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Friday is RELEASE DAY!

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This week's new releases

"The Eternal curse of Love"

The love story I wrote for players is being released tonight. This Valentine's release features music from our new musician friend Mia J. Park. As a thank you to our community, Mia is giving AQWorlds players a special discount on her debut album Metamorphosis.

PvP drops!

Players will have a chance to get a drop with every PvP fight. This first round of this feature is for players up to level 10 only. Meanwhile, Titan is perfecting the new Weapon Finder bot which will help players locate gear in-game and instantly teleport them to the shop or location that offers it.

Hero's Heart Day storybook!

This year is a huge clue-solving puzzle throughout the game to find the boss.

Planet Romero

New quests on the planet reveal that a virus is turning people into zombies resulting in Artix's first appearance in MechQuest.

SnuggleFest 2012

This year's snugglefest has been released along with a new quest and limited time item.

Daily Random Item Shop

A new "Daily random item shop" has been released. Each day, the contents of the shop will be randomly chosen from a list of growing items. Some items will return, some unlucky items might not!

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Xellos: I like the daily random item shop idea :)
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Xap: Thanks for posting all of the games updates on here! :)
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