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Did someone say, "Living Dungeon Design?" posted by Artix on

Sneak-peek at this summer’s blockbuster release

I am writing two (maybe three) releases for AdventureQuest Worlds this summer. Cysero and Beleen are coming back to write special releases too! For this one, Titan Hollow, I wrote a short story about three Titans battle for the tear of a Fairy that turned into an eternal curse. Like the most popular dungeons from Doomwood, this will be a story-crawl adventure with bonus hidden secrets for hard core gamers.

Concept by Dage the Evil

Originally, I wanted to make it a Grimskull dungeon, but for some reason, players hate dying horrific terrible animated deaths over and over again. <_< Not sure why. >_> Really. So instead of animating comical death cutscenes, we will be focusing on heroic acts of how to cleverly get from point A to point B which will provide scores of awesome screenshot worthy moments.

Beware of living dungeons though.... sometimes... they move. O_O

Like what you see? Share your thoughts on my Facebook Post here!


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Get Your Battle On With This Week’s New Game Releases! posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

New Tier II Class: Blazebinder

  • Critically burn your opponents
  • Master 4 new Abilities
  • Unlock 2 new Passives
  • Requires Rank 10 in:
    • Embersea Reputation
    • Pyromancer Class
    • Necromancer Class

Battle through The Forge

  • A gauntlet of the Firestorm Onslaught's greatest warriors
  • Survive, and you'll earn the right to face Tyndarius, Lord of the Firestorm
  • Explosive head-to-head combat
  • Winner. Takes. ALL!

Live Band Tonight

  • /Party with the NPCs house band LIVE at Yulgar's Inn!

New Contest!


Coming Soon: Bio Beasts for iOS, Android

New Mobile Game arriving Summer 2015

Follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter for more news!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 


  • Tons of updated gear is making its way into Lore
  • This is the final week to buy the amazing PuebLance in the Limited-Time Shop!

Z-Token Package

  • New 150,000 Z-token package has a special bonus:
  • Create your own custom player face!
  • That's right—you will get to personally work with our artists to create the face of your dreams!

Golden Giftboxes

  • New Cleric Armor
  • New Relic Staff
  • New Star Saber Strike Spell


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Avatar of Time!

  • Help test the 2015 calendar armor
  • Open to Dragon Amulet holders ONLY
  • This is the most amazing armor of all time. No pun intended. But we’re serious about it being the best. It really is.

Saturday Night: Yulgar’s First Date, Part Two

  • Time travel 20 years into the past! (don’t forget to invest in Apple)
  • Witness Yulgar and Lark’s first date
  • …through the eyes of a child!
  • Can you save the date and find the harp?
  • …orrrr will it be a disaster?

Battle On!


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Wanna Win 100,000 AdventureCoins?! posted by Beleen on

Log in for a chance to win 100,000 ACs, or many other prizes!

From now until 12 PM Friday, May 1st, log in at for a chance to win 100,000 AdventureCoins, valued at over $500!

free rpg mmo free moneyThat's enough to set a hero up for life... or unlife, for all you necromancers out there.

    •    Must be level 10 or higher
    •    Log in each day at to increase your chances of winning
    •    DOUBLE your chances of winning if you have an active membership

Once the release goes live, our team of volunteers will run through all the AQW servers and find heroes level 10 or higher who are actively battling AQW monsters. We'll choose MANY people from that list and award a free pet or weapon to those lucky winners!

Prizes will be awarded on Friday, May 1st... we hope to see you online so we can battle alongside you!

Play now at

Battle on!

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