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Celebrate New Years with New Game Releases! posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

WorldBreaker: The Future is Monstrous

The FrostSpawn Horde have swarmed the Island of Winds, and many of the refugees have been converted into ice monsters by a strange new magic. The time has come for you to face Karok the Fallen in battle to learn what the future holds for the FrostSpawn Horde, the Queen of Monsters, and the rise of her Ancient Evils!

  • Take on Karok the Fallen in the WorldBreaker Rising holiday event finale!

  • Adventure through our New Year’s seasonal events and find the Frozen Dawn armor set in Lim’s Rares shop!

  • Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in Battleon for the LAST Frostval shop update!

  • Limted Time Bonus Offer: Get 10% more Artix Points or Adventure Coins when you purchase any AC or Membership package!

  • Log in until Monday to get DOUBLE BOOSTS on all servers!


Epic New Year

  • We are celebrating 2015 by starting with a 4-day Power Weekend (started January 1 at midnight EST).
  • Double XP and credits NOW through Sunday night. 


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

2015 preview!

  • We are releasing a preview of what the new year will bring in AQ! Major storylines, classes, the annual Mastercraft set plus more!

January Z-Token Package - Brackish Blade!

  • Replaces Griffin Pet as one of the bonuses that comes with the 20k Z-token package!
  • The special attack can inflict disease on your enemies, preventing them from healing 

Giftboxes are here!

  • Be sure to grab your giftboxes from the Guardian Tower as we wait to see what awesome items will be unwrapped when the Delivery War is finished!

Tibbles is here!

  • Tibbles arrives in Frostval to spread holiday cheer by gifting fellow players Z-Tokens!
  • Tibbles is also raffling off a super awesome prize!
  • When you donate tokens you will automatically be given raffle tickets based on the amount donated! The more you donate the better your chance to win!
  • The top 5 donators will receive a separate extra special, super uber prize also!
  • Contest ends 1/5


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG


  • The timelines are almost fully merged and a gigantic, angry, half-dead, half-alive Akriloth has almost escaped from the tomb of Earth in which his DragonFable bones were buried.
    • Can you stop the merged dragon before his escapes?  Or will Frostval end in fire?!


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

HeroSmash Starts 2015 with RARES!

  • RARE Year of the Sheep Shield and Staff!
  • Join us as HeroSmash aims to be bigger than ever in 2015!


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

50 Levels of Frozen Terror!

  • You need to rescue the Queen's sister before it's too late!
    • Head to Mr. Z's new space station to find her!
    • A mecha, e-blades, and a few more surprises await if you succeed!
  • Star Captain presents open tonight!
    • The presents seem hot to the touch. What could be inside?
    • A mecha, e-blades, and a few more surprises await if you succeed!

Battle On! 

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New Holiday Game Releases! posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

WorldBreaker: Return of the Ancients

After the Champion of Chaos let the Queen of Monsters loose, refugees from across the world flee to a new continent as the land grows colder and winter storms rage. Fight alongside Syrrus the Astromancer at the shattered Tower of Winds. Build a planetary gate that will allow a mysterious warrior mage's army to journey across spacetime and add their blades to the battle!

  • Begin the new main storyline on an all-new continent with 35 quests
  • Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in Battleon to get the coolest gear of the year
  • Unlock Cryomancer Class with Glacera Tokens or purchase for 2000 AdventureCoins
  • Log in each day until December 24th for a free Frostval gift!


Frozen Fury Part 3

  • The greatest event to ever grace this humble PvP MMO is about to reach its thrilling climax in the 3rd and grandest part of this epic saga. Challenge the Endless to unlock the secrets of the Void and battle for the hearts and minds of Frysteland's citizens.

Endless Power

  • Visit The Endless to unravel the mysteries of the Void and master its power. Complete this immortal being's task and you will be incredibly rewarded with a powerful new armor and 2 unstoppable new cores: Eternal Enhance and Eternal Protection!

Endless Arcade

  • Cash in some hard-earned Arcade Tokens on the new Frozen Fury Arcade machine. Win an amazing assortment of wintery prizes, including Assassin Order's Harnessed Yeti Set.

Endless Achievements

  • Grab the new upgradeable Sushi badge to earn piles of rating points. There are so many new achievements that we've enabled the next tier of epic swag: Red stars! Will you be the first?

Endless Giving

  • Our 27 Days of Giving continues. Login every day to unwrap your packages and give gifts to your friends (and enemies)! 

Endless Styles

  • We're pleased to introduce 72 bizarre new styles created by Guest Artist Vorzathiel. Ever wanted to look like a festive, psychotic alien? Now is your chance!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

It's a Wonderful Life of Crime War - Killing Spree Ending!

  • Oh no! Zorbak's lost it and is destroying... err, I guess it's a hologram of Frostvale?
  • Well, I guess that no one's being hurt, and it's improving Zorbak's morale, so it's a good thing?
  • So log in this week to help Zorbak take down an army of Frostvale monsters!

December Golden Giftboxes - Crimson Vengeance and Fire Fang!

