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Last Chance for BattleGems posted by Alina on

Unlocks the exclusive DragonKnight set inside AQWorlds!

This is your very last chance to get Founder in BattleGems, our mobile RPG Puzzle Game. Considering that you had.. oh wow, nearly two years and a half years now, it is finally time to make BattleGems Founder go perma rare! 


Rolith and his team have finished upgrading BattleGems to the newest version of Unity, improving the game's speed and giving it 64 bit support. He will roll out the new version to Android on Saturday, January 28th. The iOS version will go live in the next week (once Apple updates it).

Along with this release, we will be removing the Founder package which basically gives you ulimited turns, unlimited keys, special in game armor set, special AQWorlds armor set, well... EVERYTHING for a single in-app purchase of $10. Founders will be pretty proud of that they got it, because after the new patch goes live, the armor will be perma rare and will have to pay double to get the upgrades and perks.

Replacing Founder is... the Ultimate DragonSlayer Set!

If you have been wanting the DragonKnight armor from BattleGems in AQWorlds and BattleGems... this is your final chance to get it on the Apple iOS or Android versions of the mobile game! If you've already gotten that set, or decide to upgrade your BattleGems account after the new patch rolls, you will unlock the...

BattleGems Founders automatically unlock the Ultimate DragonSlayer gear!

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See us at the Anime Impulse 2017 Convention posted by Alina on

AdventureQuest 3D at Anime Impulse 2017

AdventureQuest 3D at Anime Impulse 2017

Come out to the Anime Impulse convention and meet Artix, Dage, & Faith! We will be at Booth #9820 and our panel about AdventureQuest 3D is at 2pm on Sunday, Jan 15.

WHAT: Anime Impulse 2017 Convention
WHEN: Saturday, Jan 14 & 15th, 2017
WHERE: 1101 W. McKinley Ave., Pomona, California, 91768
WHY: Meet Artix, Dage, & Faith and see the panel on AdventureQuest 3D seeecrets!

See the official Anime Impulse Convention Website

AdventureQuest 3D Schedule

PANEL: "AdventureQuest 3D with Artix" panel is at 2pm on Sunday, Jan 15th
Visit us at booth #9820

Wait... they are letting Artix and Dage go to a convention together again? We all remember what happened last time.

We will also have our first ever Moglin hats available for sale there :D Bring anything you would like Dage or Artix to sign, they will happily do it for a smile (or a sneering vampire fanged grimace if that is the best you can muster.) There is a lot of other awesome stuff happening at the convention too! Check out Anime Impulse's official site at for all of their events, special guests, and more.

Battle on!


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2016 Holiday Cookie Contest posted by Alina on


Last year’s winners did SUCH a great job creating totally scrumptious works of art and we cannot wait to see what you come up with this year. 


Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: The Prizes

Along with an endless amount of internet fame, the Grand Prize Winner(s) will receive 2,000 AdventureCoins AND a one-of-a-kind weapon !

Additional AC prizes will be awarded for other super sweet desserts!

Will you be a Grand Prize winner this year? One way to find out!    


How the Cookie Crumbles: The Rules

This contest will range from NOW until 11:59pm EST on Sunday, December 19th. The winner(s) will be announced on the Design Notes later this month!

The rules and guidelines are short‘n sweet but MUST be followed accordingly for your edible entry to be eligible. I repeat, in boldface and in red font, ‘cuz a lot of people miss this: YOU must follow EACH rule if you want your entry to be considered eligible.   

The easiest way to make sure your hard work gets judged: Read all of the rules before submitting your entry! 

• Your dessert MUST be created by YOU. 
Do not copy someone else’s hard work. That my friend is called cheating, and you will be disqualified for it.

• Include an index card/piece of paper/ icing signature that says your AQW Character Name alongside your tasty treat. 
This way we really know it’s made by you! And NO, photoshopping your name onto your picture DOES NOT COUNT, and you will be disqualified if you do. 

