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Frostval 2015 Cookie Contest Winners

Posted by Artix on
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Judged by the Creators of Cookie Clicker!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Cookie Contest! All of the entries looked so delicious we want to eat our monitors. We are excited that this years competition was judged by Orteil and Opti, the creators of the genre-defining idle game, Cookie Clicker! Here is basically how it went down...

Orteil: on a scale from Mr. Rogers to American Idol, how harsh and merciless should we be
Artix: Uh...
Orteil: no mercy, got it
Artix: O_O


When you think about it, it is pretty meta to have the creators of a cookie game judge a real life cookie contest based on another series of games. Here we go!



Grand Prize Winner

Beleen's Minions by Lellyna
"pro all around"

Lellyna - Beleen's Minions

2nd Place Winners

Robero the Hero - Golden Moglin

RoberoTheHero - Golden Moglin


Blutengel - Daimyo

Blutengel - Daimyo

Renata33 - cutest and most pretty cake with cherry on top with great use of colour


Neoslasher - badass and one of the most tasty looking



Special Super Awesome Cookie Prizes

Most EGGS : Moon Kn - Beleen & Cysero

Moon Kn

Most shameless use of copyrighted characters : Ultra_Rainbow_Dash - Unicorn Foal Pet

Ultra Rainbow Dash

Most BLAGHLARFLARBLRGB : The_AE_Dragon - Aisha's Dragon


Most frosted butts : PunkKitty - Twilly Cake

Punk Kitty

For the Sweeted Effort: Azerem

Azerem - Undead

Originality: Mikomaru


Best 2D Character Depiction: Tanchunlin123


Best Nail Polish Color: Julie


Saving Time by Using MSPaint for Faces: Edolon



Thank you to everyone who participated in this years Cookie contest. We loved all of the entries. Please give the winners a round of cheers and get ready for the next contest which will start soon. What kind of contest should it be?

NOTE: Prizes will be awarded over the next week.