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NEW Battles and AQW's Birthday! posted by Alina on

The shadows are rising, and strange, Dark Loremasters have begun appearing in each of our games... what could be happening?! Artix Entertainment's 13th anniversary event begins next week, but before you /jump into THAT battle, hone your skills with all of our NEW game releases this weekend!


Head to BattleCon 2015 for our 7th Birthday event!

Get your /party on at BattleCon 2015: an In-Game Convention and battle to unlock information and clues about the rest of this month's holiday events! 

  • Find the mysterious new Loremaster in Battleon and recover what he seeks... before Lore falls to Darkness!
  • Quest for Loremaster Maya to uncover the secrets of WHY the shadows are acting so strangely
  • Get awesome new Cosplay-themed rare gear in the BattleCon birthday shop!
  • DOUBLE XP weekend starts Friday night and ends Monday morning!

Buy or renew your AdventureQueset Worlds membership to instantly become a 7th Upholder and unlock four starswords, an exclusive Class, a special in-game zone, a character page badge, and more! 


Riddle of the Sphinxes - The Mastercraft Saga begins!

The curse surrounding an ancient pyramid has weakened, revealing a pyramid in the Skraeling Desert. You must trek across the vast desert with the aid of a homing beetle if you hope to locate the cursed pyramid. The power of the treasures inside are equally matched by the perils that hold their secrets!


Blood and Roses
The finale of the Book 3 Amityvale Saga, Blood and Roses, is here! As the spectral moon is waxing gibbous, the Darkness Tower and its would-be King have fallen. Now it’s time for the Queen of all Vampires to pass judgement on the traitorous Lord. 
  • Help hunt down the last of Frydae’s minions!
  • Are Thursday or Raven doomed to succumb to the elemental infections?


Dark Secrets

A mysterious moglin, claiming to be a “Loremaster”, has appeared in Soluna asking specifically for your help! No one in Soluna knows who he is, or the group he claims to belong to, but he brings a message of dire importance that can’t be ignored!

  • Speak to the strange visitor and find out what’s so important that you were asked for by name!
  • Something doesn’t seem right about all this...


Battle On!

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New Game Releases for October 2nd posted by Alina on

It's October, and at Artix Entertainment, that's our season of super-awesome holiday celebrations! Several of our games have birthdays PLUS it's AE's 13th anniversary... and strange beings are starting to appear in our games! 

If you are currently a Legend in AQWorlds and your membership expires on or after November first, congratulations! You are ALREADY a 7th upholder! Read the Design Notes here for more details.  

Upgrade to unlock 7th Upholder!

7th Upholder is live AdventureQuest Worlds! Buy or renew your membership to instantly become a 7th Upholder! 


Our Mogloween events return!

Candy, costumes, & craziness are in season this Mogloween! Replay everyone's favorite spooky holiday from years ago & get 2015 Seasonal Rare items. 

  • Battle the Necronaut and quest for the GateKeeper! 
  • Take on the FrankenWerePyre
  • Find creepy, crazy, and candy-themed seasonal rare gear!


Caden's Curse
  • Meet the Myserious Loremaster in Fortune City for a series of missions that will delve into the dark legacy of the notorious Tech Mage Caden.
  • Receive incredible rewards, including a new rare achievement!


A Mysterious Figure Appears... + October Z-Token Package
A mysterious Loremaster appears in Battleon, bringing dire news. The Council of Loremasters has uncovered rumors that Carnax’s tentacle has been corrupted by… something… They need a fearless hero to go back in time to do battle once again with the mighty Carnax! Bringing back the tentacle for futher investigation. Artix Entertainment's 13th anniversary is this month. What could this mean?!

October Z-Token Package - Elightus Set comes to the 12000 Z-Token package!

  • 3 forms for each attack type - Sword, Spear, and Staff!
  • Capable of swapping between Earth and Energy elements.
  • The shield boosts the weapons power when used together in combat!


