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January 11th New Releases

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Experience Oversoul's First Dungeon Map and Quest! Game Update v0.5.45 includes: Improved Computer AI, Minotaur Boss Monster, Treasure Chest/ Treasure Chest Trap, Characters: Minotaur Legend and Master, Stone Knight, Stone Assassin, Stone Golem and Sonja. Also Oversoul's Contest winner's announced. Friend's List scheduled for next week!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Armed to the teeth…erm, fang! Maximilian Lionfang may be the eleventh Lord of Chaos, but he was once a great General who aided King Alteon in the fight against Chaos. Learn the true story of how this courageous warrior became a puppet of Chaos, and uncover his plans of disrupting the Great Truce!



The Omega development continues!


Elementals, my dear Watson! The Elemental Foothills have expanded, revealing more elemental random dungeons. The beginnings of the elemental merge shop have been spotted as well—perfect for all those shards you’ve been collecting! Also, stop by and say Hi to Cysero who has tons of ten-gallon hats for TimeKillers!  



The G.E.A.R.S. Games 1st place trophy goes to Runehawk this year!  Wolfblade and Runehawk were neck and neck until the final moment. Battle enemies to reach the new level cap of Level 50 so that you can equip the NEW Elite House Mecha models, and don't forget to grab your trophies to commemorate this year's exciting competition. Planet Loreon needs YOU - the Shadowscythe forces are formidable, and they are on the horizon....

MR Elite.jpg

RH Elite EP DoT.jpg

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Smash stuff up in the Smashdome! If you aren’t afraid of getting your feet wet, dive head-first into the newest Aquatian arena! Then spread some holiday cheer…um, fear... in the Smashmas arena. These festive fights will better prepare you for the Smashmas war!


AdventureQuest Classic

Rumors have been circulating around town about heroic deeds from a new champion calling himself Lt. Lore! Track down this new hero to find out if all his good deeds are as noble as they sound. You can also buff your own super heroic powers with the Hero Serum potion from the Limited Time Shop! Be sure to check out the rare faces in Warlic's Magic Mirror—with the New Year helms only available until January 14th!


Battle on!