• Your dessert MUST be created in some sort of Artix Entertainment theme. 
Create anything you want from AQW, EpicDuel, BladeHaven, DragonFable, MechQuest, AdventureQuest, and WarpForce!  If we cannot tell what it is from our games, you will not be qualified. 

• Your canvas must be a cookie, cake, pie, or any other form of holiday dessert. 
Mmmm, get creative! (Note, judges have final say as to what counts as a "dessert")

• The photo of your dessert should be of the Highest Quality. 
The more clear the picture, the better and tastier it will look, upping your chance at the Grand Prize! 

• Remember to post a VALID link to your dessert photo!
Uploading your photo to your Facebook does not allow us to see the photos via the Forums. Also, if you upload your photo to your LOCKED image-sharing account, we cannot see it either. So make sure your link is valid and isn’t locked to the public!


Preheating The Oven: Enter the Contest!

Now that you are ready for the 2016 Creative Cookie Contest, it’s probably a good idea to know WHERE to post your delectable desserts!

Submit your yummy creations to the official AE Contests Twitter account or post on the AQW Facebook page!

The BattleOn Games Team is really looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful ideas and delicious cookie creations! There is only one way to win—and it starts by entering this contest! 

Best of luck to you all =D Eeeeeeeep (Many thanks to Beleen for the layout of this post.)

What Else Is Going On?

We've got a lot of other things going on right now... so don't miss a thing!

  • HeroMart calendars start shipping out TODAY! (If you pre-ordered them, you're  in luck!)
  • Even though Beleen is off on new adventures, we still want to celebrate her special day -- we have a small shop going live next Friday, December 16th, with some new, MUCH pinker gear!
  • The Ugly Reindeer Sweater armor will be added to the HeroPoints shop as a limited time seasonal armor!

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2016 Pumpkin Contest winners posted by Alina on

Contest Winner (Pumpkin) Patch Notes!

They came. They carved. They squashed the competition. What a talented bunch of pumpkin-slaying Heroes we have! Here’s a great big THANK YOU to everyone who participated to this year’s Pumpkin Carving Contest.

Now, let us gaze upon the gourds of our winners!

Grand Prize Winner: ArchQueen

HOLY Gourditas, this 3D carving is a masterpiece of edible insanity! Amazing job! 

2nd Place: Dweldoron

For upholding the honor of Artix Entertainment's favorite mythical creature, you've unlocked 2nd place and the "Dragon Gourdian" award!  AND because you were one of the judges' most favorite entries, you get some extra Artix Points!


3rd Place: Sinso

Nulgath the ArchFiend would be proud of you! Not only does he love the color orange, but he LOVES smashing pumpkins! For paying homage to the ArchFiend while you squash the competition, you've unlocked 3rd place and the "What's Gourd for the Nation" award!


Winner's Circle

EVERYONE who submitted an eligible entry did an amazing job - we could see the effort and creativity oozing from your entries (much like the guts from a carved pumpkin). All of the entrants shown here are part of the winners' circle and will receive their Artix Points (or, if we cannot find a Master Account, we will award AdventureCoins).

AoT-Stphn: "(Pumpkin) Patch Adams Dedication" award for battling sickness to create his entry.


Bummy22: "PumpkinScythe General" award for getting the entire ShadowScythe army PUMPED for Thanksgiving!


Dupstep: "Pulp Fiction" award for creating a terrifying narrative... without saying a word!


Greendragonknight: "A cut above the rest" award, because even though "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" it ALSO gets you highlighted in our contest!


High Adept Caustus: 


MermaidGoddess: "Legion Foe Squasher" award for showing true deadication to Dage's Legion with your entry.


Pluk: "Gourd Graphic Design" award for creating an entirely graphical entry... without using ANY pumpkins! (The Great Pumpking, protector of the patch thanks you!)