From the Citadel with Love

Roirr has finally reached the Capitol of the Shapeless Empire and the Mana Core piece is within his grasp! Danyel and Baltael on his trail though… will they reach the Capitol in time?

  • Play through the next quest in the Roirr saga!
  • Learn more about Roirr and his motives!
  • It’s October! Time to catch up in the Mogloween Storybook!


MechQuest's 8th Anniversary

MechQuest is celebrating its 8th Anniversary this year! Celebrate in Tek’s!

  • 3015 Starship items are available!
  • Quest for merge items to form special Birthday Newbatrons!

Battle On!

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New Releases for September 25th! posted by Alina on


AdventureQuest Worlds

Starsword: The Legend BeginZ!

DragonStar Crystals are only active once every thousand years… and the Hero who gathers them all will have their greatest wish granted! This week, the 1st through 6th Upholders can join Artix on a quest to learn the legend of the Starswords; next Thursday, October 1st, 7th upholders will unlock the zone, too!

  • Quest alongside Artix to recover the DragonStar Crystals
  • Unlock all-new starsword themed gear that matches your original starsword
  • Find the Cloud Rider armor and more in the DragonRoad Rares Shop!


The Back to School AC bonus leaves next Wednesday, September 30th, but until it does, you can get up to 3000 more free AdventureCoins to use for the epic gear releasing this month!

  • This week: the Pirate Adventure House arrives in Quibble Coinbiter's Shop!
  • Next week: the Mogloween Seasonal rare gear returns!


Power Weekend!

Want to make the most of your BioBeasts gear? Earn Double XP and Credits all weekend long to make sure all your gear is fully-powered!



Corundum Corruption Crossover Event

The Corruption is infused with the hate and will of the Shadowscythe imposed on others - seen as a Virus in MechQuest and the Doom Weapons in DragonFable.
Using pure darkness magic and infusing it with their hatred of others, the Shadowscythe were able to twist and corrupt the minds of a small group of crystal beings. Once again the corruption has not only resurfaced but it has spread to others.

  • Battle an army of creatures pouring out of a network of caves deep in the Dwarfhold Mountains.
  • If something isn’t done soon this tide of corruption will wash over everything, twisting minds, and allowing the Shadowscythe to take over!


Corundum Corruption Crossover Event

A dark Corruption has tainted a once pure group of beings. Warlic has sensed this and requested your presence at his tower. Will you be able to save the Vizalain’s, or will the Corruption spread to the entire planet?

  • Discover the source of the Corruption and purge it from Lore!
  • Saving the Vizalain’s will let you learn more about the Shadowscythe and the Doom Weapons!
  • Learn why Warlic has been missing!


Corundum Corruption Crossover Event

Dean Warlic has requested your presence! A group of crystalline beings that Warlic promised to protect has sent word that they are suffering from an unknown illness, causing them to become hostile and dangerous to all those around them. Something that can taint these creatures is a threat to all life in the universe! Will you be able to stop it?

  • Save the Vizalain’s and foil a dark plot to control the universe!
  • Does this have anything to do with the Mysterious Stranger’s experiments?

Battle On!

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6000 Artix Point Special posted by Alina on

Starting tomorrow and through October 13, 2015, we're adding a special 6000 Artix Points package in honor of the AdventureQuest - DragonFable -MechQuest TRIPLE-Game Crossover event coming soon! 


Spend Z-Tokens in AdventureQuest on epic gear like:

  • Orc Master's Blade
  • The Armopede Pet
  • Ultra Nightmare Rider Armor
  • Summon Energy Dragon Spell
  • Player Houses
  • And more!

Spend DragonCoins in DragonFable on incredible gear like:

  • Gnomish Personal Steamtank Mount
  • Armor Closet (save your armor as your default class)
  • More Bag Spaces and Bank Slots
  • Dragon Chow (to level up your baby dragon!)

