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AQ3D Alpha Test Coming Soon posted by Artix on

The Tech Demo phase at for AdventureQuest 3D: Legend of Lore is about to end! Last chance to participate before we award the testers and do the database reset to start the ALPHA TESTS!

Tech Demo Testers!

Here is what you are getting....

  • AQWorlds Badge (Proof!)
  • AQWorlds Rare Tech Demo Weapon (Awesome!)
  • After the 3D database reset... the new AQ3D Account System will go live!
  • You will then make a shiny new AQ3D account

But... how will it know I was a tester!?
Good question! Answer: You will have that fancy tester badge on your AQWorlds account, right? There will be a link your AQWorlds account button. Presto! The game will know all. (It is actually super easy and built into the registration process.) 

Then, later, during Alpha Testing... the Alpha Knight armor will be released!

Previous AdventureQuest 3D Testers!

  • You will be able to login and play this new version of AQ3D
  • Sorry it took so long! 
  • The "Link your AE account" feature may take a few extra days to get working... but it will not take too long! 
  • As originally promised, you will get Alpha Knight armor too!

All Players!

  • Everyone will be allowed to Pre-Register for AdventureQuest 3D once the new account system goes live. 
  • Yes, if you Pre-Register there is a chance you will be invited for special tests with the above players (i.e. Stress Tests)


Your shiny new AQ3D account will be cross-platform ready... which means you can use that same account to login and play your same characters on Apple iOS devices, Android Devices once they go live with the Beta launch (Estimated time of BETA release is October)

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AE's Summer Releases Are Heating Up! posted by Alina on

Here at the Secret Underground Lab, this we're battling real-life heat waves and storm surges, but we made sure to keep our laptops dry and our coders caffienated enough to bring you enough massive bosses, anti-magical armies, and new gear to earn to keep you fighting all weekend long!


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

The LunarMancer: Moonlight on the Grave

  • Fight to survive when the LunarMancer's revenge ritual pulls brings an old enemy and his army into Luna Cove!
  • Hunt for treasure chests full of new summer gear and /par]ty with your friends in our new hangout - Coral Beach!
  • Get up to 25% more AdvenutureCoins when you buy a 12000 or 5000 AC package
  • Unlock the exclusive Ancient Grovebreaker Blade when you buy any AdventureCoin package
  • Find the Fantastic Lore Limited Time Shop in your Game Menu


Epic Duel  - Real Time PVP MMO

Titan's Shop Returns!

  • Titan's birthday gear returns to Delta V.
  • Visit Titans in his icy Frysteland home for his seasonal rare weapons and item.
  • Try your luck with Titan's Triumph Arcade machine!
  • Do you have what it takes to defeat Legendary Titan?


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG

Chessmaster: Burning Questions!

  • Karuna has been tossed in prison by angry townsfolk! 
  • Now you must rely on your detective skills as you search for clues and question the people in town. 
  • Ask the wrong questions and you may be run out of town before you can rescue Karuna! AdventureQuest
  • Also don’t miss the Were-Ant pet in the Limited-Time Shop - only here for 1 more week!


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

StarCrossed: Espina Rosa Saga Finale

  • Break out of Lore's most notorious, secure, and dangerous prison this week!
  • The Rose's military is on its way - can you and the Rebels escape your shackles before they arrive?
  • Don't miss the Lore Replica's Limited Time Shop!


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Prototype Accelerator Containment Vessel Package

  • A new 15000 Nova Gem package is now available for $29.95! 
  • Unlocks the all-new Prototype Accelerator Containment Vessel Mecha (levels up to 100!)
  • New Hovering items available for Star Captains in the back room of their Captain's Quarters!



Coming Soon: Bio Beasts for iOS, Android

New Mobile Game arriving Summer 2015

  • For every endless horde of minions there's a final boss behind it all. Check out these concepts for the final obstacle standing between your beast and freedom.
  • Completed this week: Final Boss art, plus more new art, main soundtrack, battle track, and final boss tracks!

Follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter for more news!


Battle On!

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Worlds of Battles are Waiting For You! posted by Alina on

Artix Entertainment's friendly team of game developers bring you another week of epic battles, deadly bosses, and TONS of all-new reward gear to unlock! Read on to see what waits for you, then /unsheath your blade and prepare to Battle ON!

HP-Livingdungeon-happeningnow-545 aq.jpg

AdventureQuest Worlds - Artix's Living Dungeon!

Log in at this weekend and bring your friends! When the dungeon itself turns against you... you will need everything you have got to survive because... it is ALIVE! Artix returns with another all-new, ground-breaking (literally!) release to rock your world (and shatter your ideas about just what a dungeon can be made of)! 