Rare: "Thinking Outside the Pumpkin Patch" - for creating an entry so wickedly life-like that you (almost) stumped the judges with your 'shop!


Supreme King: "Great Pumpking's General" award - it's in your name, and your entry proves your suitability to serve!


Vfhyvdyjntfbynjung: "The most 3Delicious entry" - your entry added a whole new dimension to the contest. Well done!


WenixHD: "Mixed Media award" - why limit yourself to JUST pumpkins or JUST carving or JUST markers? You combined all three, and for that, we salute you!


BUT WAIT! These aren't all carved pumpkins... What gives?

WE GIVE! But you ask a fair question. It's one our judges went over several times while discussing entries. You know here at Artix Entertainment, we love to award creativity and effort wherever and whenever we can... but especially with contests! That's why we always reserve the right to award people who go above and beyond or think outside the box.

This year's pumpkin contest rules said we wanted to feature carved pumpkins and gourds, but also encouraged people to submit the most creative pumpkin-related entries they could think of. Maybe we should change the contest name next year... how about "Cornucopia of Creativity Contest"? 

CONGRATULATIONS, WINNERS! Awards will be on your account later this week. /cheer!

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AE 2016 Pumpkin Carving Contest posted by Alina on


Can you... SQUASH... the competition?!

… Ok, at this point maybe “Fall Food Decorating Contest” is more appropriate, but it just doesn’t have the same ring. BUT on to the contest! Do you have what it takes to carve the best AdventureQuest Worlds-themed pumpkin in all of Lore? How skilled are you in the fine arts of squash carnage? Are you able to duel-wield a camera and a carved ear of corn at the same time? If so, this contest is perfect for you!

Attention all ye who wish to enter…this contest: Mogloween is drawing ever near, so we need pumpkin-carving masters to take on this challenge!

Mogloween mog-luh-ween; noun

The evening of October 31 in Lore; celebrated in the month of October; observed especially by Heroes in costumes who solicit treats, candy, and Seasonal Rare items inside AdventureQuest Worlds

Prize Details

  1. There will be ONE Grand Prize winner, who shall receive 2000 ArtixPoints

  2. 2nd Place Winners will get 1000 ArtixPoints

  3. 3rd Place Winners will get 700 ArtixPoints

  4. Runner Ups will get 500 ArtixPoints

  5. If you go Above and Beyond, we shall award you accordingly ;)

Contest Timeframe

The contest will range from today, October 11th until 11:59pm EST on Saturday, October 25th The winners will be announced the following week on the Design Notes.

Contest Rules

To be considered, all entries must:

  • Include your game character name and the year (2016) visually displayed somewhere within the picture or video

    • The game character name in the picture must be tied to an Artix account to receive a prize

  • Be themed on any Artix game, character, monster, etc

  • Be posted to the AE_Contests Twitter account, AQW Facebook account, or on the AE forum (thread coming soon!)

  • The photo of your carved pumpkin must be of the highest quality—the bigger and more clear the picture, the better!

  • One entry per person

You are welcome to think outside the box and submit other non-pumpkin creative entries for our consideration… but carved pumpkins and gourds are what we want to feature!  So you COULD...

  • Paint a pumpkin

  • Dress an ear of corn

  • Carve a pumpkin pie

  • Build a diorama featuring acorn squash

  • … the possibilities are endless


  1. Please don’t spam your entry or you will be disqualified! You can only win once per person!

  2. A true hero is a good sportsman -- we reserve the right to reward excellent examples of good sportsmanship or remove entries for abusive behavior towards staff or other contest participants.

  3. As always, entries that WOW us and go above and beyond, displaying true effort or creativity, will get extra-special attention (or prizes)!

Good Luck!

On behalf of the entire AE team, we are really looking forward to seeing your creativity carved into pumpkins… or gourds… or apples (?!)! Will you win the Grand Prize? There is only one way to find out—submit your photo today!