  • A staff reforged by the legendary conqueror Drakonnan, who was defeated in the Great Fire War!
  • If the super-heated blade of Fire Fang doesn’t scorch your enemies, then the powerful fire blast will!

Guardian BONUS - Radiant Guardian Dragon Armor!

  • This awesome armor comes free if you Guardianize any time during the month of December.
  • Existing Guardians can find the armor in the Guardian Tower at a super discounted price!
  • Grab this armor while you can because it will only be available until the end of December and then gone forever!

Giftboxes are here!

  • Be sure to grab your giftboxes from the Guardian Tower as we wait to see what awesome items will be unwrapped!

Kibbles has returned!

  • Kibbles is a really happy elf.
  • He likes to wander around at Frostval time and spread as much holiday cheer as he can!
  • Find him during random battles and join in the spirit of giving, and donate up to 100k to your fellow players!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Christmas Seasonals and Skexis Variant!

  • Buy Soul Gems from now till the end of the year and get a Hanzo Void put into your Inventory at the end of the Year!

Coming Next Week, New Characters:

  • NulgaClaus ( Created by Rev )
  • Turkonian Trooper ( Turkonian Master Evo )

Coming Soon!

  • New Revontheus
  • Void Rebirth Evo
  • Xmas Elf
  • Xmas Fiend


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

A Tale of Two Timelines

  • It's almost time for Frostval in Frostvale! 
  • The moglins are busily making cookies, wrapping gifts, stringing lights, and maintaining watch while you and Icemaster Yeti scope out weak spots in the defenses. 
  • This year there won't be any moglin-napping! It's sure to be quiet, right?


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

Gold Ticket Shops

  • Yes SHOPS! One uses Gold Ticket (Formerly Golden Tickets) the other SmashCoins and Fame (Members Only)
    • Gold Tickets are a very rare drop by the enemies in the Super Hero MMO HeroSMash  
    • Most items in the Gold Ticket Shop are 'Import Items' meaning they come from many of the other AE Online Game
  • This last week for Yergen's Birthday
  • Coming Soon: Smashmas!


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

The Ice Elves Attack!

  • A once peaceful group has started attacking the town of Frostvale!
    • Help Dr. Kringle find out what's going on and try to stop the attacks!
  • Flavescent Friday!
    • Log in tonight to get some cool deals on current items and pick up a few requested rare items!

Battle On! 

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DAY OF ONE-THOUSAND FIXES posted by Artix on

My favorite holiday!

We are working on AdventureQuest Dragons bugs for Android and Apple. Especially the one that crashes specific phones right after the intro video plays! Just as Sun Tsu wrote in the Art of War "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy," I would like to humbly declare "No amount of testing can prepare a new video game for the first install by thousands of real players." We believe we have isolated the issue, but we need help from people with those specific devices.

Android "Crash after video plays" Bug

So... this one was really hard to figure out since it is so inconsistant. Very specific combinations of Android OS versions and GPU hardware do not know how to handle the texture compression that Dragons is using (Which is called ETC2). Normally, this would be ok. this is because your phone will simply uncompress it and just use the raw image data. Which would be great... except the raw size of these giant textures are too huuuuuuuge... so CRAAAAAAAAASH. It would sort of like making a cup of coffee for your friend, but he tells you that his mouth is incompatable with the coffee cup you are holding... so you try shoving the entire pot of coffee in his mouth instead.

We have two solutions, but we need a device here at the lab to test on. Specifically we are looking for older phones running Android OS 4.2 or lower, with a Qualcomm Adreno 203 GPU chipset.

  • Samsung GT-I8262
  • Samsung GT-I9082

If you have one of these devices and want to help. Please let us know in the comment section below. In the mean time, I am calling everyone I know.


Apple Version Update

We ran into a pretty critical problem. Our "redeem code" functionality is not allowed on Apple devices. This rule is in place primarily to stop evil developers who are trying to sneakily circumvent Apple's App Store Purchase process. Which makes sense. I am not sure if you noticed, but each major techological ecosystem is now in it's own sandbox. What I mean is... Apple, Google, Facebook, and other major tech companies have created very strict borders around their digital territories. If you are on an apple device, you must pay through apple. Same for Google devices. Same for Facebook. We understood why this is the way it is-- and as of the BattleGems video game project respectfully implimented a different system depending on where you played.

The redeem code, however, was something that never even crossed our minds as being a problem. It was put in place for two reasons. First to allow player support to help players-- which is extra challenging since this other than the upcoming leaderboards this is a single player game that lives purely on your device. Secondly, to give away redeem codes in promotions and merch to draw more players to Dragons. So, the redeem code feature being a release-stopping issue puts me in an absolutely terrible position. To solve it, I have no other choice but to remove the redeem code feature from the Apple version. (otherwise it will not be allowed to go live.) This feature will still be available on the Android and upcoming Web version.



The Apple App store will be closing next Monday-- meaning this is our last shot. As you can imagine, we are desperately (and quite panickly) doing everything in our power to have Dragons released before then. Please cross your fingers, toes, talons, and any other lucky things that can be crossed in an somewhat awkward and highly amusing manner for us!