Spend NovaGems in MechQuest on mechtastic gear like:

  • Color-custom Mechs
  • More Bag Spaces and Bank Slots
  • Nova Brightfoil Energy Blade
  • And more!

Triple-Game Crossover Event?!!

That's right! The AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest teams have joined forces to bring you a triple-game crossover event that links their lore... and could spell disaster for Lore! Ashendal, of the MechQuest and DragonFable teams, writes:

The Shadowscythe have many plans. Some have succeeded immediately, others take many centuries to play out. One such plan was put into motion thousands of years ago, before The Reset, as a way to test how they could corrupt and control the minds of those below them. What would lead them to learn how to create the powerful Doom Weapons, and even the dreaded DoomKnights, began with a simple discovery. This Friday, see how the corruption of a group of Vizalain’s could spell disaster for Lore!

In Mechquest see how the original plan took shape and try to purge the Corruption from innocent creatures!

In Dragonfable learn how one missed passageway means the Shadowscythe's plan could continue long after they got the results they wanted and what it will mean for Lore!

In AdventureQuest see what would happen if left untouched and try and stem the tide of an army of corrupted creatures swarming out of the Dwarfhold Mountains on a mission to spread the tide of darkness to all corners of Lore!

Do you have what it takes to stop the Corruption and save Lore? Or will this mean our final hour of free will and the victory the Shadowscythe have long wanted?

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Open Call For New AQ3D Testers! posted by Cysero on

Hey guys, passing this along for Gjappy, the AQ3D Lead Tester:

Gjappy Icon

AQ3D Alpha Testing team’s first call for Staff Testers!


AQ3D Staff Testers, short history.

Greetings and a shiny, blessed day fellow AQ3D Alpha testers! My name is Gjappy. People know me as the Human Angel and the AQ3D Lead Tester. This is the first ever DN’s post that I have written since I’ve been with Artix Entertainment.

Back in 2013, in the very first version of AQ3D; Legends of Lore, there was another official AQ3D testing team with Blade, Taini, Xellos, Perfectshadow, Rysox, Clarion, Dmage, Lothalis, Lycus and Plasma Charge. Nobody knew we were there, but we were all super motivated and we were a happy team. When AQ3D; Legend of Lore got shelved because of the Flash issue we were all distributed to different teams so when the time came for a NEW AQ3D, most of us were all busy with our new positions and responsibilities within the other game teams.

AQ3D Legends of Lore

At the beginning of this year Artix von Krieger asked me to pick up my position as AQ3D lead tester again. It is a big honor for me to get my favorite task back and be part of this new project. This is why I dropped most (and lately, all) of my AQWorlds duties and moved on to AQ3D. We quickly formed a new testing team out of the available volunteers and testers working on the other games.

The current AQ3D testing team is small and does a lot of work behind the scenes. So far we have Bido, Blood, Chrysus, Kaage, PlatinumLady, Relaxbleu, Rysox, Undead Lunatics, and Xellos as existing AQ3D testing team. Recently a few of the other testers had to leave us for various reasons and we have found ourselves a little under-staffed so we are holding an open call for NEW AQ3D TESTER volunteers!

What do AQ3D Testers do?

First of all, AQ3D Testers are part of the big Artix Entertainment family. They have to behave themselves like staff since they represent Artix Entertainment in game. For any information about how to be a staff member I refer to Cysero’s post.

AQ3D Gjappy 1

AQ3D is in its Alpha phase of development and we have a log way to go until we are ready for the game's full release so we are looking for Testers and not moderators. These will come later.

If you want to help us test AQ3D and make the game as shiny as possible by pointing out bugs, you will need the time and the motivation to help us. In general, being a tester is one of the most intensive voluntary positions and we spend way more time online than moderators will.

What Testers do:

  • We test new releases/content before it goes to the live server.

  • We test new patches for bugs and confirm bugs are gone… or not.