Don't miss the Ancient Grovebreaker Blade - unlock this exclusive new weapon with any AdventureCoin package, then find the Eternal Groveborn Rares shop in your game menu! 


Epic Duel  - Theon of Odosius

Meet Theon of Odosius, treasure hunter extraordinaire, and embark on a quest to find the lost Yutilian Shards. These shards are said to unlock amazing treasures, but legend has it a terrible creature guard the treasure.

  • 2 new shops celebrating our guest artist Theon
  • New challenging mission chain
  • 2 new fightable NPCs with rare drops
  • 20+ new items
  • 6 new styles


AdventureQuest - Golden Gift Box Update!

Our new tutorial is coming this week! Filled with exciting action, music and learning! You will also find a new Balloon Fighter pet in Aria’s Shop. Can you defeat the Ancient Four-Eyed Freak in this week’s Void Challenge Battle? 

  • Also don’t miss the Were-Ant pet coming to the Limited-Time Shop - only here for 2 weeks!
  • Golden Giftboxes - Tuning Blade and Silas the Vampragon
  • Tuning Blade is 'tuned' by Drakel technology to enemies that rely on armor, metal or robotics, and therefore has a large bonus to hit them!
  • What happens when a vampire bat is magically fused with a dragon? A Vampragon happens, that's what! Silas is a very special Vampragon that can seek between Fire and Darkness elements!


DragonFable - Blood Feud!

Frydae has made his move at and wrested Thursday from Safiria’s grasp...will you be able to reach the Darkness Tower before Thursday’s ancient ancestor bestows his gift of the vampire curse on her and makes her a member of his eternal royal court?! 


Mech Quest - Distress Call Omega!

An Ebil-corp research station in the middle of a remote asteroid field has put out an Omega level emergency distress call! Mr. Z has requested your help to find out what’s going on but if it’s this serious it can’t be good!
Ebil-corp doesn’t usually ask for favors, but recently they’ve needed quite a few. Maybe something you’ll find on the station will help shed some light on everything!

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Tonight in AQW: Titan Hollow posted by Artix on

Tonight! Friday night (est) is the opening of the living dungeon "Titan Hollow" in I was really grateful to be able to work on this for you with J6, Reens, Ghost and the rest of the AQWorlds team! Like my previous adventure, Dreadspace, it is reasonably sized for casual gamers to enjoy, but has lots of end game and bonus content to do for ultra dedicated gamers who want more. If I only get to tell you one thing about this new mini-story... is that it is beautifully creepy with a really fun feel good ending. When you see the quality of J6's art and Ghost's amazing animated cutscenes... you will see why we needed those extra 3 days!


Without spoiling anything... there is one particular view when you are standing inside of the standing Titan's mouth, looking out... and you can see everything! It is amazing. I think I stared at that scene for hours while I was writing the pun filled quest descriptions. We really need to turn that into a house.

A little backstory. Originally, I was designing this dungeon to be am ultra evil Grimskull puzzle-dungeon... with a "Surprise! It is Grimskull!" reveal at some point. (Which I *STILL* will do one day in the future!) But for this particular summer release we all wanted something that everyone would actually enjoy. Because, um, there is something about dying in terrible and horrible ways... in every room.. multiple times... over and over... that not everyone enjoys. <_< So I carefully placed my evil Grimskull notebook back on the shelf... where it can sit generating nightmares until it is time. Instead,in this release I wanted to focus on the "Parkour of Video Game travel." That is... making getting from point A to point B really interesting. A living dungeon is the perfect place to do that! What started as quick little 5 second cutscenes turned into a pretty full blown production. We came up with he idea for the the end of the adventure while we were still working on it... which I REALLY think you are going to enjoy.

There are two things we did differently in Titan Hollow. First, is how we introduce the villain. As weird and simple as it seems when you play it... it is the first time we have EVER done that. It gives a very clear goal and motivation to get to the end of the dungeon too. Second, you can "re-run" this dungeon. Normally, you beat a quest chain and then farm the boss monster for Drops. In this dungeon, you will re-run the quests to fight the main boss for a single epic prize. To get another epic prize, you re-run a simplier version of the quests again. Of course, there are also some bonus big monster baddies that are there to farm for stuff too.

Again, I really hope you enjoy this adventure. Take lots of screenshots!

P.S. Sorry for writing you a novel! It is 2am... after working on a release like this, I get super hyperactive. I probably will not be able to sleep until you play it. Thankfully we are mostly done now... almost everything is assembled!

