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Everyone Is Enjoying The Tech Demo... Even The Glitch Exploiters

AQW 3D Tech Demo Fishy Cysero

You guys are SMART!

Earlier this morning, some AE Devs (such as myself) and mods (such as Dream Warden) started appearing on the AQW 3D Tech Demo and acting really fishy. They were asking for passowrds, asking people to add them on Facebook and promising to make them mods and offering free ACs. 

Most of the Legends the AQW 3D Tech Demo know that AE staff will never ask you for your passwords and that I don't write like a bollard, so they started contacting us over our REAL Facebook Fan pages and our Twiter accounts asking what was up. It appears that at least one person found a bug that allowed them to log in (to the Tech Demo ONLY!, not any of our games) as ANY player.

It was a small glitch and it has now been fixed. 

Since you guys are so smart, NOT ONE PERSON gave away their password to one of these fakes and NO accounts were compromised. Again, I cannot stress this enough, this was ONLY present in the Tech Demo and can not work on any of our other games. There is no need to worry that someone can break into your account as long as your password is decently complex and known only to you. 

This DOES highlight how important it is that YOU NEVER TELL ANYONE YOUR PASSWORD! Even if you think they are AE staff. 


If you're worried that your password isn't good enough, THIS POST will tell you how to make a better one.

If you're new to the Tech Demo, please read THIS POST for the answer to most of your Tech Demo questions. 

The AQW 3D Tech Demo is still up and running. If you have an active AQW membership you can log in and try it out for yourself: AQW 3D TECH DEMO

If you were playing and any AE staff member or volunteer said something that offended you, then we apologize but please know that it wasn't really us (Personally, I prefer to offend you here on the Design Notes or over Twitter). We would like to thank the player or players who were exploiting this bug because it helped us find a pretty obvious weakness in our login system and, thanks to them, we found it early and fixed it. We would also like to thank all the amazing Legends who brought these guys to our attention. Smiley emoji.