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AdventureQuest 3D - CLAWG

Posted by Artix on

3D redesign of an AdventureQuest Monster

With the 10 year anniversary event, OverSoul and our Mogloween releases, we temporarily took the spotlight off of our 3D game project. But during this silence, the AQ3D team has done incredible work and made progress. The biggest news is, as of last Friday, we have a working combat system! It is not ready for you to help test yet -- but as soon as the animation, pathing & colision bugs are fixed we will be re-opening the servers for all of you AlphaKnights (no ETA, but we are going as fast as we can. Promise!) Meanwhile, would you like to see some of the new monsters that have been made? (There are a lot of them!)

AQ3D The Clawg

First up is the Clawg. While AQ3D will take place on a new world with a fresh new plot -- it will feature many monsters based on the lore we have created together. The Clawg is a famous monster from classic AdventureQuest. I drew the original Clawg nearly 10 years ago. 6 weeks ago, Thyton re-envisioned it and created a new concept sketch. Xero took the sketch and turned it into the 3D Clawg. I think this new version of the monster sets the tone for how this game will be. Bigger, more dangerous, more mature.

QUESTION: What other classic AdventureQuest monsters would you like to see re-envisioned for AQ3D: Legend of Lore?


Random Thoughts

  • The Clawg was most famous from when it appeared in the Frostval event as "Santa Clawg"
  • Of all the monsters we have completed, this is one of the few that has not been animated yet.
  • I bet when it walks it will use the arms like a gorrilla. It might even have an attack that uses the feet.
  • Would the Clawg hunt alone or in packs? Seems like a solitary creature.
  • 10g says a Clawg tastes like lobster. We need to add a cooking skill in ASAP.