Thank you for being so patient and understanding as we battle through these bugs. Also thank you to everyone who gave us 5-stars and wrote such enthusiastic and kind comments. Your comments make working on this through the weekend and nights so worth it.




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New Browser Game Updates and Releases posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Winter’s Heart: Breaking Your Bones

From Travelers leaving the Frozen Wastes come rumors of a vast treasure, waiting for those strong enough to take it. But, say the travelers, no one who has set out to claim it has ever returned… and no sign of them has been found. Is the treasure so grand, the luxury so rich, that they never wish to leave? Or is something darker, deadlier, lying in wait at the heart of the hoard?

  • Unlock an exclusive zone, storyline, boss battle, and rewards with the  BoneBreaker Adventure Package!

  • Discover the deadly reason heroes seeking the Winter’s Heart Hoard treasure never return!

  • Talk to Aran the Tundra Hunter in Yulgar’s Inn for a tale of frozen fear and to get his gear!

  • Happy birthday, Beleen! Check out her pretty pink birthday presents in Battleon and Frostvale!


Frozen Fury Part 2

  • This Friday, unleash a fury which has never been seen in a browser MMO with 2 NEW promotional packages. Get fully-equipped with Frozen Fury-themed scythes, armors, bots, mutating weapons, sidearms, and auxiliary weapons. This awesome gear comes loaded with SIX new cores! This gear will allow you to dominate your foes in EPIC PvP battles.

Continue the Saga

  • Take a break from the conflict between Edgar Boothe and Alydriah to explore the Frysteland wilderness and investigate the mass disappearance of yetis and blood hawks.

Give and Receive 

  • Remember to login every day to claim your free gifts! While you're in, why not share the love and offer gifts to all your friends?! New prizes will be added with the new update so there's never been a better reason to login and give!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

It's a Wonderful Life of Crime!

  • You have to stop Zorbak from making a huge mistake and retiring!
  • Can you do it by showing him what the world would be like without him - a world of sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, and everything that's wonderful?

Guardian BONUS - Radiant Guardian Dragon Armor!

  • This awesome armor comes free if you Guardianize any time during the month of December.
  • Existing Guardians can find the armor in the Guardian Tower at a super discounted price!
  • Grab this armor while you can because it will only be available until the end of December and then gone forever!

Giftboxes are here!

  • Be sure to grab your giftboxes from the Guardian Tower as we wait to see what awesome items will be unwrapped!

Kibbles has returned!

  • Kibbles is a really happy elf.
  • He likes to wander around at Frostval time and spread as much holiday cheer as he can!
  • Find him during random battles and join in the spirit of giving, and donate up to 100k to your fellow players!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Christmas Seasonals and Skexis Variant!

  • Buy Soul Gems from now till the end of the year and get a Hanzo Void put into your Inventory at the end of the Year!

New Characters:

  • Skexis Mantis
  • Rudolphtheus
  • Jack
  • Jack Ice
  • Jack Frost

Coming Soon!

  • Thanksgiving Seasonals Leave Next Week!
  • New Revontheus
  • Void Rebirth Evo
  • Turkonian Evo
  • Xmas Elf
  • Xmas Fiend


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG


  • The search for Thursday continues! 
  • Will you and Raven find her time? 
  • Or will your reckless rushing from werewolf camp to camp bite you in the behind? 


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

Golden Ticket Shop!

  • Strange and cool items from all AE Online games can be found here with a Few games this week and more to come!
  • Get your tickets from enemy drops, quests, special promotions or just buy them! Choice is yours!


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Return of Thoh!

  • Thoh is once more in this sector of the galaxy!
    • Replay all the old events and catch up on the story!
  • New levels of older rewards!
    • The '08 mecha and items are reborn as '14 models with new effects!
    • Higher level versions of the other seasonal items!

Battle On! 

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New Game Updates on December 5 posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Frostval Returns: Breaking of IceRise Keep

  • Get ready for the return of AQW's coolest gear (literally!) this Friday as we bring back all of our previous years' Frostval events! Save Frostvale, stop the Ice Symbiote infection, watch a young Empress Gravelyn experience her first Frostval, and get SO MANY presents! Upgrade to unlock the Legend-only adventure through /icerisepast!
    • Unlock an exclusive zone, storyline, boss battle, and rewards with the  BoneBreaker Adventure Package!

    • Battle through all our seasonal Frostval zones and find the returning Frostval gear

    • Legends can talk to Moraine to help save IceRise Keep from Kezeroth’s destructive ice powers!


Frozen Fury!

  • Settle the score between Edgar Boothe and Alydriah in Frysteland through the first part of an epic 3-part mission chain.

27 Day of Giving AND Receiving

    • Give and receive gifts for 27 days starting Friday! The more you give, the better your rewards!

Home Decor

    • Loads of new home items to adorn your wintry abode.


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Frostval Begins - Decorate the Battleon Tree!

