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2015 Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners

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They came. They carved. They squashed the competition.

Wow! What a talented bunch of pumpkin-slaying Heroes we have! Here’s a great big THANK YOU to everyone who participated to this year’s Pumpkin Carving Contest.

Now, let us gaze upon the gourds of our winners!

Grand Prize Winner!


Congratulations, Proximitykitty725! Your Cauldron Sisters pumpkin has won the grand prize of 2000 AdventureCoins!

2nd Place Winners

Flaw - Nulgath.jpg
VornT Hellsing - The Collector.jpg

Fellow players Flaw, SimonTDK1, and VornT Hellsing have placed second, and have won 1000 AdventureCoins each@

3rd Place Winners

Blutengel - Trick R Treater.png
Capt Sno - Xan.jpg
Luvhart-rotting mogloween helm.jpg
Nugget -Deadys Fright Knight helm.jpg
Robero the Hero-great pumpkin king and great pumpkin pet.jpg
oblit57 - dark vampire.jpg
Evelo3 .jpg
Kaedra -Stalkwalker .jpg

Woohoo! It is our honor to award 8 of our fellow heroes with 700 ACs, each!

Runner Ups

brendon100189 - undead moglin head.jpg
442403 -Derp Mogloween.jpg
Wak282 - mogloween.jpg
lord sachiel.jpg
Ztealthy -Evolved Pumpkin Lord.jpg
Telekinesis 331 - AE's Logo.jpg
Nyzxophizx - Dr De'Sawed.jpg
N I G H T M A R E -Dage.jpg
Kamho-shadowscythe apple.jpg
Greendragonknight -moglin.jpg
Ellonnah - witch twig.jpg
chaoticpyromancer - chaos eye.jpg

Thanks for your pumpkin submissions! Here’s 500 ACs as a consolation prize to all our runner ups.

On behalf of the entire AQW team, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2015 Pumpkin Carving Contest. You guys and gals really know how to squash the…uh, well… squash! Whether your entry was chosen this time or not, we are honored that you participated, and look forward to seeing your submissions in our future contests (hmm, maybe Frostval Cookie Decorating Contest in December?).

Battle On, my heroes!

xoxo Beleen :D


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