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DragonCon 2014

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BREAKING NEWS! Dragons & Project: AdventureQuest Omni

Greetings friend! I just returned home from DragonCon 2014 where we officially announced video game projects that you are going to love!  WARNING: This post contains Brutalcorn thumb-wrestling, baby teleportation stories, and semi-spoilers about the new storyline in AdventureQuest Worlds!

(What is DragonCon? Read the previous post.)

DragonCon PHOTOS!

I posted a gallery of 80+ DragonCon Photos on my Facebook page. Check it out and be sure to Like the post to recieve updates when I add more. As team members return home and send me their photos I will upload them there. 

Stories from the Artix Video Game Panel

The best DragonCon panel yet! I would like to thank everyone who attended giving us so much support. I would like to thank everyone who was unable to go (both staff and players) for being a part of our community and sending so us so much love. We hope for the chance to meet you and all of our other fellow gamers at future conventions.  So here we go... STORY TIME!

Originally, I was not scheduled to be at DragonCon due to having... a baby. But the little fella came 2-weeks early and when a few other staff members had to cancel at the last minute, I got permission to go! Cysero and I came up with a funny skit. We kept my presence at DragonCon a secret. Then, at the panel,  Cysero showed a video... which showed me at home, holding the baby... talking about how I wish I was there with everyone. Then, I was suddenly given permission! But how would I get to the panel (8+ hours away) in time? Fortunely once every 100 years a portal opens from my house to DragonCon! The players chanted a count down and when they reached 1... I bust through the door in the video, and then through the door into the panel room at DragonCon. They were so surprised! (Except the clever 20 of you that "busted me" finding me in the halls the day before.) To take the joke further.. I ran back through the door and appeared with a baby swaddled in a blanket. I smiled and whispered, "Shhh... the baby is sleeping" Then after a dramatic pause I non-chalantly tossed the baby through the air at someone-- it was a just a doll. Everyone gasped, then started to laugh. The energy in the room started building.
Brutalcorn invaded the panel and was challenged to "Thumb Wrestle to the Death" three awesome players. Fortunately for them, Brutualcorn is a terrible thumb wrestler!
WOAH! The player Brutalcorn is  battling is cosplaying as Cysero!
Stryche actually had Cysero's joke shirt created... they were given to the winners.
George Lowe, the voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, also crashed the panel. We made him read the insanely long MechQuest plan revealing a bunch of new content... but George Lowe has never played MechQuest and had no idea how to prounounce most of the things on the page! At some point he just started making stuff up.
We told our most embarasing and inappropriate stories from the lab... we are really open on the design notes. But we are REALLY open in person. I apologize for any therapy bills resulting from the panel.

We got the entire panel up on their feet to dance along to the BattleGems Dance Dance video!
Also we got a special request from a player who's friend was a huge fan and unable to come... and very politely asked if we could just say "Hi!". We said we could do one better than that :-) We got everyone there involved... we made a video and the entire staff then the ENTIRE ROOM said hello-- you guys are so awesome. Furthermore we sent her a signed copy of the new poster and an action figure.



13 Lords of Chaos Poster launches this Tuesday!

Available this Tuesday on! Because this is a piece of history that deserves to be on your wall. Drawn by Diozz and painted by Dage... this poster contains all 13 Chaos Lords spanning the last 5 years of AdventureQuest Worlds releases. It comes with... WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!!!! You will need to check out the official entry on HeroMart to see the full list on Tuesday. If you are unable to afford the real-life poster, we are building you some free desktop and phone wallpapers-- because your screen should to look this freaking awesome. (Personal use only)




AdventureQuest Worlds' NEW STORY is here!