  • Winter has arrived in Battleon and with it a new tree to decorate in Battleon!
  • So get yourself in the Frostval spirit as you battle your way through the snow and monsters to find trinkets to adorn the new tree!
  • Also GIFTBOXES ARE COMING! Be sure to grab your giftboxes as we wait to see what awesome items will be unwrapped!

Guardian BONUS - Radiant Guardian Dragon Armor!

  • This awesome armor comes free if you Guardianize any time during the month of December.
  • Existing Guardians can find the armor in the Guardian Tower at a super discounted price!
  • Grab this armor while you can because it will only be available until the end of December and then gone forever!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

  • The lucky 50 winners for the Black Friday Battleaxe and Cyber Shogun's Odachi will be coming this week!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Rev, Flame Draconian, Turkonian Evo Coming Soon!

  • Buy Soul Gems from now till the end of the year and get a Hanzo Void put into your Inventory at the end of the Year!

New Characters:

  • Skexis Brood ( Evo from Rare Skexis )
  • Flame Draconian (Oversoul Version )
  • Hanzo Void ( 2nd Upholder Void )
  • Turkonian Soldier
  • Coming Soon - New Revontheus Character


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Ninjas versus Pirates

  • Which side will prove victorious?
  • Fight for your favorite side to help decide the winner
  • The winning faction will decide which Class gets revamped first!


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

Happy Birthday Yergen!

  • Visit Yergen at the overlook to get his Birthday missions!
  • Complete all missions to get the Yergen's 'Big yellow' badge


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Zorbo is back!

  • Pick up this year's Zorbo in Soluna main Friday night!
  • What will he be wearing this year?

Turkageddon is still on!

  • After a delay, this year's event will be playable Friday!

Battle On! 

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We've been getting a lot of excited feedback from the community about the Tech Demo of AQW 3D. These responses have indicated these two things to me. 

  1. We're on the right track and making something that you're all really excited to play and
  2. Most of you really have no idea what to reasonably expect out of this. 

We're still in VERY early development and this is only a Tech Demo which means it's too early to have answers to most questions but I do have a few answers that I didn't address in my YouTube video.

AdventureQuest Worlds 3D Tech Dermo Video

Hopefully this will clear things up for a lot of you. 

How Do I Play The AQW 3D Tech Demo?

As mentioned in the vid, the test is currently restricted to active AQW Legends (Members). 

AQW3D Curses!
If you ARE an active AQW Legend, just head to AQ.COM/TechDemo and login using your AQW username and password. Easy peasy. 

Why Is The Tech Demo For Members Only?

There are two main reasons. 

  1. We have limited server space and we're not stress testing yet so we need to keep the number of users small. 
  2. We want the AQW members to get the most perks possible out of their membership since they expire unlike our other memberships in our other games. 

Will The Game Always Be Restricted To Legends?

Nope. It's far too early to know what kind of pricing plan AQW3D will use but we have a pretty strong tradition of making games that are free to play, while offering you things to buy to help suport the games and get the most out of it. 

I Thought That You Said AQ3D Was Dead!

I did, in this post and it is. let me be as clear as possible about this...

This is AQW 3D, not AQ3D, Legend of Lore.

AQW3D Yell At The Door!

Again, as mentioned in the video, while we will probably be able to reuse a small fraction of the resources that we developed for Legend of Lore but this is new game built on new technology from the ground up. It's still built in Unity (not Flash like our other games so there will be virtually no screen lag) but considering that this will also be a Mobile App as well as a Web Game, using Unity3D THIS TIME without trying to push it through Flash Player made the most sense, although to make it fit on phone and tablets we will need to significantly reduce the poly count from AQ3D and make a number of other pretty big tweaks that makes using Legend of Lore resources slower than if we just remade them fresh. 

In time, we will probably change the name of THIS game to AQ3D beacuse AQW3D is really just a mouth full. All that you really need to know is that this is NOT AQ3D: Legend of Lore. 

Wait. Did You Say Mobile App?

I did. The really neat thing about what we're doing here is we're making an MMO that you will be able to play from your computer OR your smart phone OR Tablet... and it's all on the same server so it's all the same game. 

For example: We're fighting a boss monster, you and I.

You're a high DPS build warrior and I'm your pocket healer, keeping you alive while you bust face and keep the aggro off me. You are playing from your computer, rght in the web but I'm healing you from my phone. We're both playing the same game, in the same location on completely different devices. This was REALLY the dream behind PROJECT OMNI and it's SO RAD to see it finally taking shape with the lessons that we have learned making our Unity games like Battle Gems and AQ Dragons

I posted, on my Facebook page, a small example of this technology working. Check it out. 

AQW3D on dfferent devices

How Can I Download The Mobile Version?!?!?!

Sorry, you can't right now. Only a few of the developers in the Secret Underground Lab have access to the mobile version right now. It's one thing to show you guys a Tech Demo on the web, but it's another thing entirely to submit this to Google Play or Apple as an app so you guys can download it and play with it. 

The mobile version of AQW3D is being developed alongside the web version so you can expect the mobile version much later in the development cycle... like, at the end of it. When it's done. 

Will I Be Able To Import All My Items And Stuff From AQW?

AQW has SIX PLUS years of development behind it.