  • We find new or duplicate reported bugs and describe these in detail to the developers.

  • We work together with the developers to get things done on time.

  • When we can, we answer the questions on the Forums,, in-game and on the website.

  • We interact with the players as professional game staff, and make the game fun for everyone.

What do I need to be an AQ3D Tester?

Well, let me give you a summary of my how-to-be-a-tester-101. As tester you certainly do need skills, but also personality. It’s a balanced combo. To start off with the ideal testing skills; Testers must be able to:

  • Find a bug/glitch/exploit and describe or clearly explain how it works in a way that everyone could understand what exactly the issue is.

  • Think of strategies on how to possibly break/glitch a feature.

  • Use testing tools like a Flash tracer, the bug tracker and game commands.

  • Testers should be able to reproduce an issue aka. make it happen again.

  • Understand the priority of a certain bug, as in how important it is.

  • Help players fix common or known issues that can be easily solved.

Though, personality is just as important. I used to say that someone can have amazing skills but if they lack the personality then it’s a pity but no. What are some good personality traits of Testers?

  • Creativity in how to approach things.

  • Being clear and understandable.

  • Team play or teamwork, testers always work together.

  • Being open to feedback and instructions.

  • An positive attitude and inspiring.

  • Being motivated to do your task.

Where can I sign up to be an AQ3D Volunteer Tester?

Apparently, if you read this, then you still have the motivation and courage to go on. And you see a future for AQ3D! That’s awesome, I do too!

A while back I heard all the rumors over social media about fairness and I thought; “When I am about to select new members for my team, I’m going to do everything I can to show people that AE gives everyone an equal chance.” Plus I am convinced that new, fresh testers are way better then testers that already have multiple side-tasks. So everyone, current AE staff/volunteers and players alike need to apply the same way.


---> You can only apply if you are at least 18 years or older. <---


So this is what we do; and what I need of you. Write an e-mail and provide us with the following:

  1. AQWorlds or AQ3D name (Both, if possible).

  2. Your e-mail address.

  3. Your age and date of birth.

  4. The languages you speak.

  5. The name of your Master Account.

  6. Forum Account (if you have one)

  7. Facebook or Twitter accounts you use for our games.

  8. Possible testing devices; (PC, iOS, Android, Tablet, Occulus Rift. Be specific about models)

  9. A short description of yourself and how you could help us.

  10. Which experiences you have with testing games.

Send this e-mail to with the title “AQ3D Tester application” before September 30, 2015.


How will I know I got hired?

Like with any other public calls for voluntary staff we will not have the time to reply to everyone. We need to boost the team up to a maximum of 20 active testers because the testing forecast predicts heavy testing. If we are interested in you, then we will send you a replay e-mail back with additional information and a question to get in contact after the application closes.

I am aware I am one of the most responsive AE staff on Facebook or Twitter and anywhere else. But please do not contact me, the testing staff nor the developers directly about applying. All information you need to know is in here, and here you have your chance to apply for AQ3D tester in the official way. If you apply to me directly that only tells me something about you.

So, battle on and my blessings, fellow adventurers!!

I will see and read your applications all personally and hope to make a lot of you happy, to make the rest of you guys happy as well. Then we build an AQ3Dsome mobile game together with the Artix Entertainment development team!

-Gjappy, The Human Angel 

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Cutscenes in AdventureQuest 3D posted by Artix on

Paladin Artix Painting

Sit down, let me tell you a story...

Actually... WAIT! Stay RIGHT where you are. Let me tell you a story about telling stories.

