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November 6th Game Releases

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Don't miss any of this weekend's new game releases, because as the season turns and the nights grow colder, the battles in our games are only going to get even hotter! 


AdventureQuest Worlds

Battle to Save Rivensylth!

Channel the power, strength, and speed of the forest as you race to find Rivensylth the Faerie Dragon in Brightoak Grove! The knowledge she holds may be the key to defeating General Nevanna… IF you can trust what she the trickster dragon says!

  • Choose one of 3 paths and quest lines as you hunt for Rivensylth!
  • Learn about the mage who would become one of the Queen's fiercest Generals... and your worst enemies!
  • The Queen of Monsters Saga continues THIS Friday!

NEW 12 Month Membership Bonus Gear!

Unlock the exclusive Swordhaven Royalty gear and all the rest of our member perks when you purchase a 12 month membership, then head in-game and battle to earn King Alteon's armor!

  • Unlock the armor, 3 helms, cape, sword, and character page badge!



The Scarab Set
Just when you thought you had fully explored the pyramid, rumors are swirling about another set of items in Ammon’s keep! 
  • Find new, permanent masks available for purchase at Warlic's Shop for a limited time. 
  • Soul Drink Vampire Blade is now available in the Limited Time Shop!


Ration Running!

The Cook at the guardian tower needs you to get some rations!

  • But where does he usually gets his ingredients?
  • Find out this Friday!

DragonFable's Mogloween event is still available, too! Last week, an unspeakable evil was unleashed and now it’s up to you and Bubble to put it to rest! Don't miss your reward if you succeed - new helms to match the PumpkinLord armors!

2016 Calendar Now Available for Pre-Order on HeroMart!

The 2016 Calendar is now available from Heromart! Each month features hand-drawn character art from your favorite Artix Entertainment games!


The calendar comes with:

  • the Infinity Knight class and Infinity Knight/Chrono Infinity Knight Armor sets in AdventureQuest Worlds
  • the Archivist Class in DragonFable (coming soon!)
  • the Chrono Infinity Knight Lance in MechQuest and EpicDuel (coming soon!)
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