Six years of weekly releases. Six years of items and classes and NPCs and maps. We've gotten pretty fast at building that stuff in Flash but considering our very small number of staff (and before you ask, we can't afford to hire more) it would probably take SIX to EIGHT MORE YEARS to re-create AQW faithfully in 3D which is obviously too long. So the answer is NO, you won't be able to import ALL of your classes and items. 

AQW Rough Day

HOWEVER, some of you have noticed that, since we are usig the AQW login, the Tech Demo imports your name and gender directly from your AQW files. I'm sure that we will use that ability to import SOMETHING from your AQW characters to make the transition more favorable to long-time players. 

It's just too early to know any of the specifics. 

Will I Get An AQW Badge For Testing?

No. At least, no badge has been announced at this point but I'm sure something could be arranged.  

Will AQ3D Take AQW's Place?

No. AQW and AQW 3D will be different games entirely. AQW will continue with weekly updates until you guys lose all interest. Which we hope will be never. 

Can I Jump In The Tech Demo Yet?

Nope. I will update this when we are able to implement jumpery. 

UPDATE: Yes, you can now jump!

When Will AQW3D Be Done?

This is a big question. 

AQW3D Adventurers Not Yet Needed

First, you need to understand a few things about app and game development. 

  • Beta Testing happens near the release of a product, when you are integrating a lot of user feedback and making improvements on the stable foundation that you built during the previous phases. 

  • Alpha Testing happens before Beta testing. This is when the product is in a very raw but still mostly usable stage. There are LOT of bugs and probably still quite a lot of designs that need to be done.  

  • A Tech Demo happens before Beta OR Alpha testing. It is a proof of concept just to show that the technology works. It is the rawest possible version of the product. 

BAKING METAPHOR: Baiscally, what I'm saying is this: If a finished, polished and ready-to-play game is an apple pie, the Beta testing version would be the pie before it's baked, the Alpha testing version would be the raw ingredients not yet mixed together and the Tech Demo is a young apple tree. Maybe just an apple SEED. 

It's Not Unusual

We still have a VERY long way to go and these are just the first few steps on a journey of a thousand miles, but we're excited to see where it takes us and we're willing to walk the full length. We have NEVER directly involved you guys in the development of one of our games this early which gives you the chance to shape the world as we build it more than ever before!

We will still keep developing new games (we have a large list) and of course we will continue to develop the existing games that you guys support with your attention and love. 

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Black Friday Steals, Deals, and Thrills in Online Games! posted by Beleen on


AdventureQuest Worlds - MMORPG

BrightFall Commander and Harvest Fest

Log in this weekend and bare your blades as Lore’s most deliciously-deadly festival begins! Destruction is on the menu when you /join harvest, and if you want to survive the feast, you’ll need to carve your way out of danger! Battle through all our previous Harvest Fest zones and boss fights to claim your rewards, then talk to Ragnar in Battleon to unlock the BrightFall Commander set with a 12 month membership!

  • Harvest Fest returns with 10 maps, 6 shops, and a cornucopia full of gear

  • Unlock the BrightFall Commander set when you buy a 12 month membership


Frysteland's Return

  • December 1st, Frysteland gear goes live once again to unleash all the wintry fury upon your foes!

Winter Home Decorating Contest 2014!


AdventureQuest - Fantasy Browser RPG 

Item Update!

  • As the BURP War rages on we are revamping a ton of old gear in AQ this week!

December Z-Token package - Champion of Sinmaw!

  • A bonus set that comes with the 50k Z-Token package!
  • Includes an armor, 3 weapons, a shield and the ability to drag your enemies into Sinmaw’s Lair!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

  • Log in and play Black Friday and Cyber Monday for a chance to win 2 awesome items - Black Friday Battleaxe and Cyber Shougn's Odachi! We are also doubling the amount of Z-Tokens you can find during battles this week! PLUS a special Z-Token discount for Black Friday!


OverSoul  - Battle Card MMO

Thanksgiving Seasonals!

  • New Characters:

    • Bill the Apprentice
    • Bill the Hunter

    • Bill the Assassin

    • Revonthurkey

  • Coming Soon!

    • Skexis Evolution

    • Upholder 2014 & Upholder Evolution

    • Turkonian


DragonFable - Adventure RPG

Saving Private Practice

  • You finally got to the end of the bolt trail.
  • Log in to DragonFable on Friday to find out what happened to Voltabolt and who is behind all of this.
  • Good luck, Hero, Thankstaking wouldn’t be quite the same without Voltabolt!


HeroSmash - Super Hero 2D MMO


  • RARE 'Shadow Hunter Sword' - This blade cuts shadows!
  • Coming Soon: New promo package 


MechQuest - Sci-Fi Browser RPG

Is your bird Turkalicious?!

  • All-new Turkageddon mission!
    • Mr. Z is on Main Street in Soluna City and he has a message for you!
  • Shop smart - shop Vil-Mart!
    • If you can acquire a delicious bird for the feast, you will be rewarded with a new mecha!

Battle On!