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AQ3D Open Beta Starts October 18th (ish)! posted by Artix on

Starting October 18th-ish, 2016 It is almost here! This October, everyone will be able to join us as we continue creating AdventureQuest 3D. The release date says "-ish" because that is when we will start rolling it out onto each platform (STEAM PC/MAC, APPLE, ANDROID) and some will go live before others. Being able to login play your character on the same server as your friends no matter what device you are using was our dream goal... and it is happening! A True Cross-Platform MMORPG...

Watch the official OPEN BETA Launch Date Announcement Trailer.

Coming in Open Beta!

Thank you to everyone who made amazing project a reality. It is October.... and we have two magnificently dark and exciting releases coming your way. Also here is a few things to expect!


First, is ShadowSkull Tower which will open with the launch. Players will need the best items in the game and to work together to battle to the top of the tower. The floors of the tower are randomized. Some floors are puzzles, some kill-alls, and some mini-boss battles. At the top of ShadowSkull Tower you will find the NecroKnight-- and he has a surprise.

Mogloween & Haunted House

We will be celebrating our yearly tradition of Mogloween this year... but this is the first year it will be in 3D! Town will go dark and along with glowing pumpkins, a haunted house will appear. More on this coming later.

Game Re-balancing & New Items

We have been carefully reading your feedback and re-re-re-re-balancing the game. This includes changes to crafting and being able to buy items with gold. Will it be perfect on launch? Heck no! But it will be an amazing start to a game that we are dedicated to working on as long and as hard as the previous two AdventureQuests-- which for the record are STILL updated every week :D

Volcanic Dragon Area

In November, we will be opening up our next major area, a volcanic region filled with Dragons... and Dragonslayers. and possibly Dragonslayer slayers. And Forseeably Dragonslayer Slayer Slayers.

Closed Beta Badge

If you have participated in Closed Beta, you will be getting a shiny new badge for your character page. Want in Closed Beta before it ends? Then good news... follow my Artix Krieger Twitter and keep a look out for Early Access Key give aways.

Crunch time!

Thank you for making this all possible. As you can imagine, our small team is going to be in hyper GO MODE these next two weeks! So much to do!!!! If you were not with us for the launch of previous games like DragonFable or AdventureQuest Worlds then hang onto your helms, it is about to get crazy. As the veterans will tell you things will change fast and frequently. It is vital that we go into Open Beta so that we can release the public version of the Apple iOS (Phone/Tablet) versions. Then, with AdventureQuest 3D playing on all of our 1st round targeted devices, and with your help, we can begin the sprint to LIVE RELEASE-- which I would love to see us hit Summer of 2017.

QUESTION: What device to you think you will play AdventureQuest 3D the most from? (Steam, Apple iOS, Android)

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AE AMV Contest Winners posted by Alina on

Back in July, we launched the first-ever AE AMV community (anime music video) contest! The contest was a HUGE success - the amount of time and effort put into the entries blew our minds (and monitors)!

AE AMV contest winners announced

Over 100 submissions were entered and it was incredibly difficult to narrow down our favorites—because there were so many amazing entries! But since this was a contest, we had to select the best-of-the-best of the best. 

So here they are!

Above and Beyond

Orangegrub: Dricken - Assassin feat. ANON

Congratulations, Orangegrub! For your heroic effort and creativity, you'll receive:

  • Your music video on and in the AQW & AQ3D game design notes
  • A spot in the coming music video gallery on contest page
  • 5000 Artix Points
  • Badge in AQW/AQ3D

Winners Circle

Warrior_Bryant: Back From the Dead

Ryuun: Please...

Hnybunny: I Need A Hero 

Group effort: Battle On! - One-Eyed Doll
Group members are: Gudiofor, Angel of Darkness, E gaara, Kyuudaime Kazekage, Rizda 

Your Artix Points will be awarded this week. (AQ3D and AQW character page badges will come after AQW's server rewrite and after AQ3D goes into open beta. The AQ3D devs are 100% focused on their release, and the AQW server needs to expand its badge list.)