The #1 thing that wakes me up in the morning is the opportunity to create "a moment." Not just any moment, but a killer, surprising, remember-able, and significant moment. If you have played any of our previous games than you probably know exactly what I am referring too about. If you were there in DragonFable when the entire player-base defended the town of Falconreach... we defending it down to it's very last board! Or our 1st LIVE Friday the 13th Event with Voltaire when over 30,000 players set sail together to a forbidden island. The event was so original that GAMER magazing ran an article about it. Or perhaps our most strange, unique and... LOL, somewhat embarrassing moment, where the players of all our games unified to battle EbilCorp across 7 different games to save the entire game studio. (If I have not properly apologized to anyone who thought that event was actually real, please accept my sincere and humble apology...) It was an incredibly challenging event to pull off requiring the cooperation of all of of games, and real life videos, in an all out attempt to excite, engage and entertain you in a way that I am pretty sure no video game studio has ever tried before. Creating unique experiences for you is what motives me.

AdventureQuest 3D, as a multi-device game, means we have the opportunity to do all kinds of interesting things that we... and possibly no-one,  has ever tried before!

Want to find out what the insane-never-done-before-opportunity is? AWESOME! Read the full post on

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Dev Inspiration Contest: #MyBioBeasts posted by Alina on

Are you excited about BioBeasts?
Would you like to win 10,000 Artix Points?

The Contest:

No purchase necessary, simply answer the following question on the BioBeasts Twitter:

"If you were a BioBeast, held captive by an army of robotic guards, what special power, mutation, weapon, tool, gadget, or otherwise would you use to escape?"

Entry Requirements:

  1. You must tweet your answer to @BioBeasts on Twitter and include the hashtag #MyBioBeast

  2. Your entry must be original and created by you! We strongly recommend tagging any visual attachments in your entry with your twitter name (ex: @Titan_EpicDuel)

  3. Be creative! You can write a sentence, draft a story, draw a picture, build it with Legos, sculpt clay, record a video, carve it in a pumpkin, show us with popsicle sticks. Anything goes!

  4. Entries must be tasteful and appropriate for all ages

  5. You are welcome to post multiple entries, but each must be unique

  6. Spamming will result in instant disqualification

  7. Your Artix account must be in good standing (not banned or in dispute) to qualify for a prize

  8. Entries must be received before October 11, 2015 11:59pm EST

What is BioBeasts?

BioBeasts is a free, single-player arcade-survival game for mobile devices where you control a mutating beast, fighting to escape from a robot-controlled laboratory. It's the newest game in development at Artix Entertainment, designed primarily by the EpicDuel team. BioBeasts will be available for download on Android and iOS soon!

To see sample contest entries and to follow the BioBeasts development blog, head to their site, or follow the BioBeasts team on TwitterFacebook, or Google+!

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Talk Like a Pirate Day is Here! posted by Alina on

Avast, mateys! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day, an' our crew has a host of battles for ye and yers to take on in all our games this weekend! Gear up for adventure or prepare or walk th' plank, an' if ye can take down th' scurvy scallywags who threaten our worlds, ye'll get ALL the loot ye can handle this weekend! 

AdventureQuest Worlds
Blazebeard's Revenge!

Infernal creatures are flooding into the Celestial Realm and the Avatars of Time, Death, and Life are missing! Aranx, Guardian of the Realm, needs your help to prepare… for WAR!

  • Battle to raise the war meter to 100%
  • Fight to earn gear from the war merge shop
  • Get rare gear from the limited time war rares shop

Quibble's Talk Like a Pirate Day Gear is Here!

  • Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in Battleon to see his boatload of new, rare pirate-themed gear! 
  • Paragon and Mechanical Naval Commanders, Arcane Pirate Captain, and more!

BioBeasts: Origin of the Species
  • Prepare for the release of our latest mobile game BioBeasts by visiting Galatea to uncover the origins of Alydriah's dark Legion experiments!
  • Power up with 2 NEW packages loaded with incredible gear and cores. Complete the set and conquer ALL!
  • Deploy lethal Monkakazis against your enemies or pacify them with new item cores. Visit the new Monkakazi NPC for the latest BioBeasts news!