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2014 House Depot Contest Winners posted by Beleen on


Everyone who participated in the competition (so long as you didn’t cheat!) will receive a 2014 House Depot Badge for your AQWorlds Character Page. Please be patient while award each badge as it will take us several days to complete the process.  The winners in the below categories will receive special prizes in addition to their Badge. Let’s see if you won!

Grand Prize Winner Winners

This was a tough one. So many amazing submissions and we could only choose 1 Grand Prize Winner. But we couldn’t pick just 1… so we have 2 Grand Prize Winners!

 mr zul, captn cio - pirate.jpg

Pirate’s Paradise

Created by Mr Zul and Capn Cio

Tired after a plunderin’ day? Drop anchor on ye’ TreehouseShip, Matey! All the amenities of a true Pirate’s Life at ye’ hooks: white sand at ye’ peg-leg, peaceful quarters, convenient hangin’ point on your Crow’s Nest an’ 100 miles to Tortulgar Inn only! Yarrrr!

 Prime , Nici , Ryuu - crystalized.jpg

House of Vita

Created by Prime, Nici , Ryuu

The house of the Stars, this structure is the remainder of an ancient civilization, Vita. Living knowledge of the cosmos is stored within its crystal shards. The entire structure is powered by the Stars gem at the top.

These two houses will soon be created in AdventureQuest Worlds for everyone to enjoy. The players who created these houses will receive their creation for FREE, plus a bonus of 1,500 AdventureCoins! Woohoo!

1st Place Winners

These players did an AMAZING job designing their houses! We wish we could transform ALL of these into in-game houses, but we’re just a small team and only have so many hands (we’re looking to employ an artistic octopus). These 1st Place Winners will receive 1,000 AdventureCoins in AQWorlds =D

Zult - dragon.png

Tomynha , ormys - fairy.jpg

Mikomaru - Moneybags.jpg
Ridion, Zayark, Dark knightes, Vlaiku - Darkfang Trophy.jpg
max man58 - castle.png
Kairosmith - brooktree.jpg
john matthew bituin , trizzzcentrino - concept of darksouls.jpg
(at)bruextian06 - floating.jpg
Anubis9108 - Elements.jpg
chaos lord zeus - fountain.jpg
Foreverman,shadowversion,kingsbountyhunder, darkassassin, darkfier - Volcano.jpg
gossj10 - dragon.png
housing123 - soundbox (flashed).jpg
max man58 - castle.png

2nd Place Winners

Glorious! Stupendous! Insert another adjective here! The following entries made it into our 2nd Place Winners, and for that, will each receive 500 AdventureCoins.  

matthewNg - happy.jpg
Kyber Moonbow - spongebob.png
Neoreaper13 , yoon Mirae - crystal.jpg
ms720 , stefc - modern.jpg
The0d0sis,Zoraith - Playhouse.png
the0d0sis , zoraith - plague.jpg
TheDen - twilly.png
Tiarae - Villa.png
urumi - 3swordz.png
Valyron - dragonhouse.png
Valyron - egg.jpg
souknight - runecastle.jpg
Quia - uxhal.jpg
m0rzz20 - dragon.jpg
lumpy_space_princess - YOLO.jpg
lord asior - dragon amulet.jpg
Kanzaki , soti1986 - sepulchure.jpg
Kamus , Killer7lp - Dragon.jpg
Heicker - dracolich.png
guns1408, mateus 1002 - altar.png
Gudiofor - Cookie.png
eichzen , deaedlove - indonesia.jpg
dragon warrior blaze - runes.jpg
Dinohunter9 - headsitting.jpg
demonhunter - Ebil.jpg

Darkondrago - futuristic.png
Dangoni, detonador999 dragon.jpg
cyberbakia , ryugan - futuristic.jpg
Bigtimemkk - temple.jpg
bigtimemkk - BloD.png
Beotzelf the second - skull.png
BCT, strikeryuzz , mage shadower , hihipuffyumi - tower.jpg
lupus the wolf - cave.jpg
silver ginryu , sushin kiren , reween - Winter.jpg
skryl - hut.jpg

3rd Place Winners

And the awesomeness keeps on coming! The 3rd Place Winners will receive 250 AdventureCoins for their great submissions.

