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OMG Omega! posted by Beleen on

EpicDuel is your favorite Player Versus Player MMO. But if you haven’t yet experienced EpicDuel Omega, you are missing out!

New Items

Hungry for Omega Gear? Feast your eyes on the Omega buffet of brand-new items:

  • Omega Onslaughter
  • Omega Obliterator
  • Omega Slayer
  • Omega Impaler
  • Baby Yeti
  • Dark Yeti
  • Baby Warrior Yeti
  • Dark Warrior Yeti
  • Baby Omega Yeti
  • Dark Omega Yeti



Golden Yeti Tournament

Are you Yeti for the Golden Yeti Tournament? It’s starting soon! We hope you got your tickets--because they are all sold out now!


New Character Creator!

  • Improved graphics
  • Updated class armors
  • Default armors can be upgraded and equipped with cores!
  • STAYCLASSY to receive the original armor from pre-Omega!



Customize Weapons!

  • Upgrade all weapons up to your current level!
  • Adjust stats points as you like them
  • Equip new cores to weapons and armors for active and passive effects in battle!




  • Free Omega Overlord Achievement Live
  • Frost Warrior Achievement Live
  • "Big Game" XLVII Achievement Live

Fifty exciting Frysteland Missions!

  • Visit Yeti Trainers to upgrade your yetis!
  • Uncover the mysteries of Frystland
  • Learn the secret powers of the Krampus
  • Complete a secret mission for a secret prize!

Improved NPC AI

  • Nightwraith and Titan are now level 35
  • NPCs can now use Auxiliaries

And that’s not all—there are many, many more fixes and improvements to the game engine! So stop reading this and start playing EpicDuel Omega!


Battle On into Omega!

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New Releases for the New Month! posted by Beleen on


Head on over to OverSoul and check out the Contest Winners Characters: Shaister and Virgil. Can you defeat these beasty bosses deep within the Dungeon? And the Lich Boss in the Undead Dungeon has a bone to pick with you. Conjure up your characters and join the ongoing battle in OverSoul!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Can you defeat Graveclaw the Defiler? Imprisoned by the great King Alteon long ago, Graveclaw has regained enough strength to rise again! Summoning his minions deep within Shattersword Cavern, Graveclaw prepares to unleash his army against the world. Suit-up in Quibble Coinbiter’s Rare items and delve the dark depths of Shattersword Cavern to defeat the beast of burden!



The Omega marathon enters the full sprint phase! We are feature-locked and plan on launching next week. Check out our updated DNs and Twitter pages leading up to the release date at .



What wood you do? Most of the human citizens have accepted The Rose, with some even welcoming the chance to gain an advantage over magical beings. But not everyone trusts the Rose…even some within their own ranks! Cinquefoil will send you into the depths of the huge stronghold being built in the north of Surewood, the Rosewood. What books will you find? What confiscated weapons do the Rose keep locked up in their armory? Cin knows who you are... but just who, exactly, is he?



The Shadowscythe Showdown has begun! Report to the Queenadent at the War Camp to begin your first mission. Check out the new 1000-NG versions of the Corrupted House mechas, or if you have an original, enjoy the new power buffs! Also remember to grab a commemorative head before this special version goes rare…forever!

CWB leap of death.jpg


Player suggestions are Super! You always have the best ideas for HeroSmash, and we have been adding your item suggestions to HeroSmash all week long! Fly on over to the Good and Evil Kiosks and suit-up in super gear inspired by your fellow Heroes and Villains. Smash on!


AdventureQuest Classic

Paladins versus Necromancers: the ultimate rivalry! The Paladin Order wishes to cleanse the world of Undead, while Necromancers wish to cover the land in an Undead plague. Both sides have battled on for so long that many have given up any hope of the war ever ending.... until now. You are the Chosen One who will decide which side emerges victorious.... and which side faces extinction!




Diozz's limited print of Gravelyn is available now at HeroMart. You can get the normal or fully armored versions... and you can request that it be signed!



Battle on!

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New Releases mean New Adventures (and loot!) posted by Beleen on


Keep your enemies close…and your friends closer with the brand-new Friend’s List! You’ll need to keep your friends in check if you hope to defeat the Undead Boss deep within the Undead Dungeon. New $5 and $10 packages are now available to amp up your OverSoul experience. And get ready to capture 4 new Characters…if you’re lucky enough!  


