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New Game Updates on Friday, June 12 posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Guardian of the Underworld

  • Journey through Dage’s gate
  • Dage’s “Guardian” begins attacking everyone
  • Boss Battle: 3-Headed Grrberus

Sizzling Summer Sale

Rares Shop

  • Blood of Cerberus armor set
  • Find the shop your Game Menu

Be a Video Game tester!


Epic Duel  - Real Time PVP MMO

Rise of the Underworld

  • The mysterious and cantankerous Mort and Zedmyr are finally opening up to residents of EpicDuel and revealing their compelling and bloody histories
  • Battle through:
    • 14 new missions
    • unlock 4 new missions
    • and claim 2 new NPC sidearms for your own!

Coming Soon: Bio Beasts for iOS, Android

Unlock Exclusive BioBeasts Items!

  1. Like the BioBeasts Facebook Page
  2. Tell your friends to Like the BioBeasts FB Page
  3. New Items will unlock in AQWorldswhen each milestone is reached:
    • Helms unlock at 7,000 Facebook Likes --SUCCESS!
    • Back Items unlock at 15,000 Facebook Likes
    • Swords unlock at 25,000 Facebook Likes
    • Armors unlock at 50,000 Facebook Likes
    • BioBeasts Pet unlocks at 100,000 Facebook Likes!

Level Up!

Follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter for more news!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG

Diamonds & Explosions

  • Villagers have reported strange crimson lights coming from a cave outside of Battleon
  • The beginning to an unbelievable saga awaits those brave enough to investigate!

June Golden Giftboxes

  • Dragosector
    • Can swap between Fire and Light elements
    • Plus does extra damage against dragon types!
  • Dracguard
  • Offers excellent protection against dragons and their kin!

Battle On!







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BioBeasts Breach Battleon posted by Beleen on

Unlock exclusive BioBeasts Armor Sets in AQWorlds

Are you as excited about BioBeasts as we are?!? The creative minds behind EpicDuel are proud to announce BioBeasts, a free single-player arcade-survival game coming soon to iOS and Android. Your mission: escape, mutate, DESTROY!


Play as a mutating monster fighting its way through a robot-controlled laboratory. But you’re not just some ordinary monster… you’re a BioBeast, and as you grow stronger and more powerful, you evolve and mutate! Wicked.

Use simple tap controls to unleash devastating damage upon the onslaught of bad guys trying to capture you. It’s a fast-paced fun game that’s simple to pick up but hard to put down.

We cannot wait for you to unleash the BioBeast within you(r phone)!” – the EpicDuel Team

Exclusive Items, aww yeah!

We know that you and all your friends are going to LOVE this game. And that’s why we need YOUR help telling everyone about BioBeasts!

This is kind of like a contest…except everyone will win prizes if we all team up and work together! All you need to do is Like the BioBeasts Facebook page, and the more Likes we get, the closer we will be at unlocking exclusive BioBeasts-themed Armors, Helms, Weapons, and more inside AQWorlds.

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Like the BioBeasts Facebook Page
  2. Tell your friends to Like the BioBeasts FB Page
  3. New Items will unlock in AdventureQuest Worldsin Battleon when each milestone is reached:
    • Helms unlock at 7,000 Facebook Like -- SUCCESS!
    • Back Items unlock at 15,000 Facebook Likes
    • Swords unlock at 25,000 Facebook Likes
    • Armors unlock at 50,000 Facebook Likes
    • BioBeasts Pet unlocks at 100,000 Facebook Likes!

The Electro BioBeast gear is free for ALL players. The Hazardous BioBeast gear is available for Legends. Every item is 0 ACs for free storage! 

Click here to Like the BioBeasts Facebook page, and we will be one step closer at obtaining these exclusive BioBeasts-themed items for AQW!

Thanks so much for supporting BioBeasts, EpicDuel, AdventureQuest Worlds, and all your favorite Artix Entertainment games.

You’re the best!!

xoxo Beleen =D

BioBeasts Facebook:

BioBeasts Homepage:

BioBeasts Twitter:

EpicDuel Homepage:

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Start Your Summer Now: New Game Releases on June 5 posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Tournament of Heroes

  • Can YOU defeat 15 of Lore’s fiercest fighters?
  • Take on the Gauntlet of Champions in the Tournament of Heroes
    • Discover their stories
    • Marvel at their accomplishments
    • Challenge them to head-to-head combat!
  • If you survive all 15 rounds, your portrait will be placed alongside theirs in the Hall of Victors

Summer Shop

  • Surfboards
  • Sunglasses
  • Robot dolphin (wat?)
  • Limited-Time: Ultra Revenger and Jurassic Raptor armor sets!


