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Open Call For New AQ3D Testers!

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Hey guys, passing this along for Gjappy, the AQ3D Lead Tester:

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AQ3D Alpha Testing team’s first call for Staff Testers!


AQ3D Staff Testers, short history.

Greetings and a shiny, blessed day fellow AQ3D Alpha testers! My name is Gjappy. People know me as the Human Angel and the AQ3D Lead Tester. This is the first ever DN’s post that I have written since I’ve been with Artix Entertainment.

Back in 2013, in the very first version of AQ3D; Legends of Lore, there was another official AQ3D testing team with Blade, Taini, Xellos, Perfectshadow, Rysox, Clarion, Dmage, Lothalis, Lycus and Plasma Charge. Nobody knew we were there, but we were all super motivated and we were a happy team. When AQ3D; Legend of Lore got shelved because of the Flash issue we were all distributed to different teams so when the time came for a NEW AQ3D, most of us were all busy with our new positions and responsibilities within the other game teams.

AQ3D Legends of Lore

At the beginning of this year Artix von Krieger asked me to pick up my position as AQ3D lead tester again. It is a big honor for me to get my favorite task back and be part of this new project. This is why I dropped most (and lately, all) of my AQWorlds duties and moved on to AQ3D. We quickly formed a new testing team out of the available volunteers and testers working on the other games.

The current AQ3D testing team is small and does a lot of work behind the scenes. So far we have Bido, Blood, Chrysus, Kaage, PlatinumLady, Relaxbleu, Rysox, Undead Lunatics, and Xellos as existing AQ3D testing team. Recently a few of the other testers had to leave us for various reasons and we have found ourselves a little under-staffed so we are holding an open call for NEW AQ3D TESTER volunteers!

What do AQ3D Testers do?

First of all, AQ3D Testers are part of the big Artix Entertainment family. They have to behave themselves like staff since they represent Artix Entertainment in game. For any information about how to be a staff member I refer to Cysero’s post.

AQ3D Gjappy 1

AQ3D is in its Alpha phase of development and we have a log way to go until we are ready for the game's full release so we are looking for Testers and not moderators. These will come later.

If you want to help us test AQ3D and make the game as shiny as possible by pointing out bugs, you will need the time and the motivation to help us. In general, being a tester is one of the most intensive voluntary positions and we spend way more time online than moderators will.

What Testers do:

  • We test new releases/content before it goes to the live server.

  • We test new patches for bugs and confirm bugs are gone… or not.

  • We find new or duplicate reported bugs and describe these in detail to the developers.

  • We work together with the developers to get things done on time.

  • When we can, we answer the questions on the Forums,, in-game and on the website.

  • We interact with the players as professional game staff, and make the game fun for everyone.

What do I need to be an AQ3D Tester?

Well, let me give you a summary of my how-to-be-a-tester-101. As tester you certainly do need skills, but also personality. It’s a balanced combo. To start off with the ideal testing skills; Testers must be able to:

  • Find a bug/glitch/exploit and describe or clearly explain how it works in a way that everyone could understand what exactly the issue is.

  • Think of strategies on how to possibly break/glitch a feature.

  • Use testing tools like a Flash tracer, the bug tracker and game commands.

  • Testers should be able to reproduce an issue aka. make it happen again.

  • Understand the priority of a certain bug, as in how important it is.

  • Help players fix common or known issues that can be easily solved.

Though, personality is just as important. I used to say that someone can have amazing skills but if they lack the personality then it’s a pity but no. What are some good personality traits of Testers?

  • Creativity in how to approach things.

  • Being clear and understandable.

  • Team play or teamwork, testers always work together.

  • Being open to feedback and instructions.

  • An positive attitude and inspiring.

  • Being motivated to do your task.

Where can I sign up to be an AQ3D Volunteer Tester?

Apparently, if you read this, then you still have the motivation and courage to go on. And you see a future for AQ3D! That’s awesome, I do too!

A while back I heard all the rumors over social media about fairness and I thought; “When I am about to select new members for my team, I’m going to do everything I can to show people that AE gives everyone an equal chance.” Plus I am convinced that new, fresh testers are way better then testers that already have multiple side-tasks. So everyone, current AE staff/volunteers and players alike need to apply the same way.


---> You can only apply if you are at least 18 years or older. <---


So this is what we do; and what I need of you. Write an e-mail and provide us with the following:

  1. AQWorlds or AQ3D name (Both, if possible).

  2. Your e-mail address.

  3. Your age and date of birth.

  4. The languages you speak.

  5. The name of your Master Account.

  6. Forum Account (if you have one)

  7. Facebook or Twitter accounts you use for our games.

  8. Possible testing devices; (PC, iOS, Android, Tablet, Occulus Rift. Be specific about models)

  9. A short description of yourself and how you could help us.

  10. Which experiences you have with testing games.

Send this e-mail to with the title “AQ3D Tester application” before September 30, 2015.


How will I know I got hired?

Like with any other public calls for voluntary staff we will not have the time to reply to everyone. We need to boost the team up to a maximum of 20 active testers because the testing forecast predicts heavy testing. If we are interested in you, then we will send you a replay e-mail back with additional information and a question to get in contact after the application closes.

I am aware I am one of the most responsive AE staff on Facebook or Twitter and anywhere else. But please do not contact me, the testing staff nor the developers directly about applying. All information you need to know is in here, and here you have your chance to apply for AQ3D tester in the official way. If you apply to me directly that only tells me something about you.

So, battle on and my blessings, fellow adventurers!!

I will see and read your applications all personally and hope to make a lot of you happy, to make the rest of you guys happy as well. Then we build an AQ3Dsome mobile game together with the Artix Entertainment development team!

-Gjappy, The Human Angel