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OMG Omega!

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EpicDuel is your favorite Player Versus Player MMO. But if you haven’t yet experienced EpicDuel Omega, you are missing out!

New Items

Hungry for Omega Gear? Feast your eyes on the Omega buffet of brand-new items:

  • Omega Onslaughter
  • Omega Obliterator
  • Omega Slayer
  • Omega Impaler
  • Baby Yeti
  • Dark Yeti
  • Baby Warrior Yeti
  • Dark Warrior Yeti
  • Baby Omega Yeti
  • Dark Omega Yeti



Golden Yeti Tournament

Are you Yeti for the Golden Yeti Tournament? It’s starting soon! We hope you got your tickets--because they are all sold out now!


New Character Creator!

  • Improved graphics
  • Updated class armors
  • Default armors can be upgraded and equipped with cores!
  • STAYCLASSY to receive the original armor from pre-Omega!



Customize Weapons!

  • Upgrade all weapons up to your current level!
  • Adjust stats points as you like them
  • Equip new cores to weapons and armors for active and passive effects in battle!




  • Free Omega Overlord Achievement Live
  • Frost Warrior Achievement Live
  • "Big Game" XLVII Achievement Live

Fifty exciting Frysteland Missions!

  • Visit Yeti Trainers to upgrade your yetis!
  • Uncover the mysteries of Frystland
  • Learn the secret powers of the Krampus
  • Complete a secret mission for a secret prize!

Improved NPC AI

  • Nightwraith and Titan are now level 35
  • NPCs can now use Auxiliaries

And that’s not all—there are many, many more fixes and improvements to the game engine! So stop reading this and start playing EpicDuel Omega!


Battle On into Omega!