AdventureQuest Worlds

Quench your thirst for Darkblood! Chaos Lord Lionfang and his chaorrupted Golden Onslaught soldiers are preparing to lay waste to the Darkblood city of Falguard. Explore this brand-new zone swarming with inhumane humanoids, never-before-seen loot, and terrifying quests that make the bravest Darkblood’s blood curl. Brandish your broadsword, conjure up your spells, and Battle ON towards victory!



Omega is closer than ever! This week, over 100 hairstyles have been revamped, bringing them up to the new standard. The 6 default armors got a makeover, too! The new character creator is finished and the release should be feature locked by Sunday. Click here to check out this video created by our faithful Mod and tester Practel, demonstrating the new Omega features.



If you plan on fighting dragons in DragonFable, you had better have some serious weaponry by your side! The new blacksmith of Falconreach, Seilu, has a dragon’s weight of new items in his shop. But you can’t storm head-strong into battle without your helm! Seilu has 12 helms to keep your head in the game, as well as new Light, Water, Wind, and Stone weapons. Merge, DA, and DC versions are available too! 

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 1.13.02 PM.png 


The March of the Shadowscythe begins! Report to the Queenadent at the War Camp outside of Soluna City. Be sure to turn up your sound for the all-new original soundtrack by Reeky!



Hi Smashers! No update this week, sorry. Winter storms have been wreaking havoc on the power grid here, which has lead to issues like no computer or internet (or TV or electricity at all). But we have a lot of other releases coming tonight, so all you Heroes and Villains, take your battles to a NEW arena!

Next week we will have a Player Suggestion shop, and the team is working on a 2v2 PvP zone, too!


AdventureQuest Classic

Powerful potions require powerful ingredients! Now that you have rescued Lucretia, she can finally begin stocking her shelves with all kinds of new potions. Gear up in the limited-time Witch Hunter Armor and the Witch Waster Rapier and set off on your journey across the lands of Lore!


Battle on!


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Everybody's questin' for the weekend! posted by Beleen on


This weekend in OverSoul, do battle in a brand new dungeon crawling with enemies, and see if you can defeat the contest-winning boss monster! Plus:switch between lobbies, take the new quest to clear the cellar of rats, and try out our new side-scrolling battle map!


AdventureQuest Worlds

What happens when there is no place for Evil in Lore? Feeling that the Great Truce is no longer necessary, Lionfang kidnaps all of the good heroes of Lore and plans to torture them into giving up their evil ways. Invade the newly renamed Onslaught Tower, defeat Lionfang, and free the heroes of Lore!



The Epicduel team has made outstanding progress this week toward Omega. The battle engine rewrite and new character creator are now nearly complete. We hope to enter next week with plenty of time for testing and building new content to take advantage of the added flexibility in the engine.  We are on target to release by the end of January!


Change is in the air…literally! The new wind elf blacksmith is ready to start merging the elemental essences you’ve been collecting in Book 3. Be sure to check out the blacksmith’s DC Shop loaded with the DC versions of all the final forms for those that can’t wait! A few minor changes have been implemented in the Book of Lore, like rearranging the buttons off the first pages to make it less cluttered and confusing.



Reports of masses of Shadowscythe are coming in from every corner of the solar system! The Queenadent has set up a War Camp just outside of Soluna City, and needs you to skip classes and report there post-haste.  Planet Loreon and the rest of the Alliance are all in grave danger! For a limited time, a special edition of a NEW Shadowscythe Head weapon will be available to commemorate the upcoming epic battles vs. the Shadowscythe forces!



Smash stuff up in the Smashmas War! But it looks like you’re going to need some epic armor. Gear up in the Samurai Armor set that is now available in the Battle Poll shop and make it a Shogun Showdown!


AdventureQuest Classic

Right before Lucretia the Potion Mistress was opening her new shop, she went missing! Track her down through a creepy cemetery before she is taken by an Undead Mage… or eaten by his pet! Be sure to check out the Red Viking and Red Valkyrie player faces in Warlic's Magic Mirror that are only available until March.



Battle on!