Epic Duel  - Real Time PVP MMO

EpicDuel Power Weekend

  • Starting Friday, EpicDuel is activating a POWER WEEKEND!
  • Get double XP and Credits all weekend long!


Coming Soon: Bio Beasts for iOS, Android

New enemies revealed!

  • Check out the latest BioBeasts news on

Follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter for more news!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG

Liliana’s Request

  • As we grow nearer to the new Temple of Hope’s completion, a communicant of the Wind Lord seeks your assistance.
  • Only the Chosen of Lore can face the perils that lie in the Immertot version of the Abode!
  • Also find newly updated mage staves in the Mage Class Shop

June Raffle Contest

  • PRIZE: the Mythical Warrior Armor
  • Every day you log in, you will receive 1 ticket
  • Log in every day in June and receive an extra 20 tickets!

Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Castle Crashers

  • Her Highness, Queen Safiria, has summoned you back to her castle… at the request of Thursday?!
  • What does the vampire queen have planned for you and your friends as you meet on the shore of her blood red lake?
  • Log in this Friday to find out!


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Trouble for Zargon

  • There seems to be trouble stirring on Zargon!
  • Selina needs your help figure out who’s causing blackouts all over Zargon!

Battle On!




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Ask Beleen Anything! posted by Beleen on

Hiya! Beleen here! And I know you’ve always wanted to know more about me. So here’s your chance to ask your question and...

Posted by AdventureQuest Worlds on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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AdventureCouch 5 posted by Artix on

Our first real-life band is about to play in Yulgar's Inn. Come meet them on AdventureCouch!

Adventure couch number 5 live band members interview

Is it just me, or does the lead singer, Amanda, look a lot like Gravelyn in the cover pic?

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LIVE Band in AQWorlds and MORE! posted by Beleen on

Like the Raffle Contest in AdventureQuest, and Even MORE Game Releases!


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Dragon Hunt in Thunderfang Spire

  • Travel north of the Red Dragon’s Lair
  • Climb treacherous mountain ranges
  • You’re in the Lightning Dragon territory now!
  • If you survive the storm… you may be richly rewarded from the dragon’s treasure hoard!

Lightning Dragonsworn Rare Gear

  • Electrifying new items await the Rare Item collector:
    • Armor
    • 2 Helms
    • Cape
    • 2 Weapons
    • and the Krenos Pet!

Live at Yulgar’s Inn: Synderes

  • Party with the NPCs house band LIVE at Yulgar's Inn!
  • Doors open Friday night for this special appearance
  • Score new items, too!
  • #RockOn in BattleOn

Last Days of Summer Sale

  • Bonus AdventureCoins offered with every AC bundle
    • 11% more free with the 900 AC package
    • 25% more free with the 2000 AC package
    • 40% more free with the 5000 AC package
    • 50% more free with the 12000 AC package
  • Epic offer ends Sunday, May 31
  • Be sure to stock up now!


Coming Soon: Bio Beasts for iOS, Android

Interested in programming?

Follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter for more news!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Into the Darkness

  • A mysterious potion rests in The Lounge of The Inn
  • Drinking it has been said to produce very strange effects
  • Heh… sounds like a recipe for adventure!

June Z-Token Package

  • The Hatred of Akriloth Axe
    • NEW bonus in the 20,000 Z-Token package
  • Capable of switching between Melee and Magic
  • Transforms you into the ultimate fire dragon Akriloth!

Raffle Contest

  • Special raffle in June
  • PRIZE: the Mythical Warrior Armor
  • Every day you log in, you will receive 1 ticket
  • Log in every day in June and receive an extra 20 tickets!


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Escape from Espina Rosa

  • You’ve found the Vind’s ally!
  • Now you have make a run for it and get out of Espina Rosa!
  • Weren’t Navon, Dracelix and your dragon heading there too? This can’t be good!
  • Can you escape unscathed or will it turn into a disaster?


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Stolen Mecha Parts!

