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Players sent us GIFTS!

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Show and tell

Thank you to all of the players who have sent us packages full of gifts, drawings and fun things over the past few years. We have recieved quite a lot recently, and while we wait for the game releases tonight, it seemed like a great time to share. Today, we opened a GIANT box of goodies from long time player of our games, Genisis64, who lives in Japan. He sent a crazy collection of delicious and strange things from dried squid, lime Oreo cookies (that taste like toothpaste), green tea flavored Kit Kats, seafood cookies, pink Pepsi (strawberry milk flavored) and a special gift for Cysero. When we opened the box the entire team swarmed the table. Someone passing by might have thought it was a mob of zombies swarming a fallen hero! Thank you for the package, Genisis64! (By the way... when I return to Japan,  we are totally going to re-match in those Gundam pods in Akiba!)

Package from Japan

We also recieved a package from ACW0, a player who is vice president of TSA (Georgia's Technology Student Association). The package was full of bizzare things with the craziest personal, game-related notes written on it... SO COOL! ACW0, I have to ask you this question... on the poster for TSA, you have your eyes forced closed with a giant confident smile -- were you doing the "AQWorlds Artix face" on purpose?  :-) On a personal note, Artix Entertainment will be making a little donation to help your cause.

Packages from Players

Also... on Valentines day, we recieved a box over-flowing with pink presents from Submoebi! If only Beleen had been the one to open it. The burns from touching the pink will heal, but the memory of all of those pink things exploding over the lab will last forever. The white and pink striped knee socks were sorta cute though. Finally, we would like to thank Sephira for sending us a package full of Austrailia Day themed goodness! These decorative items are helping to make the lab represent all of the awesome countries our players live in!

We would like to thank ALL of the players who have sent us letters and drawings. Words cannot describe how much your encouraging words and creative support mean to the entire team. Enjoy tonight's release and BATTLE ON!

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Xellos: Why is Beleen so inactive lately?
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Xap: Woah! You guys got Awesome gifts there! :D I'd also like to thank all the players that sent gifts to you guys!
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Zhing: WOW :D Nice Pokemon Cards!!! Always wanted a Clefairy :3
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