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January 11th New Releases posted by Beleen on


Experience Oversoul's First Dungeon Map and Quest! Game Update v0.5.45 includes: Improved Computer AI, Minotaur Boss Monster, Treasure Chest/ Treasure Chest Trap, Characters: Minotaur Legend and Master, Stone Knight, Stone Assassin, Stone Golem and Sonja. Also Oversoul's Contest winner's announced. Friend's List scheduled for next week!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Armed to the teeth…erm, fang! Maximilian Lionfang may be the eleventh Lord of Chaos, but he was once a great General who aided King Alteon in the fight against Chaos. Learn the true story of how this courageous warrior became a puppet of Chaos, and uncover his plans of disrupting the Great Truce!



The Omega development continues!


Elementals, my dear Watson! The Elemental Foothills have expanded, revealing more elemental random dungeons. The beginnings of the elemental merge shop have been spotted as well—perfect for all those shards you’ve been collecting! Also, stop by and say Hi to Cysero who has tons of ten-gallon hats for TimeKillers!  



The G.E.A.R.S. Games 1st place trophy goes to Runehawk this year!  Wolfblade and Runehawk were neck and neck until the final moment. Battle enemies to reach the new level cap of Level 50 so that you can equip the NEW Elite House Mecha models, and don't forget to grab your trophies to commemorate this year's exciting competition. Planet Loreon needs YOU - the Shadowscythe forces are formidable, and they are on the horizon....

MR Elite.jpg

RH Elite EP DoT.jpg

WB Elite 2.jpg


Smash stuff up in the Smashdome! If you aren’t afraid of getting your feet wet, dive head-first into the newest Aquatian arena! Then spread some holiday cheer…um, fear... in the Smashmas arena. These festive fights will better prepare you for the Smashmas war!


AdventureQuest Classic

Rumors have been circulating around town about heroic deeds from a new champion calling himself Lt. Lore! Track down this new hero to find out if all his good deeds are as noble as they sound. You can also buff your own super heroic powers with the Hero Serum potion from the Limited Time Shop! Be sure to check out the rare faces in Warlic's Magic Mirror—with the New Year helms only available until January 14th!


Battle on!

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Artix on FOX News!? posted by Artix on

FOX 13 News Artix Entertainment

Achievement Unlocked: "Appear LIVE on the News without being in handcuffs" 

Last Wednesday, we were on TV. FOX 13 News (Tampa Bay, Florida) featured our team and the Secret Underground Lab in a segment on the future of Video Games. Players were surprised to see how much the lab actually looks like the recreation inside AdventureQuest Worlds. (/join UndergroundLab) For the promo bits, we were asked to go to the studio in costume and be on camera LIVE. We were told we could do whatever we want while the field reporter Jeremy was talking -- we broke out into a Good vs Evil fight. The news segment should also be airing in Orlando tonight, and there is a small chance it could get picked up nationally. You do not have to wait though... Fox put the video of us in the news on their website for you to watch!

"We are LIVE on TV... how about we just start fighting?" ..... "OK!" ......"Not so Fast Paladin!"

I wish they had put the clip of when I pole vaulted using the axe and double drop kicked Sepulchure.

We get a fair amount of visitors at the Lab these days. Watching how the artists draw the art for the games is really fascinating. Each and every week, a single AE artist must create an insane amount of monsters, backgrounds, swords, armors and items.

View from the other angle!


Nythera and the Player Support help fix hacked AQWorlds accounts (This is the room that answers your help emails!) They help about 4,000 players a week with their account problems.


AdventureQuest 3D has been quiet for the past month... spookily quiet. We are probably up to something :-)

Thoughts on the News Segment & the Future of Gaming

The focus of this news report was the future of gaming is changing. Just like CDs to iTunes.... Movie Rentals at BlockBuster to Netflix.... the way we buy games is changing. It is changing fast, and it is changing right now. Of course, it is not changing for us, we have been doing this for 10 years now. It has been odd watching the rest of the game industry making the switch to the way we have been doing things. That is... acquiring the games on the device you play them on, playing them for free and upgrading later (and optionally), and getting ongoing updated game content.

A successful indie game dev studio!?

Normally the word "indie" is met with thoughts of people squeazed into their garage working endlessly through the night on a sugar and stale coffee induced frenzy to create a video game before an impossible deadline. We have been at this for 10 years - doing new releases for you every single week. To show for it, we get to work in the fun and creative lab, endlessly  through the night on a sugar and stale coffee induced frenzy to create a video game before our impossible deadlines. We love the lab and hope you will one day get to visit in person -- or maybe build video games with us! Of course, if anything ever goes wrong and we are building our games from a cardboard box with a modem connection... we hope you will come visit and make games with us too. BATTLE ON!