  • The last shipment of mecha parts Tek ordered never made it to her shop!
  • Speak to her and find out how you can help recover them!

Happy Birthday Jemini!

  • You can pick up her Hologram in Soluna Main

Battle On!


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Did someone say, "Living Dungeon Design?" posted by Artix on

Sneak-peek at this summer’s blockbuster release

I am writing two (maybe three) releases for AdventureQuest Worlds this summer. Cysero and Beleen are coming back to write special releases too! For this one, Titan Hollow, I wrote a short story about three Titans battle for the tear of a Fairy that turned into an eternal curse. Like the most popular dungeons from Doomwood, this will be a story-crawl adventure with bonus hidden secrets for hard core gamers.

Concept by Dage the Evil

Originally, I wanted to make it a Grimskull dungeon, but for some reason, players hate dying horrific terrible animated deaths over and over again. <_< Not sure why. >_> Really. So instead of animating comical death cutscenes, we will be focusing on heroic acts of how to cleverly get from point A to point B which will provide scores of awesome screenshot worthy moments.

Beware of living dungeons though.... sometimes... they move. O_O

Like what you see? Share your thoughts on my Facebook Post here!


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New Game Releases Launching Friday, May 22, 2015 posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Firestorm Finale: Wrath of the FlameLord

  • Arise, almighty Titan!
  • Fight off the Firestorm Onslaught
  • Defeat their leader at Lavarun Altar
  • Prepare for battle against the Phedra, the Fire Titan
  • Score new Lavarun armors, helms, weapons, and items

Memorial Day Weekend Specials

  • Earn DOUBLE boosts each day!
    • 2x Reputation on Friday
    • 2x Class Points on Saturday
    • 2x more EXP on Sunday
    • 2x more Gold on Monday
  • Log in everyday starting Friday to earn your free Boosts!

New Combat System

  • Bonus for upgraded Legends:
  • Help test out AQW’s new combat system on the PTR server


Epic Duel  - Real Time PVP MMO

Epic Artist Showcase: Deuce

  • Introducing 1st Artist Showcase Shop
  • Meet Deuce, EpicDuel’s featured guest artist
    • Mysterious Warrior
    • Tired and weathered from years of torment and battle
    • Found a safe haven in a remote, forgotten portion of Delta V
  • Assist Deuce in recovering his identity
  • Embark on brutal missions
  • Shop his wares of uniquely-styled items
  • Earn achievements for besting him in battle!


Coming Soon: Bio Beasts for iOS, Android

New Mobile Game arriving Summer 2015

  • New environment designs
  • New art concepts in the latest Design Notes:  

Follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter for more news!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Maze of The Minotaurs

  • Deceit and wizardry built the maze, and only the bravest and strongest will be able to overcome its perils and claim the treasures it holds!
  • Also don’t miss the Stratus Cleaver coming to the Limited-Time Shop!
  • Enjoy a 10% Gold and XP boost until the 26th!


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

The Drowned Fortress

  • The shattered remains of the flying fortress sits, moldering, in Falconreach Bay.
  • What dark creatures still prowl its depths?
  • What treasures still wait to be found amongst the bones?


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Memorial Day!

  • Return of the Land, Naval, and Aerial Memorial Mecha!
  • Embark on a mission with extra Exp rewards to help if you’re stuck between levels!
  • Celebrate Gianna Glow’s Birthday with an E-blade!

Battle On!


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Video Game Projects posted by Artix on

"Going to be the best summer ever!"

In addition to the killer game releases in our existing web games (including Artix, Beleen & Cysero returning to AQWorlds for a series of special summer releases) our explsion of mobile game projects are coming for your phones and tablets!
  • Undead Assault (Minigame, Inspired by the original) AdventureQuest: GUARDIANS - 2D RPG)
  • AdventureQuest II "GUARDIAN" (Full, Major 2D RPG for mobile)
  • BioBeasts (EpicDuel's monster frenzy twitch game)
  • Death Level (Warlic & Thyton's age 16+ Retro Dungeon Crawler for mobile)
  • AdventureQuest 3D "LEGEND OF LORE" (Full, Major 3D MMORPG for mobile & web) 


It has been 20 minutes since I started writing this sentence. O_O. I keep rewriting it over and over. There is so much to tell you that I have no idea where to start. Probably a key important thing... I am happy. Extremely happy to be building video games again. The team is too. You would not think that the solution from being "burned out working on video games" is to simply make more video games... but it is. Creating fun new things is inspiring and motivating. Even if the new things you are creating are building on the skills and concepts you created before. That is why everyone in the studio has elected to take on a "side project" in addition to their normal duties.

