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Friday the 13th Game Updates

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Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, Heroes, and you know what that means... WAR! Hope your luck holds and you head into battle, Heores, because this weekend's releases will be ones you'll want to remember... if you survive!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Voltaire's 13th Friday the 13th: 13th Lords of DOOM!

As the 13th 13th draws near...the shadows are growing restless. Work with Voltaire and Deady to gather the fragments of the Cursed Mirror of Enutrof to stop the Mysterious Stranger's 13 Lords of Doom and dispel the shadows that are attacking Lore!

  • Battle the Shadow creatures and undead monsters attacking Battleon
  • Unlock cutscenes and mini-boss battles every 13% the war meter climbs
  • Find all new Friday the 13th Event Rares in your game menu right away!

NEW Friday the 13th Event Rares!

DOOM is here and so are all-new Friday the 13th event items! Defy superstition and unlock awesome souvenir items in our limited time rare gear shop… only available until November 30th! 

  • Safiria and Valtrith's Armor set (armor, helm, and Valtrith's cape)Vaal and Vayle's Armor set (armor, helm, and capes)
  • Doom Sepulchure armor set (armor, helm, sword, and capes)
  • Noxus, Lionfang, Sepulchure, and Vaal Unlucky Top Hats
  • and more!



Pirate vs Pirate?
There's a crooked merchant making his way through Lolosia, selling maps to a vast treasure! The only issue? Everyone in town bought one!
  • User your powers of persuasion (... your sword arm!) to keep them from tearing each other apart!
  • Battle your way through the treasure seekers until YOU find the reward!


F13 - The Dark Night!

Shadows are rising in the woods by the Bay as Jaysun’s forces gather to lay siege to Falconreach and Oaklore. Are you ready to fight beside The Rose to break the siege? Or will your animosity help provide Caitiff with more bodies to try and bring further Doom to Lore?

  • Friday the 13th War!
  • Fight to break the siege and save the towns!

2016 Calendar Now Available for Pre-Order on HeroMart!

The 2016 Calendar is now available from Heromart! Each month features hand-drawn character art from your favorite Artix Entertainment games!


The calendar comes with:

  • the Infinity Knight class and Infinity Knight/Chrono Infinity Knight Armor sets in AdventureQuest Worlds
  • the Archivist Class in DragonFable (coming soon!)
  • the Chrono Infinity Knight Lance in MechQuest and EpicDuel (coming soon!)
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