Congratulations again to everyone who entered, and to our winners... and thank you to all our judges!

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Dungeon Punks posted by Artix on

BREAKING NEWS! Artix publishes a new video game :D

Hiya guys, Artix here. My long time friends at Hyper Awesome Entertainment created a tag team brawler video game called Dungeon Punks. Maybe you saw us streaming last week while we were all sitting on the couch trying out the game. We instantly fell in love with its old-school arcade gameplay -- which reminded us of our favorite games, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dungeons & Dragons, and my personal mega-favorite, Golden Axe. It is fun… and when I saw the laser shooting unicorn mounts I LOL’d. Check out the game for yourself.

Throne of Darkness Trailer

AdventureQuest Worlds BONUS! “Were-Warlock”

Starting right now, when you buy Dungeon Punks on our page using Humble Bundle, you also get the exclusive Were-Warlock armor in AdventureQuest Worlds. This armor was inspired by the Were-Witch, one of the playable heroes in Dungeon Punks.

Throne of Darkness Trailer

What does it mean to “Publish a game?”

Good question! You know when you load a console game and it has a few different game company logos on the front? They represent all of the people/studios who do different parts for the game. As long as you have known us, we have always done both the developing and publishing of our games. But we did not make this one. I know, at first glance from the art it looks like we did. Which is exactly why we were their first pick to be the publisher… which really means promoter when you get right down to it. Hyper Awesome Entertainment is made up of the guys who worked on Shadowtale back in the day. We have actually done a lot of things together and built up a lot of trust over the past 10+ years. Which is why I am proud to help spread word about their game and find it happy players.

Also, if this game does well there is a chance we could work together with Hyper Awesome on a game project in the AQWorlds or Dragon Fable universe. O_O Check out Dungeon Punks and see its game trailer at . The game is normally $15, but we are running a 10% launch discount until the end of the month.

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BioBeasts MEGA Update: 1.5.1 posted by Alina on

What is BioBeasts?!

BioBeasts is a new game for Android and iOS where you take control of powerful mutant beasts and battle through waves of robots, laboratory defenses, and hulking bosses. Claw, bite, blast, and mutate your way to freedom while freeing new beasts with unique powers! Unlock and upgrade Mutations to customize your beasts, and craft your own strategy! 

BioBeasts 1.5.0 Escape! Mutate! Destroy!

BioBeasts Version 1.5.0 is NOW LIVE!

We just launched a MASSIVE UPDATE that adds loads of exciting new player requested features and fixes. Download BioBeasts 1.5.0 on your Android or iOS device now:

Get BioBeasts NOW on Android and iOS!

BioBeasts_App_Store_Google  BB_App_Store_IOS

New Stuff in BioBeasts 1.5.0:

  • 22 NEW Mutations to collect!
  • Customize the look of each beast with new Skins Mutations
  • Overhauled Mutation Lab -- view all Mutations in one easy to use list
  • NEW Mutation Crate system -- you can now unlock and upgrade Mutations totally free just by playing
  • Mutation Equip Slots -- you can now start with mutations)
  • Loads of interface improvements
  • New Nuclear Bundle for sale in the Shop

The Nuclear Bundle Includes

  • Exclusive Radioactive Hazard Skin
  • Nuclear Crate
  • 10,000 BioBits
  • Prize code to redeem for bonus items in EpicDuel and AdventureQuest Worlds.

Need help redeeming your Prize Code? We've got you covered with this handy guide: 

Guide: How to Redeem Your Nuclear Bundle Prize Code


Introducing Batteries!

Coming to BioBeasts 1.5.0 are Batteries. Plink needs 10 Batteries to warp in a Mutation-filled Crate to help power up your beasts! Batteries are earned after completing each wave with a bonus battery for defeating the final boss, meaning it's possible to earn enough Batteries for a Crate on any Normal, Hard, or Insane run.