AdventureQuest Worlds players were thrilled at the seemless transition into the game's new overarching main storyline... "ANCIENT EVIL." A cataclysmic like event has returned the Elemental Titans to our world. Those blank areas on the map are about to start opening up. Also, a cast of never before villains have escaped from the underworld do to the... um... death of Death. It is hard to make the rest of this post without spoilers. So if you have not completed it yet, then SPOILER ALERT!!! Stop reading right now and skip down to the next post. Seriouly. Ok, so you are caught up with the current release? Then you know that the Hero is in fact the reincarnation of the Eternal Dragon of Time... the "god" of our multiverse. Before you actualized your powers, you also became the 13th Lord of Chaos. Following the tragic series of events that we witnessed King Alteon undergo... you went on to do what no other Chaos Lord had done before you-- conquer the world. Then... FURTHERMORE... to escape the underworld, you assassinated Death himself. Which, technically makes you Death too! The final battle with Drakath was the most epic series of fights and cutscenes in the games history. My Twitter feed was full of awe as it exceeded the hype. However, a fixed point in time... Drakath, in a depserate attempt to flee you, enters the Chaos Gate. Defeating him was the only way to stop the end of the world... but doing so would strip you of all of your powers. Just like it did Drakath. The decision of a true Hero... good or evil... is to sacrifice everything for your cause. You know what happens next O_O. The Chaos Gate was closed... but the Queen of all Monsters escaped into our world. Time happens differently in the Chaos Realm... so when you return a long while later, you find the world has been devastated by the re-awakened Ancient Elemental Titans and the villains that escaped Death's underworld. The Queen of all Monsters. the one who created Drakath, has returned to our world... to defeat her you will have to face the Titans and regain your powers. AdventureQuest World's true storyline has finally begun!



DRAGONS - A new "Idle Game" for your Apple, Android, and/or Web browser!

We are collaborating with the creators of Cookie Clicker to build an Idle Game about Dragons! There will be 12 Dragons, each with a unique storyline & progression tree. You can follow our progress at


When I first talked to Orteil about the project and he said "yes"... I told him that I was going to make a video in my armor of how excited I was telling everyone. He probably thought I had forgot. He probably was not expecting this video, LOL!


This project is pretty far along... and the Dragons you will be raising in this game play an important role in the game we announced next!
But first... the wall.


Everyone who strives to reach the stars eventually hits a wall... ironically, the wall in this video is not a metaphor. I showed this personal video at the panel before we announced the next game project... it says a lot. It says alot about what it takes to accomplish something hard. Failure is only a temporary situation. Never giving up... battling on... persistance... is the path to acheiving your dreams! No matter what your dreams are. And you know what I REALLY want to make. Watch the video then please read the next game announcement post.


... and....
Serious face time.... here we go!



Behold, our ambitious 3-stage game project, officially declared! Long live AQ2D & AQ3D!


For the past two months we have been posting ambigious art samples on Twitter and Facebook to get your feedback on different NPC and art styles. We have been asking you random questions and listening to your feedback. These images are prototype characters for our biggest and most ambitious project... a bold step to not only to age up our games, not only to future proof the games against rapidly changing technology, not only to bring our games to new platforms & devices... but start a snowball effect that will avalache right into a new AdventureQuest 3D!

"Hey! These characters look awesome and.. wait, is that back arm art!?!?!"



3D models of the character armors are being created at the same time the 2D ones are! 3D stuff take a lot longer to create, so building the assets in the background while making the 2D game will give it time to all come together. It is vital that we do it in this order to succeed. AQ3D is "The Wall" -- and the steps needed to climb up it are listed below.


  1. Create a "single player" 2D AdventureQuest (Mobile & Web)
  2. Use the 2D game assets to create a Multiplayer Game (Improved real time combat & PvP)
  3. Create a 3D version of that game that matches seemlessly (Working on 3D assetsin background.)

Also... give the technology that we are building to the DragonFable, MechQuest, Oversoul, etc teams so that they can upgrade the games. We already have a working prototype of the Mobile 2D engine (It is a lot like DragonFable and AQ Classic mixed.) We also have a single player run around of the 3D characters (Cysero showed a video of it) where you can battle a few of the monsters. Do not get the wrong idea... this is a big project and will take quite some time. We want you to be with us every step of the way from 2D to 3D. You probably have a gazillion questions... to which I would like to say... AWESOME! Because, LOL, we probably do not have answers to them yet! ...but that means we get to answer them together.

Please repeat after me....

DRAGONS! AdventureQuest 2D! AdventureQuest 3D!
DRAGONS! AdventureQuest 2D! AdventureQuest 3D!
DRAGONS! AdventureQuest 2D! AdventureQuest 3D