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Friday in AQW: Artix's Living Dungeon posted by Alina on

This week's installment of AQW's Summer 2015 "Return of the Living Devs" event at brings us another release from Artix - his Living Dungeon! Last week, we delayed this release in order to get enough time to build all of the completely new assets needed to create his vision... and let me tell you,  it truly takes a team to build a dungeon that attacks a hero!

living dungeon battle free rpg mmo
Thanks to J6's all-new background art, Ghost began animating the first of 7 new cutscenes last week. Yesterday, Reens, Arklen, and Artix sat down and went through the release frame-by-frame - going over what happens and when, which monsters go where, and what the story is surrounding these super-creepy, VERY smiley living-dead-tree-warrior dudes when you  - well... I will just leave you with THIS picture:
Join us this Friday for Artix's Living Dungeon release!

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Beleen’s AQW Release and New Game Updates on July 3 posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Chaos Queen Beleen... Ooh the pink... it BURNS... BURNS!!!

  • Special event written by Beleen (hey, that’s me!!)
  • Discover the abandoned village of Drearia
  • But when Beleen accidently finds Chaos… her powers mutate in the strangest (and pinkest) ways possible!
  • Watch Nulgath the Archfiend turn Chibi
  • Artix’s Paladin Armor becomes PINK!!
  • Race on a Rainbow (yes, seriously!)
  • Put an end to Beleen’s Pink Madness before it infects us all! The horror… the HORROR!
  • This is definitely going to be the funniest and goofiest release of the year :D

Nulgath-crafted Beleen Items

  • Bank Pets, BattlePets, and normal Pets
  • Beleen’s Apprentice Armor
  • Chibi Nulgath Faces (helms)
  • Chaos Beleen Reavers
  • And much more OMG!
  • There will be non-pink items too, don't worry =p

Up to 40% More AdventureCoins for Free


Epic Duel  - Real Time PVP MMO

Dawn of Delta V

  • The sentient AI M4tr1x is online and ready for battle!
  • Complete the tasks of this mysterious entity to uncover the secrets of Delta V.
  • Defeat her in battle and gain access to her shop of exclusive items!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG

Titles + July Z-Token Package + Independence Day Rares!

  • One of our most exciting updates will be coming this week - Titles for your characters!
  • Titles can be earned through completing various tasks!
  • Or talk to Procly the Town Crier in Battleon to find a list of buyable titles!
  • Also don’t miss the awesome gear coming out as America celebrates Independence Day!

July Z-Token Package - Gudbrand and Gudskelduz!

  • Replaces Glass Cannon Pet as one of the bonus items that comes with the 12000 Z-Token Package!
  • Only the most powerful fighters can wield these together in combat!


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Fourth of July Mecha

  • Get a brand new mecha designed and animated by Korin and colored and shaded by Lyris!
  • This mecha embodies the concept of freedom!


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

Freedom Day

  • Show your pride for the day when the whole planet became one nation, allowing the freedom to travel and visit anyone in the world.
  • This also made it possible for heroes and villains not to be slowed down by tollbooths!
  • Happy Freedom Day!

Battle On!

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Cysero’s AQW Release and New Game Updates on June 26 posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Deadmoor Spirit: The Stolen Screams

  • Written by Cysero himself
  • Help free the spirit of a little girl
  • …before her screams are made into a weapon of fear!
  • Go to Deadmoor, help him help her
  • Learn the secrets of Deadmoor's terrible past
  • and you'll get to learn a little bit more about Cysero too

Cysero’s Personal Items

  • Mad Weaponsmith Armor
  • Super Hammer

Featured Artist Limited Quantity Items

  • Nulgath’s Void Rider Package
  • Dage the Evil’s DreadSpace Set
  • Nulgath’s Void Rider & Pet Package
  • Memet’s Baku Ghost Pet Package
  • More info about these sets here

Up to 50% More AdventureCoins for Free


Epic Duel  - Real Time PVP MMO

Epic Artist Showcase: Bido

  • Bido has finally arrived on Delta V
  • Visit this adorable, yet powerful, android for a huge cache of new weapons!
  • Help him understand the human experience for incredible rewards

Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG

Chessmaster: An Unexpected Development!

  • In a bit of failed [kinda-]corporate espionage, Kamui discovered that an old lab was not quite as abandoned as he’d thought it was.
  • Worse, the current occupant apparently is a Numbered Beast with something to prove.
  • With the beast and its minions bearing down on Deren and the recovered Orbs in the Temple of Hope, the question remains: Why do they want them?

Mechquest_The Mohawk_Returns_26June2015.png

Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

The Mohawk Returns

  • The Mohawk is being reintroduced as a Star Captain Exclusive Mecha!
  • You can pick up this version, with brand new specials, in the Star Captain Club Friday night!


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

Freedom Day

  • Show your pride for the day when the whole planet became one nation, allowing the freedom to travel and visit anyone in the world.
  • This also made it possible for heroes and villains not to be slowed down by tollbooths!
  • Happy Freedom Day!

Battle On!



