the official launch an EPIC one!


A Cheesy Release

Do you feel like fondue, Hero? Prepare for one of this year's cheesiest releases from San Robin, coming soon from the DragonFable team! It's got muensters of a whole new brie-d... and puns aplenty!

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AQ3D KickstarterHits 75% posted by Alina on

We are almost at 100% and full funding!

The AQ3D Kickstarter campaign just broke $150,000 raised! That means we're 75% of the way to our goal, and only need $50K to go until the finish line. Thanks to every backer and everyone who can't be a backer but is helping us spread the word and get this game the funding it needs!

More Ways to Help Spread the Word about AQ3D

Want to help ‪#‎AQ3D‬'s ‪#‎Kickstarter‬ become a staff pick? Email STORIES@KICKSTARTER.COM with your AE stories and why AQ3D is important to you!

Becoming a staff pick would help AQ3D hit the goal before the deadline and become a reality, but they need to hear from YOU!

Other ways to share:

  • Tweet or Facebook to your followers
  • Tell your friends. And your friends' friends. And your friends' friends' mothers.
  • Make videos of you playing in AQ3D and post them on Youtube
  • Decorate desserts with AQ3D characters and logos (like in the AE Frostval Cookie contest... happening now!)

Check out Zach Storch's AQ3D Video!

Zach Storch, long-time friend of Artix Entertainment, author of Za'nar (a wicked-cool young adult fantasy novel), Lore's own King of the Nerds, and all-around great guy and gamer is super-hyped about AQ3D and created a video to help spread the word. You can check it out by clicking here or on the image below!

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New Game Releases for December 4th posted by Alina on

The holidays are here at Artix Entertainment, and now's the time to break out the SLAY bells and wreck the halls for rockin' rewards!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Return to Frostvale and take on the Bibliospectre!

A peaceful afternoon reading holiday stories? Not for the moglins of Frostvale! When Twig opens a cursed storybook, an ancient evil is unleashed, and it’s up to YOU to stop it!

  • Battle through all our previous Frostval seasonal events
  • Take on Kezeroth, Quetzal, and other icy bosses for a chance to get the coolest reward drops of the year
  • Find all the returning seasonal rare Frostval gear in shops throughout Frostvale!




Decorate the Battleon Tree

A new tree has been put up in the town of Battleon - but it’s not very festive looking, so let’s fix that! Talk to Robina and hunt down decorations to make the tree look totally awesome! Don't miss the other exciting activities this week:

  • Be on the lookout for Kibbles, and his cousin Tibbles, as they spread holiday and monetary cheer amongst your fellow players! The top 15 donators for Kibbles and Tibbles will receive a special weapon set!
  • Don’t miss our Scavenger Hunt happening on the AQ area of the Battleon Forums! 3 winners will receive a custom title in-game!


Guardians of the Cyclone Dragon... ASSEMBLE!

  • Unlock the Cyclone Guardian Dragon Armor for FREE! when you become a Guardian in December!
  • Plus: Log in and play AQ 20 out of the 31 days in December you will receive 2000 FREE Z-TOKENS!


DragonFableGRAVENATOR-12-4-15 (1).png


Joules has teamed up with an old enemy to try and one up her brother’s past… disappointing Thankstaking take overs. You’ve plowed through the ancient leftovers, are you ready to try a real food fight challenge?
  • New items are being added to the 10th Anniversary Shop!
  • It’s the last week for the Black Friday Shops! Make sure to check out all the new and all the classic items!
  • The Frostval Storybook is coming!

Help us reach our AQ3D Kickstarter Goal !

We are over 60% of the way to reaching our Kickstarter goal... just a short way to go and 28 days to get there! Check out the wicked rewards you'll unlock when you back the project on the site, or run around the game and see what we've already built!


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Sharing Is Caring posted by Cysero on

FREE Dage Sword, Just for Sharing!

We are all over the place right now! The Kickstarter campaign for AdventureQuest 3D is in full swing ($90,000 and still going up!) and we have submitted AQ3D to Steam Greenlight for approval.

We're doing great, but a project like this always needs to seen by more people. So, we had a thought... why not give you guys something just for helping us spread the word?

AQ3D Kickstarter Weapon

This is your AQ3D Kickstater Backer Quest: Share our AQ3D Kickstarter announcement post on Facebook and retweet Artix's AQ3D Kickstarter announcement tweet! If the community completes the quest, everyone in AQW, DF and AQ Classic will get a FREE SWORD designed by Dage. The higher the score, the bigger and crazier the weapon gets! See how many we can get before the Kickstarter ends on the first day of the new year!

SHARE THIS: Facebook AQ3D Kickstarter Post.

RE-TWEET THIS: Artix's AQ3D Kickstarter Tweet.