The Mutation Lab

Inside the Mutation Lab you can put those Batteries to good use! Use them to warp in new Crates filled with Battle Mutations, Beast Mutations, and Beast Skins!

After Plink warps in a Crate, it must be unlocked before opening. You can bypass this process with BioBits. Plink will also bring you a free crate every 8 hours. This gives you a great reason to check back on BioBeasts, even if you don't have time to play a few waves!


Mutation Crates

Each Crate is guaranteed to contain some kind of loot. However, not all Crates are created equally. Iron and Steel Crates, being the most basic, hold the fewest Mutations. Occasionally, Plink will get lucky and warp in a more luxurious crate like a Nuclear or Quantum Crate, which are guaranteed to contain Rare Mutations! Below is the breakdown of what you can expect from each type of Crate. 

Iron Crate Only seen in the Tutorial of the game, this Crate has the same capacity as the Steel Crate with 8 Mutations inside, but the unlocking process is very fast.
Free Crate Plink will find you a new Free Crate every 8 hours. Free Crates contain 15 Mutations.
Steel Crate This most common Crate yields 8 Mutations.
Reinforced Crate 15 Mutations, including at least 1 Rare.
Elite Crate 30 Mutations, including at least 3 Rare.
Nuclear Crate 70 Mutations, including 7 Rare and 1 Ultra.
Quantum Crate 250 Mutations, including 25 Rare, 5 Ultra, and 1 Epic.


New Beast Skins!

BioBeasts 1.5.0 launches with 10 new beast skins! These Skin Mutations can be unlocked from our new Mutation Crates, and there will be plenty more to come after the launch: 



If you haven't tried BioBeasts yet, you can download the app here:

Download for Android
Download for iOS


Thank you!

Once again thank you for joining us along this creative journey! We couldn't have done this with out your support! We plan to always add new and interesting things to read here on our dev blog. Remember to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for latest updates!

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HeroMart's HeroPoints are Here! posted by Alina on

Unlock more In-Game Rewards with HeroPoints!

Talk to Stryche in AdventureQuest Worlds and DragonFable to see all of the rockin’ rewards that come with any real-world HeroMart purchase, and learn about our new points system, HeroMart’s HeroPoints! 

Heromart is about to ramp up production, with many new posters, shirts, and other gear coming in the near future! All those items will come with HeroPoints, so keep an eye out for new merch!

HeroPoints: A New Way to Get In-Game Rewards

HeroPoints are a new way for you to get even more rewards when you get merchandise from HeroMart! Existing store items will keep the codes they currently use, but from here on out, select HeroMart merchandise will come with a quantity of HeroPoints that you can spend in Stryche's in-game merge shop.

  • 1 HeroPoint is roughly equal to $5 USD
  • For every $5 dollars you spend at HeroMart, you'll get 1 HP

And because shipping can be costly, the HeroMart team may add a few extra HeroPoints to your order as a way of saying "thanks!"

So, for example, a t-shirt that costs $19.95 would be worth 4 HeroPoints. If the HeroMart team adds in a few extra points, you could get even more! That means, you'd get at least 4 (and maybe up to 10 or more!) HeroPoints for a single order.

How to find HeroMart's New Store

AdventureQuest Worlds

  1. Redeem HeroPoints here to get your exclusive items

  2. Log in to AdventureQuest Worlds

  3. Type /join heromart in the chat window

  4. Talk to Stryche, the HeroMart merchant, to open his shop!


  1. Redeem HeroPoints here to get your exclusive items

  2. Log in to DragonFable

  3. Click on the HeroMart button in your Book of Lore

  4. Choose your prize from the shop!


  1. Redeem HeroPoints here to get your Arcade Tokens

  2. Log in to EpicDuel

  3. Head to an arcade and talk to an ArcadeBot

  4. Spend your Arcade Tokens onv the game of your choice

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