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New Release by Artix: Ebil Dread Space posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Ebil DreadSpace

  • Special Release, written by Artix
  • Climb aboard the S.S. Paladin spaceship
  • Investigate a Space Station
  • High Alert: Cyborg Alien Zombies; proven threat
  • Skylab Z is the secret hiding place of the *TRANSMISSION LOST*

Featured Artist Limited Quantity Items

  • Nulgath’s Void Rider Package
  • Dage the Evil’s DreadSpace Set
  • Nulgath’s Void Rider & Pet Package
  • Memet’s Baku Ghost Pet Package
  • More info about these sets here

Up to 50% More AdventureCoins for Free


Coming Soon: Bio Beasts for iOS, Android

Go team go!

Follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter for more news!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG

Arena of Enthusiasts

  • The 5 winners of AQ’s Biggest Fan Contest await you in the Arena of Enthusiasts!
  • Can you defeat 5 of Lore’s fiercest fighters?
  • Take down all 5 in battle and earn yourself some awesome gear!


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

The Feast

  • At the edge of Tkaanie, surrounded by lush silvered trees, there is a small village famous for its honey.
  • The village of Ull.
  • A small and peaceful place, where nothing out of ordinary ever happens.
  • But that’s about to change.


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Summer Fun

  • It’s summer break for G.E.A.R.S.!
  • Head to Lagos for some rest and relaxation on the beach!

Battle On!


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VelocityAE posted by Beleen on

8-Bit Super Hard Game

Rolith's "ONE DAY GAME PROJECT" has just been released on Apple and Android devices! It is titled VelocityAE, and it is hard... hard... and super hard.Last 10 seconds and you are pretty much a gaming god. Give Rolith a little love, rate the app 5 star and tell someone about it. See if they can beat your score :D


Get the Velocity AE game app!


Surprise Mobile Game Release

Available now oniOS andAndroid devices! Introducing VelocityAE… brought forth from 1980s with a time travel device.

“Buuuuuut wait, this doesn’t look like ANY game Artix has ever made before!”
Right you are. And that’s because it wasn’t really made at Artix Entertainment.


Hehe, let me explain:

If you’re a long-time player of Artix games, then you probably recognize this fellow.


That’s Rolith, our resident code monkey. He’s been Artix’s longest coder, cracking away at DragonFable in 2006, and has dabbled in just about every Artix game ever since.

But, man, Rolith LOVES his job. When he’s not typing code at breakneck speeds here at the Secret Underground Lab, he’s at home writing even more ridiculous code “for funsies” (Rolith’s words exactly). I bet his dreams are in C#.

So it should come to no surprise that Rolith decided to make a game in his spare time... because, funsies. So one night, Rolith started building something he was really passionate about (retro arcade runners), and 24 hours later… VelocityAE was born.

It’s a rare sight to see Rolith beam as brightly as me, but when Rolith came into the Secret Lab the next morning flashing a HUGE smile, everyone knew that he was up either up to no good ~or~ was extremely proud of something.

But before anyone could ask him why, Rolith quickly pulled aside Cysero and Korin, asking for their help to build some assets for his overnight game. Cysero whipped up the 8-bit artwork for the spaceships and Korin was on 3D mesh duty.

“Have you told Artix about your game, Rolith?” Cysero asked.

“Um, No...” whispered Rolith, “Don’t tell Artix about Velocity yet. I think it would be so funny if this 24-hour game got more installs and plays than AQ Dragons-- which, took Artix 6 months to make.”


Korin smirked. “So it’s a secret, ay?”

So yes, Rolith kept Velocity a secret from Artix (AND ME TOO, GRRR!!) until the game was completely polished and ready for app store submission. This is not the first time Rolith made a secret game project-- does anyone remember Pony vs Pony?

Finally Rolith approached Artix and said, “I know you got a ton of games coming out this Summer, but what would you say if I had one ready to go…. right now?” A skeptically curious Artix was given Rolith’s iPhone and he started playing. He died 3 seconds later. “Hard. Retro. ...and SUPER HARD!” exclaimed Artix as he spent the next 17 minutes replaying the game over and over again, trying to beat his high score. He didn’t last longer than 10 seconds. “I love this! How long until we can release it for the players.

Rolith smirked.

Artix went o_O, leaned in and asked, “Did you, uh… already submit it?

Rolith was taken aback. “Should I have waited?”

“No, no…. this is great!” Artix reaffirmed. “At least you did not use your spare time to making another game about Ponies! Let it go live secretly, we can make fixes and then tell the whole world about this!"

“Wow, what an awesome story! I wanna play that game too!!”

I bet you do. And you are in luck, because VelocityAE is up on theiTunes App Store andGoogle Play right now. Please show Rolith and his hard work some love by giving VelocityAE 5-stars and help us spread the word.

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