That's all there is too it. The Blade unlocks at 1000 TOTAL shares and re-tweets. (example: 500 shares + 500 re-tweets = 1000 total), and it evolves the more we share these two posts! This is great because you get something for doing almost nothing AND you're helping us spread the word about the AQ3D Kickstarter!

AQ3D Kickstater Art

Thanks for helping and thanks for sharing! 

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New Game Releases for November 20th posted by Alina on

As November draws to a close, darkness sets in and a chill fills the air. But the heat of battle will keep you warm this weekend as you take on the challenges in this week's all-new game releases!


AdventureQuest Worlds

The Queen of Monsters Saga Continues in Elfhame!

General Nevanna's corruption is spreading, and the heart of the World Tree is beginning to rot… This weekend, battle through the ruins of Elfhame - the massive skeleton of ancient beast - to recover the key to restoring the world tree!

  • Battle through the Ruins of Elfhame to discover where the Horn is hidden!
  • Solve the puzzle to unlock the Guardian's chamber!
  • Don't miss the 13th Doom Lord AdventureCoin package, now available!




Lolosia Rebuilt + Osiris Set and November Golden Gift Boxes
The crooked merchant underestimated the resolve of Lolosia’s citizens... now YOU can battle through the completely-rebuilt Lolosia!
  • The final 2 items have been uncovered inside the pyramid - The Scarab Shield and Eye of Osiris Misc!


November Golden Gift Boxes: Horn of Pwnage and French Vanilla Ice Katana

  • In the highlands of Dwarfhold live the AlpOrly? people. They use large horns to send simple messages over great distances, and sometimes as weapons.
  • The Ice Katana! Forged by Yulgar, and given magical might by Warlic! How strange: this one smells like vanilla?




Given to Darkness
The siege around Falconreach has been broken and your dragon has spotted the captured soldiers! Gear up and head into the fog shrouded woods to try and rescue your friends!
  • The Dark Night boss fight!
  • If you win the Bone Shard weapons could be yours!
  • Your very own War-Torn Clan Valtrith mask!




Epic Duel

Frozen Fury Returns!

Even though it's still 90 degrees at the lab, this Friday we will be returning all of our Winter content to EpicDuel.

  • Visit Edgar Booth and Torgan and The Endless in Frysteland
  • Get Winter gear from years past, including last year's Frozen Fury Gear (now available for credits)


2016 Calendar Now Available for Pre-Order on HeroMart!

The 2016 Calendar is now available from Heromart! Each month features hand-drawn character art from your favorite Artix Entertainment games!


The calendar comes with:

  • the Infinity Knight class and Infinity Knight/Chrono Infinity Knight Armor sets in AdventureQuest Worlds
  • the Archivist Class in DragonFable (coming soon!)
  • the Chrono Infinity Knight Lance in MechQuest and EpicDuel (coming soon!)

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Friday the 13th Game Updates posted by Alina on

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, Heroes, and you know what that means... WAR! Hope your luck holds and you head into battle, Heores, because this weekend's releases will be ones you'll want to remember... if you survive!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Voltaire's 13th Friday the 13th: 13th Lords of DOOM!

As the 13th 13th draws near...the shadows are growing restless. Work with Voltaire and Deady to gather the fragments of the Cursed Mirror of Enutrof to stop the Mysterious Stranger's 13 Lords of Doom and dispel the shadows that are attacking Lore!

  • Battle the Shadow creatures and undead monsters attacking Battleon
  • Unlock cutscenes and mini-boss battles every 13% the war meter climbs
  • Find all new Friday the 13th Event Rares in your game menu right away!

NEW Friday the 13th Event Rares!

DOOM is here and so are all-new Friday the 13th event items! Defy superstition and unlock awesome souvenir items in our limited time rare gear shop… only available until November 30th! 

  • Safiria and Valtrith's Armor set (armor, helm, and Valtrith's cape)Vaal and Vayle's Armor set (armor, helm, and capes)
  • Doom Sepulchure armor set (armor, helm, sword, and capes)
  • Noxus, Lionfang, Sepulchure, and Vaal Unlucky Top Hats
  • and more!



Pirate vs Pirate?
There's a crooked merchant making his way through Lolosia, selling maps to a vast treasure! The only issue? Everyone in town bought one!
  • User your powers of persuasion (... your sword arm!) to keep them from tearing each other apart!
  • Battle your way through the treasure seekers until YOU find the reward!


F13 - The Dark Night!

Shadows are rising in the woods by the Bay as Jaysun’s forces gather to lay siege to Falconreach and Oaklore. Are you ready to fight beside The Rose to break the siege? Or will your animosity help provide Caitiff with more bodies to try and bring further Doom to Lore?

  • Friday the 13th War!
  • Fight to break the siege and save the towns!