Zush - Elves hut.jpg
Zultex - Beleen.png
Zelinia - mechanic.png
Zakymnsterjacker - Secret Base.jpg
zastin alegomos (aioros on twitter)- lucky.jpg
zerinho - tv.png
Zakymnsterjacker - Secret Base.jpg
xxxhadesxx x - bone.jpg
xx-demonking_xx -vacation house .jpg
xara , aioma - mailbox.jpg
wolfblade raven , insidious white wolf - time.jpg
VZYX - pink chinchilla.jpg
venom_heart , deadly_darkness - goodnevil.jpg
vasbaras - grannyhouse.jpg
vandrin7 - dwarf.jpg
Van glasse 1 , xx draco killerxx - temple.jpg
uchihalimit01 - guitar.png
tarewq123 - madhatter.jpg
Syukri - Dragonlord sword.png
Syrius VII , Gundred VII - android.jpg
stampede05 - destiny.jpg
smatrixs - doom.jpg
skip01 , heigan123 - dragonkeep.jpg
shamakuza - hillhouse.png
Shadowslayer rei - immortal.png
shadow ghol, cilv, kuylenko - shipwreck.jpg
scorpion_k1 - forest.png
safaria555 , ingus - flower.jpg
s matrix s -high5.jpg
Ronalverde - dragon.jpg
Renangostoso, rruann - burgerhouse.png
Razboinicul_ro - Chaos.png
Raven Heralga - Bansgee.jpg
pogi_0315, beast_adh4 , unholy warrior99 , mr_crow , doppleganersoul the order - sky fortress.jpg
pitsun patti , lime hellscythe - welcometohell.jpg
papel - chaoshouse.jpg
oscar_maciel , darkness legion - xiang.jpg
onlyname - undeadflower.jpg
Nolax - dage.jpg
noceo - green.jpg
nhok bimpro - forest.jpg
new jing 76 , huyen567 - castle.jpg
neitzel_unk, mr vbs - alteon.jpg
mystery woman - mystery.jpg
muddabacon - love.jpg
mr grim , ultra sniper - dojo.jpg
mowchar , eleine - grave.jpg
mostwantsd , akonibert - Undead.jpg
Miyvkicat - courtyard.png
Merlin the legend, beta_berzerker - mythical.jpg
Maxijack - legion.jpg
marassatto , s murilo - hills.jpg
Luvhart, blackjashin - pirate.png
luminitos -dragonfire.jpg
loze - chair.jpg
lolo pedring, shuzamaku , shadow hunter3333 , filitio , and crew - ninja dodjo.jpg
lillish - dark house.jpg
levitas - botler .jpeg
Leomz, ruibastan - fiend.jpg
krotono , project hero 546 , gastintus , ultrakiller99 - nulgath.jpg
krotono , project hero 546 , gastintus , ultrakiller99 - blod.jpg
kiraray147 - midgethouse.jpg
kenposhoto - mansion.jpeg
kaos rules x - timesplit.jpg
kakashi hattake77 , hayen 567 - float.jpg
kakahi - modern house.png
k31h - altar.png
julie , ... - minecraft.jpg
jub3rto - gravelyn.jpg
Jinlei - pukkingArtix.png
jhow - shoe.jpg
jegorgothe - grotho.jpg
Jared_20 - Pirate.jpg
izanagi , and a lot more people who probably never really helped-art.jpg
iustimen , denis415 - bird.png
havali Cocuk - Arcadion House.jpg
Gustavoneymar - Chaos.png
greendragonknight - box.jpg
green tornado 4444 - leprechauns.png
ghostathena - Hell.jpg
ghinth - dragon.jpg
Gamaslash - dage.jpg
Wiki team - wikihouse.jpg
falcon crusher -antizombiehouse.jpg
Fahed - shellhouse.png
Fahed - castle.png
evil_elemental - elegant.jpg
Eeyer - derp.jpg
eeedy - j6.png
Dreadbloom - Nature house with golem.jpg
Doctorule12 salamander.png
dna94 - dragon.jpg
Daxi - abyss shield.jpg
darksiders kira - cave.jpg
dack kritter - altar.jpg
chiok123456 - throphy.jpg
chen2812809638 - lighthouse.jpg
bob the healer9332 - Paladin.jpg
blackbuster , ifrith - dragon grave.jpg
ArtinemCS - Dragon.png
arch warlord x - sorcery.png
Apessoado, deller , rexxp - portal.png
anubis9108 - draconian.jpg
alan68 dragon.png
1709 , deigned - dragon.png
_snavble - modern.jpg
Gabrielsslf and Juliacs Moloch House and Altar.png
_aqworldsbrasil_ - skull.jpg
(at)boyoyolsxanlee - town.jpg
(at)rizkyaditya_AE - gigantic house.png
(at)UnkyAE - doginanegg.jpg
d3yd3y - skull.png


Everyone’s A Winner in our Eyes!

Thank you EVERYONE who participated in the 2014 House Depot Contest. Everyone at Artix is amazed at how talented you are, and as soon as we go through 500+ entries, you will soon see the 2014 House Depot Badge on your Character Page.

Follow these Twitter accounts to stay up-to-date on contests:


Keep up the great work, and we hope to see your artistic talents in future contests!

Battle On! 

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New Game Releases You’ll LOVE this Valentine’s Day posted by Beleen on


AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Love is a battlefield... and so is this Friday's release!

  • Double Rep AND Double EXP Boost begins on ALL servers at

    • Legend servers will get even higher boosts!
    • Login this weekend to battle the Bluddrun the Betrayer, find Beleen's Valentine, and show the world how much you love to battle in AQWorlds!
    • Replay previous Hero's Heart Day events!
    • Legends can battle Graveclaw the Destroyer in /bosschallenge
  • Olympics gear Limited Time Shop
    • Find the Snowboarder armor in the Treasure Map shop
  • The Yokai Sunlord set leaves the Wheel of Doom, Dark Heartbreaker set arrives!


