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HeroMart's HeroPoints are Here!

Posted by Alina on

Unlock more In-Game Rewards with HeroPoints!

Talk to Stryche in AdventureQuest Worlds and DragonFable to see all of the rockin’ rewards that come with any real-world HeroMart purchase, and learn about our new points system, HeroMart’s HeroPoints! 

Heromart is about to ramp up production, with many new posters, shirts, and other gear coming in the near future! All those items will come with HeroPoints, so keep an eye out for new merch!

HeroPoints: A New Way to Get In-Game Rewards

HeroPoints are a new way for you to get even more rewards when you get merchandise from HeroMart! Existing store items will keep the codes they currently use, but from here on out, select HeroMart merchandise will come with a quantity of HeroPoints that you can spend in Stryche's in-game merge shop.

  • 1 HeroPoint is roughly equal to $5 USD
  • For every $5 dollars you spend at HeroMart, you'll get 1 HP

And because shipping can be costly, the HeroMart team may add a few extra HeroPoints to your order as a way of saying "thanks!"

So, for example, a t-shirt that costs $19.95 would be worth 4 HeroPoints. If the HeroMart team adds in a few extra points, you could get even more! That means, you'd get at least 4 (and maybe up to 10 or more!) HeroPoints for a single order.

How to find HeroMart's New Store

AdventureQuest Worlds

  1. Redeem HeroPoints here to get your exclusive items

  2. Log in to AdventureQuest Worlds

  3. Type /join heromart in the chat window

  4. Talk to Stryche, the HeroMart merchant, to open his shop!


  1. Redeem HeroPoints here to get your exclusive items

  2. Log in to DragonFable

  3. Click on the HeroMart button in your Book of Lore

  4. Choose your prize from the shop!


  1. Redeem HeroPoints here to get your Arcade Tokens

  2. Log in to EpicDuel

  3. Head to an arcade and talk to an ArcadeBot

  4. Spend your Arcade Tokens onv the game of your choice