Talk Like a Pirate Day plus September Golden Giftboxes
Test yer mettle this week as you take on Captain Rhubarb’s Pirate Quiz!
  • Avoid the plank as you answer questions correctly and unlock some sweet booty. 
  • Prove ye are no landlubber and go on a special quest from the good Captain for even more riches! 
  • Arrrrrrr!

September Golden Giftboxes!

  • The legendary Hippocampus Riding Armor
  • Being AQ’s 13th anniversary, we are releasing 2 Friday the 13th items!

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Maz’s crew is in Osprey Cove enjoying a well deserved break on the most important Pirate holiday of the year! The ninja’s, sneaky as they are, know it’s the perfect time to strike against the fastest ship on the waves.

  • Help Maz recover the various parts of her ship!
  • Once you do Max has a plan to strike back at the Ninja’s and could use your help to make sure it goes off without a hitch

A Ghost of a Chance

The Stranger has discovered where the Ghosts have gone! His true motives are still unclear, but for now you’ll need to trust him to save Soluna!

  • A special double quest release!
    New “Doomified’ rewards await!

Battle On!

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Artix's DragonCon 2015 Report posted by Artix on

Greetings and salutations! I am writing to tell you a tale. A tale of the bubble universe known as DragonCon and the impossible scenarios which magically took place there.

But this story is told a week later... mostly because of the dread plague known as "CON ROT"

Con-Rot (Khan'-Rhaght) n. Slang for "Convention Rot." The evil vile plague you get when 90,000 costume wearing convention attendees are confined to just a few buildings and pathogens brought in by only a handful spread, mutate and evolve like some sort of zombie apocolypse over the course of a convention. Symptions include sniffles, fatigue, hunger for brains, rigor mortis, and the compulsary need to watch re-runs of Doctor Who.

There were 90,000-ish people at DragonCon this year... which by my calculations is: WAY TOO MANY!!!

Fan Conventions are becoming extremely popular. While there are many popular conventions, Comic Con and all of the local variants of it have really brought conventions into our mainstream culture. This can be illustrated by a conversation with my Grandparents.

Me: I am going to DragonCon this week?
Grandparents: What's that? Is it contagious?Me: It is a convention... um... like ComicCon.
Grandparents: Oh, ComicCon! What will you be cosplaying as? What TV Celebrities will be there? Can you get me an autograph? 
Me: O_O

Cosplay (Which is "Costume play" or dressing up like character from anime, TV shows, movies, comics, etc) is a huge part of any fan convention. Some people work all year on their costumes. Why? Easy... at conventions, the Cosplayers get the celebrity spotlight! People come just to see their costumes and take photos of them. Sure, there are contests which cosplayers take super seriously. But it is important to know... when someone works all year on their fully functioning Iron Man suit, and they show up at a convention, THEY ARE IRON MAN! (At least for that weekend.)

It is really fun to see all of the people cosplaying at DragonCon. The characters Dead Pool and HarleyQuinn have become SUPER POPULAR. They were always cool... but they hit critical mass this year. At the last three conventions I have been to there were "Dead Pool parades" where a hundred-ish people cosplaying as weird variants of Dead Pools marching in a congo line. (Given the upcoming Dead Pool movie, I wonder if there is a brilliant grass roots marketing strategy by the secret organizers.)

Official "Artix Entertainment" Panel

Our panel was a HUGE SUCCESS! Thank you to everyone who attended. We were surprised that there were more of you than last year. We even got in trouble four times for noise... WOOOHOOO WAY TO GO! Because, *coughs* our panels are ALWAYS the craziest, silliest, and loudest. We have a reputation to uphold.

The line started forming about an hour early. So I got to go and meet everyone one on one who was standing in the line which was super cool! So many familiar faces from previous years... and I was shocked at how many of the people I met as wee lil' lads and ladies are now fierce strong fully grown men and woman with manly man facial hair! (Well, not the ladies... except for the ones cosplaying as Lord of the Rings Dwarves.)