Epic Duel

  • Aphrodite's Woe
    • Revontheus' Aphrodite's Woe P and E limited-quantity swords available at the Alydroid with pre-installed Azrael's Wrath core.
    • 24+ new Heartbreaker hairstyles!
    • New Home interface allows you to browse items for sale and in their own inventories more easily than ever.
    • Watch for those codes!
      • We will be awarding multiple prizes and home items with prize codes, making them more exciting than ever! 



  • Valentine's Day and Slimey Wormy Things!
  • Character Release:
    • Aphrodite
    • Love Machine
    • Lepid
    • Slime
  • Coming Soon!
    • 4th Oversoul Elemental Specific Contest
    • Your favorite AQW Characters and Monster coming to OS!



  • SnuggleFest 2014: What Does Igneox Say?
    • It’s Snugglefest! Love is in the air....but for ElBhe, this holiday has only ended in disaster.
      • This week, help him prepare for his date with his sweet little shadow vixen.
      • But what would happen if Igneox were to find out about this date?
  • 3 new items are coming to the Limited-Time Shop this week!
    • The Block Zard and Lorelympian Torch will only be here for 2 weeks.
    • Legion’s Curse will be here for the month of February and then gone forever!
  • Next week Golden Giftboxes overflow with TONS of items from your favorite AE games!



  • Love Ship 

    • Beleen may have the best of intentions but, when you love mayhem, even the best of intentions can go wrong on the Love Ship!



  • Happy Hero Heart Day!

    • Hero Heart Harry returns to Super City (find him at Overlook)
    • Check out the New AQW Beleen Valentine Desktop Wallpapers 



  • Blues Love Riches
    • Happy Birthday to Blues, MechQuest's Specials Designer! 
      • Celebrate with the elegant Blues' Tech Blade, coming to a Birthday Shop in Soluna City. 
      • Talk to Braddock Steele to replay Heroes' Hearts events of the past
      • infiltrate the ShS cruiser in the "Rescue Braddock Steele" 
      • Replay to open the shop and pick up higher-level versions of the Love Element weapons 
      • Take a stroll East in Soluna City and find the student who wants to challenge you 
    • Log in for the LIMITED TIME SPECIAL EVENT Saturday, February 15th 11-2, server time.
      • Play the "Possible Riches" quest
        • You will have a 1 in 3 chance to encounter Richy the Rich Guy in the last battle of that mission! 
        • With all your newfound riches, go back to Soluna Main to the Brickity shop for a new Blockity-style back arm cannon. 

Battle On!

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Brand New Adventures in your Favorite Browser Games! posted by Beleen on

It’s Friday, and EVERYONE knows what that means: all new releases in Artix Entertainment’s games! Don’t let your summer be a bummer—come play games online with us, help us defeat the toughest monsters, and score the most epic loot ever!

GrimSkull free to play AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest Worlds
The moment you have all been DYING for is finally here! Known for his seemingly-impossible-to-survive tricks, traps, and cheats, Grimskull challenges YOU to traverse his torture chambers, outwit his wiles, and claim the legendary prize at the end…if you can survive! Suit up in the Hero of Steel Armor Set, get your kicks with Player Suggestion Items, uncover the whereabouts of the completely color custom Solar Protector set, and then dive headfirst (or dead-first?) into Grimskull’s dangerous trap-filled dungeons!



Summer has started, along with a two-sided war in Sulen'Eska and the Freedom Camp.  Also, be sure to log in this weekend for your thrid DragonFable birthday gift!



Voting for the second OverSoul contest ends Saturday, June 22, 2013.  Be sure to vote for your favorite entries! Next week, prepare for the Watercard Deck Series and water element characters. Also, look forward to the production of the contest winners for Art and Backstory!

news_dread_war_artix pvp epicduel

Legion and Exile forces, man your battle stations: The Dread War has begun! Battle for control of over 21 War Objectives throughout Delta V!  This is too big for any one solder -- you'll need to rally your friends behind a common cause to dominate the world and shape it's future!

Tiger helms in pvp HeroSmash

Begin your prowl with this week’s Forest Tiger, Snow Tiger, and Sabertoothed Tiger Head Morphs! Who says a tiger can’t change his stripes? With the Color Custom versions, you absolutely can. Head to the Head Shop on Market Street and get your head in the game!

Knight Class in online dragon game AdventureQuest

AdventureQuest Classic
This is the release you have all been looking forward to… the single largest Class project in the history of AQ… the Knight Class begins this week! Tathlin, leader of the Pria Knights of Rennd, will guide you through your basic training before you will have to choose which of the 4 Kingdoms you will serve. New class gear and an awesome series of trials will test your mettle and see if you have what it takes to call yourself Knight!

MechQuest online robot game


The Countdown Clock is ticking! The March of the Shadowscythe looms near. Are you prepared? Shop in Soluna City for the returning Valoth's Epic head weapons and check back for the newest arm, and then blast off to Westion's Khaeldron Inn Valor Shop for high-level versions of the Corrupted Drakel Armor series!

Battle on!

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