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Friday's Game Releases

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The Dragonoid has come to EpicDuel!

Calling all MechQuest enthusiasts, an exciting crossover event is taking place on the planet Delta V in EpicDuel right now! Last week, Dravax the Harbinger came seeking Char and brought with him a great danger to the inhabitants of Delta V.  In the face of danger, you made your voices loud and clear!   You chose to defend Charfade and Delta V to the last!  While noble, your resistance has done little to discourage Dravax and the planet-destroying Dragonoid!
EpicDuel - The Dragon's Reckoning Charfade is so pleased by your overwhelming support that she's constructed a new series of items to offer in her Limited Quantity Shop.  She's also reverse engineered Dravax's technology to produce class-changing variants of the Harbinger Armor and a teleportation device that might just allow you to reprogram the Dragonoid from within.  There's also a 2.2% chance you'll be jettisoned into the abyss of space, but it's worth a shot!

Will you help defend Charfade and Delta V from near certain doom?  The final hour of judgment approaches in the Dragon's Reckoning event, happening now in EpicDuel. Happening now!

AdventureQuest Worlds

The Span's First Chaos Beast + Limited Quantity Shop!

/Join TheSpan this Friday to battle through a reconstruction of the AdventureQuest timeline! This week, Iadoa uses the epic battles the AQ Hero has won to teach you important lessons about what it means to be a Hero.

Battle a vicious fire dragon, study in the Temple of Hope, and take on the ultimate enemy: Carnax, the zone's first Chaos Beast! As Iadoa struggles to battle the Chaorruption infecting him, will he be able to hold on long enough to teach you what you need to know in order to defeat Chaos?

AQW - SpanThis Saturday at 1pm EST (server time), /join Battleon, but be fast, because there are only a limited quantity of each item, and once they're gone, they're gone for good! Check out these Design Notes for details on pricing and quantity.

TheFallen -


Book 3 Falconreach! Falconreach is one of the few places in Lore where magic is still welcomed and, as such, is full to the brim of magical beings trying to find refuge. Even there, though, the cultists of The Rose rail against magic users and creatures. Falconreach and its denizens still remember their hero though! Even after all the years you've been gone!


Visit Planet Liath tonight for the NEW quest in your mission to get those stone curtains open!  Many enemies stand between you and your Starship...

While on Planet Loreon, go East in Soluna City and speak to the Stranger outside the Magic Shop to pick up the NEW Nova Gem version of the Sepulchure Mecha! Star Captains - use Doom Cells to get the NEWLY-REVIVED higher-level versions of the Eidolon-type Hunter series mecha models!


Labor Day sale is still happening now at /mainstreeteast! Get your items now before they're gone for an entire year! Check back next week for Talk Like A Pirate!

AdventureQuest Classic

After protecting Karuna from the overzealous defenders of Paxia, Jacques has now labeled you an enemy! It will be up to you to take on Jacques forces and try to restore order to Paxia! Also be sure to check out the prequel of the Taladosian Set quest!


Oversoul is in Alpha! If you have supported any of AE's games in the past and you've linked your upgraded account to your master account, you should definitely come play. The alpha test is found here.

Also, the Oversoul team just released TODAY an all-new character that will be available only to Alpha Testers - the Skexis Fiend of Suinotlim! If you want to posess him (and trust me, you do), you must search for him on the world map.
Oversoul - Skexis Fiend