As the panel finally started, we had ONE major problem. We only had ONE hour to cover our existing games and all of our new upcoming video games. So Cysero declared that this was going to be: Video Game Speed Dating!

The premise was simple... at real life speed dating events, you talk to someone for a minute, and when the timer buzzes, you get up and switch to the next person. So we said, "We are going to find you the video game of your dreams to fall in love with." Every few minutes the buzzer went off... symbolically, everyone in the audience stood up and switched seats. Then we presented the next game! It was funny, intense, and... we could not believe people actually got up and switched seats every time. (Bravo to all you crazy DragonCon goers!) 

A lot had happened since the last DragonCon!

AdventureQuest Worlds "Queen of all Monsters"

Everyone was really excited to hear that the new main storyline is finally getting the focus it deserves. Following this years anniversary event, we are diving into the storyline head first. Beware... what we do know, the Queen of all Monsters feeds on fear. And she is hungry... really hungry.

AdWatch: Tournament Edition

Since we never really advertised it, very few of our players know about the gag game we made... AdWatch. Yes, it really is/was the world's first competitive ad watching "video game." Against our better judgement we watched all the videos at the panel... everyone watched in horror and laughed. George Lowe (Space Ghost) and one oft he girls from player support voice acted the characters.

Undead Assault

This game got the nostalgia award. We had no idea so many people had played the original flash game. Well, we sorta did... we know it got at least 10 million plays around the world. For all the work we spent drawing the back hands and legs for all of the characters... no one seemed to notice O_O. As I write this post, I think we are less than 2 weeks away from submitting the game app to the mobile app stores!

Bio Beasts

EpicDuel's first foray into Mobile received a VERY ENTHUSIASTIC response! I have to admit, I did not expect the unusually high level of interest we got after showing the intro video. This game is a lot deeper than Undead Assault... and, frankly is the perfect twitch mobile game. (I mean finger twitch, not twitch streaming... although you can certainly stream it if you want.)

AdventureQuest 3D = YOUR ONE TRUE LOVE!

We talked about a lot more than what I listed here... but the main event of our speed-dating panel was unquestionably AdventureQuest 3D.

My favorite part was when we gave people at the panel our Google Cardboard demo! LOL, everyone does the same thing.

Artix: *Hands someone the $10 Google Cardboard running the 3D Virtual Reality Demo of AdventureQuest 3D that we made*Person: Oh...
Person: *Looks right*
Person: WOAH!
Person: *looks left*
Person: WOAHHHHH!!!!
Person: This is cool!
Person: *Looks behind them*
Person: Oh my god! I can see the band there.... 
Person: *Looks down*
Person: Where's my feet?
Person: *Starts walking forward*
Artix: You cannot move like tha....
Person: *Walks right into someone else*
Person: Ouch!

When AdventureQuest 3D is released for the PC (In the form of a download or a Windows 10 app, or Steam Game) it will have Occulus Rift support and a true immersive 3D VR experience. The Google Cardboard is really cool to show people... but honestly, not a great game playing experience. But... seriously fun to show people. I think we could make some games specifically designed for the google cardboard that would be a ton of fun.

Also.... this happened....

Did you ever have that dream you were standing in front of your class and you suddenly realized you were not wearing anything?

On the way to DragonCon I logged in using my iPad. Zhoom had just finished a new build where he changed all of the textures. The Paladin armor must have not been converted yet.... because I logged straight into Yulgar's like this. After a moment of wide eyed O_O "Oh no... " I typed, "Um... do you see me wearing Paladin armor." It was possible the armor was just not showing on my device, I reassured myself. Then two players in the room reponded, "Nope."

I turned bright red in real life and logged out immediately.