Undead Assault

For example J6, Diozz, and Kraken are working on Undead Assault. It is a smaller scope project. A completely re-envisioning of the original Undead Assault which was our very first mini-game. As usual, the guys went way above and beyond. J6 started with the base models from AQWorlds, drew in all of the back arms and legs, complete recolored all of the undead creatures, and then drew an amazing parallaxing graveyard background. It is going to be fast, full of bone crunching physics and explosions... because... NEED EXPLOSIONS. It will probably be the first game released in our fenzy.



AdventureQuest 2: GUARDIAN

As I write this, we are putting the finishing touches on the AdventureQuest II: Guardian teaser trailer. We hope you laugh when you watch it. (Because it is funny... not for other reasons.) We have renamed this game project a few times now. Mostly due to the confusion with the original AdventureQuest & AdventureQuest Worlds. So WHAT IS THIS GAME!? Oh! Well, you know how there is no REAL 2D AdventureQuest game for mobile? This is it. YES! Insert "Battle Button" here. Featuring brand new crazy monsters, weapons, combat, classes, and characters. The plot of this game heavily focuses on what a Guardian is... that being said, spoiler: As the game opens, the Guardians have all gone mysteriously missing years ago. No one knows what happened to them, or has any clue why. But the Guardian towers are magically sealed shut and villains and monster armys were quick to wreak havok and terror across the land. The land is in need of someone brave enough to pick up a sword or spellbook to save it... and possibly be worthy enough to open the doors to the Guardian tower and undertake the trials.

AdventureQuest 3D: LEGEND OF LORE

Releasing a 2D monster battling game and a matching full 3D MMORPG is not only the most ambitious thing we have ever done... it is blatantly the craziest. You already know why. After what happened to the original AdventureQuest 3D project, the team was heart broken. A year and a half of our dedicated work and passion tossed in the trash. So what do you do in the most crushing defeat of your life? What happens when you fall? You get back up. You do never give up. AdventureQuest 3D is more than just a game project to all of us who were there for the first one. It is something we MUST accomplish to make ourselves whole again. Zhoom rewrote the game server, Xero recreated the assets to run on mobile, Llusion mastered creating maps that were fast and looked good on mobile too. Every week for the past several months testers have watched in surprise as the game continued to leap forward with new features, areas and monsters. Next up, Zhoom is coding classes and skills. Then he will move on to interactive objects. At this point AdventureQuest 3D will move to "Alpha."
AdventureQuest 3D Rough Timeline
  • Combat Skills & Auto Attack
  • Interactive Objects
  • Final Account system
  • Invite all Alpha Knights back to help test (Begins Alpha Testing)
  • Complete Forest, Cave, Haunted Forest Zones
  • Add Quests & NPCs & Items
  • UI 3.0
  • Award Alpha Testing rares to all testers
  • Open AQ3D for all players to test on Web
  • Release Apple & Android versions for mobile devices for all players
  • Death Knight's lair & first boss fight
To everyone testing on the web version, you can sorta tell that Google & Apple seem pretty determined to kill web based gaming. Which makes sense, they want you using their apps and proprietary system so they control how you pay. Recently Chrome dropped NPAPI plugins including Unity & Java... yup, they no longer usable at all with Chrome. Meanwhile HTML5 and WebGL have not proven to be very great... at least not yet. Our tech demo runs fine on Firefox & IE but where it really shines is on mobile devices. Now, please note the app will not be available until late summer. Right now only devs have it on their phone for testing. If you see me in AdventureQuest 3D, I am most likely playing on my phone. It runs faster and smoother on my phone than it does on my PC's web browser. We keep making improvements so chatting is easier on the phone too. In an upcoming post I would like to talk to you about why many previous mobile MMOs seemed to have failed and why AdventureQuest 3D is going to be clever and different. We as gamers have changed... when we play, how we play, what we expect to do and how we expect to be challenged has changed. In a lot of ways I am glad the original incarnation of this project did not happen... we would not have learned everything we learned and we would not be thinking like we are now. Sometimes, bad things happen for good reasons.

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