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New Game Releases for November 20th

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As November draws to a close, darkness sets in and a chill fills the air. But the heat of battle will keep you warm this weekend as you take on the challenges in this week's all-new game releases!


AdventureQuest Worlds

The Queen of Monsters Saga Continues in Elfhame!

General Nevanna's corruption is spreading, and the heart of the World Tree is beginning to rot… This weekend, battle through the ruins of Elfhame - the massive skeleton of ancient beast - to recover the key to restoring the world tree!

  • Battle through the Ruins of Elfhame to discover where the Horn is hidden!
  • Solve the puzzle to unlock the Guardian's chamber!
  • Don't miss the 13th Doom Lord AdventureCoin package, now available!




Lolosia Rebuilt + Osiris Set and November Golden Gift Boxes
The crooked merchant underestimated the resolve of Lolosia’s citizens... now YOU can battle through the completely-rebuilt Lolosia!
  • The final 2 items have been uncovered inside the pyramid - The Scarab Shield and Eye of Osiris Misc!


November Golden Gift Boxes: Horn of Pwnage and French Vanilla Ice Katana

  • In the highlands of Dwarfhold live the AlpOrly? people. They use large horns to send simple messages over great distances, and sometimes as weapons.
  • The Ice Katana! Forged by Yulgar, and given magical might by Warlic! How strange: this one smells like vanilla?




Given to Darkness
The siege around Falconreach has been broken and your dragon has spotted the captured soldiers! Gear up and head into the fog shrouded woods to try and rescue your friends!
  • The Dark Night boss fight!
  • If you win the Bone Shard weapons could be yours!
  • Your very own War-Torn Clan Valtrith mask!




Epic Duel

Frozen Fury Returns!

Even though it's still 90 degrees at the lab, this Friday we will be returning all of our Winter content to EpicDuel.

  • Visit Edgar Booth and Torgan and The Endless in Frysteland
  • Get Winter gear from years past, including last year's Frozen Fury Gear (now available for credits)


2016 Calendar Now Available for Pre-Order on HeroMart!

The 2016 Calendar is now available from Heromart! Each month features hand-drawn character art from your favorite Artix Entertainment games!


The calendar comes with:

  • the Infinity Knight class and Infinity Knight/Chrono Infinity Knight Armor sets in AdventureQuest Worlds
  • the Archivist Class in DragonFable (coming soon!)
  • the Chrono Infinity Knight Lance in MechQuest and EpicDuel (coming soon!)
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kabimarta1: The new area in the AQW release was really creepy. And it looks like the story just got darker. RIP Aven, we will avenge you. Nevanna will pay. (BTW, interesting story release.)
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