Aqua Team hunger Force

I got to meet some of the Aqua Team Hunger force guys. The guy who voiced Frylock and also the one who did the Mad Scientist (also Brak.) Which of course got me thinking... WHY DO WE NOT HAVE AN ADVENTUREQUEST CARTOON/ANIME/TV-THING! If we did make one... should it be funny? Stupid-funny? Crazy? Or epic? Or Evil Dead 2 / Army of Darkness style epic & funny? I am thinking outloud... please do join in. If you have been a long time player you know I have talked about this a lot but since that time we hired the Producer and Writer from LA back in '10, we never moved forward with anything. We live in different times now. We could actually make this happen. Maybe... I should start drafting a script O_o.. Or maybe we should get Cysero and Yergen to do it based on the crazy stuff they did on AdWatch and the AQ3D video. Thoughts?

Jedi Lightsaber Battles

Crazy late at night, tucked away in the corner of the bottom floor... I spy two Jedi and a Sith lord armed with Light Sabers. My immediate thought is.... MAYBE WE CAN MAKE A VIDEO! So 10 minutes later...

Driving Cysero Crazy

Cysero and I drove to DragonCon together. It is 8 hours each way. Honestly, it is one of my most favorite parts of DragonCon. We talk about how grateful we are. We reminisce about all the things we have done... and the things we want to accomplish next. As you know, I tend to be super optimistic and cheery about things. Cysero, on the other hand is a realist (with a persistent sarcasm buff.) So our debates can be pretty.... comical. And you know what we debate about? Things you say to us on Twitter. That is right... we debate over the same things you debate with us about. Your influence somehow even reaches into my car.

Thank you!

I would like to thank you. Specifically you. Not just for making it to the end of this long post... but for being a part of our lives. Because DragonCon is one of the few times we get to interact face to face with actual players of our games like you-- it is a yearly reminder of how important you are. We are grateful each and every day. Just in case you did not know that... I wanted to say, thank you. 

BONUS: To everyone I took a selfie with that is wondering... how do I get that picture? I posted them on Facebook.

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New Game Releases for September 11th posted by Alina on

Battle to keep summer alive as long as you can... and to rack up as many in-game victories as possible this weekend in each of the new weekly game releases our dev teams have in store for you!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Celestial Realm Salvation WAR!

Infernal creatures are flooding into the Celestial Realm and the Avatars of Time, Death, and Life are missing! Aranx, Guardian of the Realm, needs your help to prepare… for WAR!

  • Battle to raise the war meter to 100%
  • Fight to earn gear from the war merge shop
  • Get rare gear from the limited time war rares shop

Get Up to 25% More Free AdventureCoins!


The Back to School AC bonus leaves soon, but until it does, you can get up to 3000 more free AdventureCoins to use for the epic gear releasing this month!

  • This week: new rare gear in the Celestial War Rares Shop and September Holiday Shop
  • Next week: Talk Like a Pirate Day returns!



Guardian Arena Update: Joust Training
The big tournament's almost here, and if you're going to emerge victorious, you'll need to train! The best way to hone your skills is to ride all the different beasts the arena has to offer. 
  • Choose your armor and battle against a gathering of mounted foes!
  • Fight your way to the top and claim several awesome rewards!
  • Adventurers will find new challlenges and rewards in the Adventurer Arena!


Overwhelming Doom

As the sun sets and the shadows grow longer, evil is on the move. Can you handle the Doom, or will it overcome you?

  • The revamp to the DoomKnight armor is finally here and will be available to current DoomKnight owners to try and give feedback on! (Dragon Amulet owners will get their chance in a couple weeks!)
  • Test yourself against all new versions of the dreaded Doomcrawler in the Book 1 Necropolis! Rewards now await you should you succeed!


The Stranger's Request

The Mysterious Stranger has...requested...your presence. It seems there’s something your specific skills are needed to deal with. He never does anything without a plan, so what could he be up to?

  • Investigate a series of attacks by renegade ghosts!
  • You’ll need to figure out what the Stranger is planning before it’s too late!

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