AE Lab.jpg

Of course you do not need to wait... you can go to the recreation of the Artix Entertainment Lab in AdventureQuest Worlds right now. (/join SecretLab)


Did you guys script that fight?

We showed up at the FOX 13 studio at 9pm on Wednesday in costume. We were told we could do anything we wanted. The segment was going to air at 10pm, but they were going to do four LIVE clips promoting it. We are not sure why they were going to be LIVE... they could have recorded them. Maybe they were hoping we would do something supernaturally stupid. (We did out best!) The camera was setup just outside the studio under their giant doppler radar thing (for the weather.) Each of the live bits were going to be about 15 seconds. During the first one we were all standing and smiling, yelling "Battle On!" and then Sepulchure shoulder checked me. Everyone say it and we all drew our weapons. In the next segement it was an all out brawl. Miko was being chased around while Faith and Nythera squared off, and Sepulchure and I clashed weapons. The third and forth segements were my favorite... the camera man missed some of the best shots, but a girl was recording with her cell phone off to the side and got them. I will try to get the footage and post it for you. After the news cast the security guard said, "You guys need to take this show to the Childrens Hospital." O_O  Nythera started making some calls immediately.


Do you still love us knowing we are cheesy, crazy, game-obessed geeks in real life?

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Artix at TEDxTampaBay posted by Artix on

TEDxTampaBay Artix

Tomorrow (Friday) morning, I will be speaking at TEDxTampaBay which takes place at the Tampa Musem of Science and Industry. If you are not familiar with the TED talks, you should do some googling! The "x" in the title means it is an independantly run version of the event. There will be about 12 other speakers, all addressing the topic of "The Future of Story telling." I am going to tell the full story of our 1st LIVE event with Voltaire in AQWorlds. Live & special events are pretty common to all of you in our gaming community. But to people who have never heard about our games, the idea of telling a 5-act story, live, with 30,000 playing together, at the same time, and collectively moving the story forward, and having EVERY ONE of the 30,000 players be the main character... well, that is pretty interesting and fun to share! I should be home just in time to join you in all of our new FRIDAY NIGHT game releases :-)

Random Thoughts

  • Please wish me luck! Erm... wait, tha tis bad luck. Wish me to break something... like a leg. Ooooh! An undead leg!
  • Yes, I am going to wear me armor when giving the speech!
  • If you were online when Beleen or I were taking screenshots in-game earlier today... you might be on the slides for the presentation!
  • We added a "HOME" button to the nav on yesterday... soooo much better. What do you think?
  • Thyton has been drawing "upgraded" versions of some classic AQWorlds monsters for the new 3D game. I would like to post and share some.
  • I am really hungry for sushi.

UPDATE!!!! (From After the TEDxTampaBay Event)

WOOOOOW! What a rush. It was sooo cool talking on stage about the Friday the 13th event that we all created and experienced together. There was so much more I wanted to talk about -- but 18 minutes is not a lot of time. I wonder how Voltaire will feel when he finds out that he was a core part of the talk? The highlight of the talk, and what I believe is a "1st" at a TEDx, is my undead attackers were literally BOO'd off the stage after sneak attacking me. (Do we ever have public speaking without unwarrented random real life combat?)

Photo from the TEDx talk. (Left to right: Sepulchure, Artix & Noxus)

The officials running the event took HD video from 4 seperate cameras. IThey told me the video would be edited and eventually be available to watch... somewhere. I will keep you posted! Until then, I saw that the Pasco Country TV posted an interview they did with us after last week's award ceremony O_O. The guy in the red jacket is "Bobby Rocket" a local personality. I think Bobby is used to being the crazy one in his interviews since he normally interviews government people... I think this was fun for him :-)


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Our next move in THE GAME! posted by Artix on

Every year at this time, two things happen. 1st, Starbucks releases it's Pumpkin Spice Latte. 2nd, the greatest 3-months of releases happen in our video games. It is probably a coincidence. Probably. *sips from cup*

GUILDS in AdventureQuest Worlds

Today, Phase 1 of guilds was released in our fantasy MMO, AdventureQuest Worlds. If you have upgraded, or upgrade to Member, you can now create a guild on the PTR server (our testing server) and start inviting members. This first release is pretty bare bones... but what is really exciting is where the AQWorlds team is going with this. Guilds are going to be able to get their own town, and work together as a guild to level it up and build it into a Kingdom. There will be Guild vs Guild wars (optional - for those of you who like that sort of thing) and tons of new features including special events for your town. Read Alina's posts on the AQWorlds Design Notes for more information.

