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Get Your Battle On With This Week’s New Game Releases!

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Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

New Tier II Class: Blazebinder

  • Critically burn your opponents
  • Master 4 new Abilities
  • Unlock 2 new Passives
  • Requires Rank 10 in:
    • Embersea Reputation
    • Pyromancer Class
    • Necromancer Class

Battle through The Forge

  • A gauntlet of the Firestorm Onslaught's greatest warriors
  • Survive, and you'll earn the right to face Tyndarius, Lord of the Firestorm
  • Explosive head-to-head combat
  • Winner. Takes. ALL!

Live Band Tonight

  • /Party with the NPCs house band LIVE at Yulgar's Inn!

New Contest!


Coming Soon: Bio Beasts for iOS, Android

New Mobile Game arriving Summer 2015

Follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter for more news!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 


  • Tons of updated gear is making its way into Lore
  • This is the final week to buy the amazing PuebLance in the Limited-Time Shop!

Z-Token Package

  • New 150,000 Z-token package has a special bonus:
  • Create your own custom player face!
  • That's right—you will get to personally work with our artists to create the face of your dreams!

Golden Giftboxes

  • New Cleric Armor
  • New Relic Staff
  • New Star Saber Strike Spell


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Avatar of Time!

  • Help test the 2015 calendar armor
  • Open to Dragon Amulet holders ONLY
  • This is the most amazing armor of all time. No pun intended. But we’re serious about it being the best. It really is.

Saturday Night: Yulgar’s First Date, Part Two

  • Time travel 20 years into the past! (don’t forget to invest in Apple)
  • Witness Yulgar and Lark’s first date
  • …through the eyes of a child!
  • Can you save the date and find the harp?
  • …orrrr will it be a disaster?

Battle On!