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Artix Entertainment's games saved by the players

YOU DID IT!! You actually did it!! The war meters are all at 100%. Congratulations on being a part of history and winning (and we mean REALLY winning... you chopped down everything EbilCorp threw at you.)  the biggest and craziest war in the history of our video games. With the 10+ million corrupted monsters defeated across ALL our games, EbilCorp's plot to destroy our network has been thwarted. As a gesture of our tremendous gratitude, we are awarding everyone who participated in the war effort, in-game currency in each of the games they actually fought EbilCorp in. (200 ACs, 200 DCs, 200 NG, 200 SCs, 250 Ztokens and an amount of Varium depending your participation in the war!) Captain Rhubarb will be running the database update to award your character with the in-game currency over the next 24 hours. If you need more, please support our ongoing crazy game releases by buying them on your favorite game's upgrade page.

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