4 Weddings (..and a Fun-Aura?)

Unmarried Male Staff Members are the new AE ULTRA RARE! In fact, there are only 3 of us left. This past weekend I flew to Montreal, Canada to attend J6's wedding to the lovely Cinazul (remember her from the ultra cheesy Save Chuckles video?)  For the wedding, J6 asked DragonFable's amazing animator & musician, Ghost, to recompose a special version of DragonFable's main theme to walk down the aisle to.  It was epic. You will get to hear it in the in-game version of J6's wedding coming next week to AQWorlds. J6's story is very special to everyone in the AE community. For those of you who do not know, J6 was original a player of the classic AdventureQuest. We saw his art on the forums and were impressed! He joined the team as a volenteer artist. His skill level grew QUICKLY and over the many years that followed he became one of our greatest and most legendary artists. Definately our #1 background artist. You can see his work everywhere from all of the backgrounds in AQWorlds, MechQuest, and many monsters, armors, and weapons in all of the games. In fact, he is currently the only artist at AE to have worked on every single one of our games! Oh... a funny side story for you (because this will NOT be going in the in-game wedding!). Are you familliar with the part at the end of a wedding, where the girl throws the bouquet and the guy throws the garter. Well, the groom has to get the garter from his now-wife's leg. Imagine this if you will, Cinazul in her fancy wedding dress is sitting on a chair in the center of the room surrounded as the audience watches on. J6 is supposed to get the garter  -- so he pulls out a pair of sunglasses, and the Mission Impossible theme song starts playing. He gets on the ground, rolls over on his back and slides under Cinazul's dress. Everyone laughs... and expects him to pull out the garter. But instead, he pulls out a fake severed leg, a plastic baby, and other crazy objects tossing them on the floor. Cinazul had NO IDEA this was going to happen! (The groomsmen had hid all the props under Cinazul's chair before she sat down. The dress provided perfect cover for the gag. J6 is so creative. It was the funnist thing I have seen in a long time.

On the subject of AQ weddings: Not long ago Dumoose (AQWorlds/HeroSmash) was married. Lussion (AQ3D) also just got married and is on his honeymoon now. Rolith (DF/OverSoul) and Alina (AQWorlds) are going to be married next month and Mido (Artist) will be marrying the girl who made the original Artix cosplay armor in November! It is a pretty happy time here -- but we need to even balance out the ratio or married to single. Maybe we should put up a help wanted ad for single people?

The "Journey"

I have been so anxious to tell this story, even if the ending is not the one we wanted. A few weeks ago, I traveled to meet the members of the band Journey and try to talk them into doing an in-game event with us. It was so exciting meeting the band -- especially their new lead singer, Arnel. He has an amazing story  -- he homeless and discovered by the band on YouTube. He was so cool, and even took a picture with the Artix figure I gave him. Upon returning home, the pressure was on to get a formal agreement in place so we could start work on the event for the anniversary event. But with such a tight deadline there was just not enough time to jump through all the management/legal/businessy hoops. (Knew we should have put more points into hoop jumping.)  So, while it is still possible to do an event with Journey or Arnel in the future, we will not be doing it for this Anniversary. *bummer* Alternative Plan 0073.01A has been activated.

New Games

Both of the new games we have in development OverSoul and AdventureQuest3D: Legend of LORE have ramped up development. OverSoul went into testing on Thursday. If you have ever upgraded in ANY of our games, you are welcome to login and help test the current phase of the new game. Both of these new games use the Artix Entertainment"ONE LOGIN TO RULE THEM ALL!" - which is the same login that is featured at the top right of this website. Our goal is to eventually have all of the games run on this new, improved, and ultra secure login. Ooooh... and a side note: When AQWorlds is upgraded to use this login, we will finally be able to turn on the name-change feature!

Tomorrow is "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

Wednesday is "Talk Like a Pirate Day." For 24 hours ALL of our games will be embracing pirate speak and running special events. Want to brush up on your pirate-ese before the events begin? Read this How To Talk Like a Pirate Guide.

Forum/Twitter/FaceBook Question: Would you like the option to play multiple AE games on a single web page?

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