EbilCorp Gameocide


YOU DID IT!! The war meters are all at 100%. You saved the game network from EbilCorp. Congratulations on being a part of history and winning (and we mean REALLY winning... you chopped down everything EbilCorp threw at you.)  the biggest and craziest war in the history of our video games. With the 10+ million corrupted monsters defeated across ALL our games, EbilCorp's plot to destroy our network has been thwarted. 

THANK YOU FOR 10 YEARS OF AMAZING MEMORIES! (Now, onward to more of them.)

As a gesture of our tremendous gratitude, we are awarding everyone who participated in the war effort, in-game currency in each of the games they actually fought EbilCorp in. (200 ACs, 200 DCs, 200 NG, 200 SCs, 250 Ztokens, and Varium based on your participation in the war!) Captain Rhubarb will be running the database update to award your character with the in-game currency over the next 24 hours. If you need more, please support our ongoing crazy game releases by buying them on your favorite game's upgrade page.


AdventureQuest Worlds War Meter

AdventureQuest Worlds

Play AQWorlds now!


Chairman Platinum stole Battleon for EbilCorp's headquarters! His drones have invaded areas throughout AQWorlds to cause maximum damage. Defeat his minions here, then crush the Chairman in each of our other games to unlock gear in AQW! Once all EbilCorp minions in every game have been defeated, journey to the Secret Underground Lab for AQWorlds' 4th Birthday Party!


EpicDuel War Meter


Play EpicDuel now!


The battle against EbilCorp's Chairman continues as his army of corporate ninjas battle Delta V's Duelers. But now, instead of claiming the planet, he plans to shut EpicDuel down permanently. We need every faction united against this common enemy; his gear might be shiny, but victory against his drones will be sweeter... and our rewards even stronger!


AdventureQuest War Meter


Play AdventureQuest


Artix Entertainment began with AdventureQuest, and EbilCorp's drones know AQ's Heroes will stop at nothing to save their world... or their game's 10th anniversary event, which was set to release next week! Join forces with other Guardians and Adventurers to take your game back from the Chairman's greasy death-grip!


DragonFable War Meter


Play DragonFable now!


EbilCorp-controlled titan dragons would offer Chairman Platinum an unbeatable weapon in the war against Artix Entertainment! Right now, his ninjas are targeting zones throughout the game to neutralize all DragonLords and DragonMasters before their dragons are used to crush the Chairman!


MechQuest War Meter


Play MechQuest now!


Many Mech pilots have faced EbilCorp drones disguised as EbilCorp enemies without realizing their true purpose: to spy on Artix Entertainment's mecha technology. Now that you know their identity, all MechQuest players are summoned to equip lasers, rapid-fire machine guns, and every ballistic weapon you own to blast Chairman Platinum's plan to pieces!


 HeroSmash War Meter


Play HeroSmash now!


Save the game, save the network! Heroes and Villains of HeroSmash, AE needs you to join together and CRUSH the EbilCorp minions invading your game. Call your friends and take down the biggest threat to your world since Super Death!


Videos from Ebilcorp's "Hostile Takeover"



How Did This Happen?!

Two weeks ago, an unknown number of Artix Entertainment players received a leaked memo from Chairman Platinum, the mastermind of EbilCorp’s many schemes. His threats to take AE's entire network of games permanently offline were addressed by increasing the vigilance of our Guard Ninjas and triple-locking the Secret Underground Lab’s elevator.

With Chairman Platinum’s vast knowledge of ventilation system exploitation, EbilCorp drones managed to successfully infiltrate all six of AE’s main games, sabotaging our plans for an extremely-epic anniversary event. Once his minions swarmed into our games, the Chairman released a video warning that every EbilCorp minion includes a built-in function codenamed “Gameocide,” which is set to detonate Friday, October 19th, at 6 PM server time.

Once the “Gameocide” function is activated, an automatic shut-down sequence will be engaged. If a single EbilCorp minion remains, all characters will be deleted. All Artix Entertainment games will be permanently destroyed. We are calling ALL heroes in AdventureQuest Worlds, EpicDuel, DragonFable, MechQuest, AdventureQuest, and HeroSmash to fight back against the evil Chairman Platinum and his minions!


What Are We Fighting For?

You've got the right to be angry - EbilCorp threatens 10 years of Artix Entertainment history! All the victories in all the wars against all the villains will be wiped from the internet... forever! Scroll down to view highlights from Artix Entertainment's history, then visit the linked release pages to view a history of all our releases! Read Artix Entertainment team members' stories of why they love these games so much here, then let us know why YOU want to save AE on Artix's Twitter!

The history of Artix Entertainment