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3D Glasses NOT REQUIRED :-)

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Thursday @ 5pm EST is AdventureQuest 3D Pre-Registration!

Even if your account does not qualify for pre-registration... you should click on the pre-registration link tomorrow and get your first glimpse of the game and how it runs! Remember, this test will ask you to use your Artix Entertainment "The ONE LOGIN to Rule Them All!" to login. This is the same account you use for EpicDuel, HeroSmash, and all of our future games.  You can see if you quality for "camp your name" by going to and logging in. Captain Rhubarb put a message there letting you know! Make sure your email is up to date as we will be using it to notify you about alpha testing.

No 3D Glasses required

Over the past two weeks, the team has made unbelievable advancements to this project. As you know, we created every pixel from scratch, ourselves, and are excitedly learning along the way. Even if you are deeply impressed at the good quality of tomorrow's test (Which is worth 200 Alpha Test Points!)... I would beg you to keep in mind that this is only our 1st 3D scene.  If you have played any of our previous games, you know we are only going to get better :-) Thank you for making this exciting project possible -- it is an honor to work beside the team on it for you. Tomorrow... NAME CAMPING! Remember, you can only choose one, so reserve the one the gaming community best knows you by.

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Xellos: Nice 3D Glasses, Artix :)
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Xap: Three " D " Glasses? XD
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