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13 Lords of Chaos Poster

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Larga vida a los Señores del Caos Poster!

El Postero

I used Google Translate for that. 

This weekend we held our annual Artix Panel at DragonCon 2014 and one of the many, many new and exciting that premiered during the panel was the 13 Lords of Chaos Poster. Those intreped few who came from far and wide to watch us ramble aimlessly for two and a half hours were the VERY FIRST people ON EARTH to be able to get this poster and the avalanche of swag that comes with it. 

Their time is over. Now is YOUR time! 

The 13 Lords of Chaos Poster is now live on HeroMart, and now YOU can also bury yourself in the aforementioned swagalanche. 

--->   GET IT NOW!   <---

The poster comes with a the AQW Chaos Forge which can be used to obtain and then further UPGRADE these items: 

  • All-Seeing Spirit Staff
  • In-Djinn-ious Blade
  • Chaorrupted Dragonlord's Sword
  • Escherion's End
  • One Eyed Claw
  • Wolfwing's Last Paws
  • Fallen King's Scythe
  • Manabranch Staff
  • Temporal Triune Axe
  • Kitsune Kitsune Katana
  • Lion's Fang Blade
  • Tentacular Whip
In Dragonfable, you get:
  • Dragonlord Vath (Helm) (Look like Vath)
  • Dragonlord Vath (Sword)
  • Dragonlord Vath (Wings)
In AQ Classic you get:
  • Corrupted Guardian Dragon Jr (pet)
In MechQuest you get:
  • Chaosawa mecha  
And finally in EpicDuel you get:
  • Chaos Dragonslayer Sword Physical 
  • Chaos Dragonslayer Sword Energy
SO yeah... swagalanche. I think this item comes with more in-game stuff than any other HeroMart item ever and what a great way to celebrate the completion of the Chaos Saga and the start of AQW's new chapter The Queen Of Monsters! 

Free Stuff, cause why not?

If you just can't wait and feel the need to decorate your computer desktop with this amazing art, I made you several free wallpapers. Click on the picture to view each. 

800 by 600 
800 x 600
1024 by 768
 1024 x 768
1920 by 1024
1920 x 1024
1680 by 1050
1680 x 1050
And we also have some more options on our Artix Wallpaper site put together by HeroSmash Project Lead Randor the Red. These are all for personal use only, please and thank you. 
If you have already ordered the poster, plan on getting the poster or just like the free wallpapers then let us know in the comments! 
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AqwBloodHound: Pretty neat. Also loving those Backgrounds, cheers!
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Gjappy: Awesome!
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Tendou no Mazo
Tendou no Mazo: Awesome!
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Grunt: Sweeeeet!
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Kokujoe: Thanks for the sweet wallpapers big guy! Though I might not have been able to join you folks in DragonCon but I thoroughly enjoyed the vines and the pictures which both you and Artix shared so regularly. And I'm glad to know that you guys had fun while making important announcements regarding AE games as well. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. /cheers to success ^____^b
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Rabosta: I could just imagne Cysero saying a complacated sentence in Spanish or Greek the
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Rabosta: then just saying "I learned that on Google translate"
Rabosta: Soo awesome!!!!!
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kabimarta1: Nice wallpapers =D I might be looking forward to getting that poster. Maybe order it tomorrow?
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Tomcat435: Wooo fun.
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Inanitas: Awesome!
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ConquerOfTheWorld: Epic!
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Tallified: Nice!
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Red610: I got it at the Artix Panel but I didn't get the email yet with the code. Are you doing it yet?
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Mcgarden123: That's so AWESOME! :D */clap*
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