2016 Calendar Now Available for Pre-Order on HeroMart!

The 2016 Calendar is now available from Heromart! Each month features hand-drawn character art from your favorite Artix Entertainment games!


The calendar comes with:

  • the Infinity Knight class and Infinity Knight/Chrono Infinity Knight Armor sets in AdventureQuest Worlds
  • the Archivist Class in DragonFable (coming soon!)
  • the Chrono Infinity Knight Lance in MechQuest and EpicDuel (coming soon!)

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November 6th Game Releases posted by Alina on

Don't miss any of this weekend's new game releases, because as the season turns and the nights grow colder, the battles in our games are only going to get even hotter! 


AdventureQuest Worlds

Battle to Save Rivensylth!

Channel the power, strength, and speed of the forest as you race to find Rivensylth the Faerie Dragon in Brightoak Grove! The knowledge she holds may be the key to defeating General Nevanna… IF you can trust what she the trickster dragon says!

  • Choose one of 3 paths and quest lines as you hunt for Rivensylth!
  • Learn about the mage who would become one of the Queen's fiercest Generals... and your worst enemies!
  • The Queen of Monsters Saga continues THIS Friday!

NEW 12 Month Membership Bonus Gear!

Unlock the exclusive Swordhaven Royalty gear and all the rest of our member perks when you purchase a 12 month membership, then head in-game and battle to earn King Alteon's armor!

  • Unlock the armor, 3 helms, cape, sword, and character page badge!



The Scarab Set
Just when you thought you had fully explored the pyramid, rumors are swirling about another set of items in Ammon’s keep! 
  • Find new, permanent masks available for purchase at Warlic's Shop for a limited time. 
  • Soul Drink Vampire Blade is now available in the Limited Time Shop!


Ration Running!

The Cook at the guardian tower needs you to get some rations!

  • But where does he usually gets his ingredients?
  • Find out this Friday!

DragonFable's Mogloween event is still available, too! Last week, an unspeakable evil was unleashed and now it’s up to you and Bubble to put it to rest! Don't miss your reward if you succeed - new helms to match the PumpkinLord armors!

2016 Calendar Now Available for Pre-Order on HeroMart!

The 2016 Calendar is now available from Heromart! Each month features hand-drawn character art from your favorite Artix Entertainment games!


The calendar comes with:

  • the Infinity Knight class and Infinity Knight/Chrono Infinity Knight Armor sets in AdventureQuest Worlds
  • the Archivist Class in DragonFable (coming soon!)
  • the Chrono Infinity Knight Lance in MechQuest and EpicDuel (coming soon!)

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2015 Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners posted by Beleen on

They came. They carved. They squashed the competition.

Wow! What a talented bunch of pumpkin-slaying Heroes we have! Here’s a great big THANK YOU to everyone who participated to this year’s Pumpkin Carving Contest.

Now, let us gaze upon the gourds of our winners!

Grand Prize Winner!


Congratulations, Proximitykitty725! Your Cauldron Sisters pumpkin has won the grand prize of 2000 AdventureCoins!

2nd Place Winners

Flaw - Nulgath.jpg
VornT Hellsing - The Collector.jpg

Fellow players Flaw, SimonTDK1, and VornT Hellsing have placed second, and have won 1000 AdventureCoins each@

3rd Place Winners

Blutengel - Trick R Treater.png
Capt Sno - Xan.jpg
Luvhart-rotting mogloween helm.jpg
Nugget -Deadys Fright Knight helm.jpg
Robero the Hero-great pumpkin king and great pumpkin pet.jpg
oblit57 - dark vampire.jpg
Evelo3 .jpg
Kaedra -Stalkwalker .jpg

Woohoo! It is our honor to award 8 of our fellow heroes with 700 ACs, each!

Runner Ups

brendon100189 - undead moglin head.jpg
442403 -Derp Mogloween.jpg
Wak282 - mogloween.jpg
lord sachiel.jpg
Ztealthy -Evolved Pumpkin Lord.jpg
Telekinesis 331 - AE's Logo.jpg
Nyzxophizx - Dr De'Sawed.jpg
N I G H T M A R E -Dage.jpg
Kamho-shadowscythe apple.jpg
Greendragonknight -moglin.jpg
Ellonnah - witch twig.jpg
chaoticpyromancer - chaos eye.jpg

Thanks for your pumpkin submissions! Here’s 500 ACs as a consolation prize to all our runner ups.

On behalf of the entire AQW team, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2015 Pumpkin Carving Contest. You guys and gals really know how to squash the…uh, well… squash! Whether your entry was chosen this time or not, we are honored that you participated, and look forward to seeing your submissions in our future contests (hmm, maybe Frostval Cookie Decorating Contest in December?).

Battle On, my heroes!

xoxo Beleen :D


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