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AE's 10th Anniversary Event!

Posted by Artix on

The biggest event in our gaming history

When did you first start playing AE games? How long have you been playing? How is it possible that we will have been creating weekly releases together for 10 years next week? 10 YEARS!?!?!? We need to do something special. Not just special, we need to do something bigger and crazier than we have ever tried before. We need to do a new "1st!" So join us next week, on Friday, October 12th @ 6pm EST for a special event that will span ALL 6 of our major games! 


The biggest event in the history of our game network!

We only have a week and a few days before the 10th Anniversary event... and while we are super excited, we have so much to do! Building an event that will span AQWorlds, EpicDuel, DragonFable, MechQuest, HeroSmash and the original AdventureQuest is no small task! Also, from a plot point of view, it is pretty tricky since all of the games take place in different time periods and with different sets of characters. As always, if you have ideas for cool monsters that can span the games, please let us know on Twitter, Facebook and the Forums! Oh wait... or you can post below! 


Also coming this haunted month of October!

You know, it is all because of you guys that the games are here. 10 years is a huge reason to celebrate. Especially when you glance at the giant graveyard of game companies that did came and went during that time.

October Line Up!

  • 10th Anniversary ALL GAME special event (next Friday, Oct 12th)
  • AdventureQuest Classic's 10th Anniversary Quests (Friday Oct 19th)
    (written by Artix & Eukara and featuring special guest artists Oishii, J6, Dage)
  • Rolith & Alina's wedding (AQWorlds Special Event, Oct 19th)
    (Two of AE's beloved team members fell in love, became engaged, and are getting married!)
  • Special One-Eyed Doll music video premiere & Artix themed CD release!
    (The CD has officially been titled, "...something about a Dragon!?")
  • HeroMart will release the 2013 Calendar & 10th Anniversary shirt
  • EpicDuel's 3rd Anniversary with us!
  • AdventureQuest World's 4th Birthday
  • MechQuest's 5th Birthday
  • "Special Secret Release" on Halloween (Mogloween) night!
  • ... and a lot of other stuff that I am forgetting.

QUESTION: When did you start playing AE games? What was your first game? Which was your favorite so far?