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Friday's Releases

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Return to Mobius: Shoot for the Stars! Light and Darkness dominate the skies in an eternal clash for supremacy... and immensely-powerful artifacts! This weekend, return to the /Mobius map in Chiral Valley to ally with either the Lunaris or Solaris clans. With your help, one side may finally gain the ability to control the stars... and Lore itself!AdventureQuest Worlds - SolarisSpeak with Yulgar to view our all-new Suggestion items! We take your designs and put them in-game for ALL your friends to /equip! Because we've put so many of your ideas into AQW, the Suggestion Shop is overloaded! So we're moving all the current gear into the Legendary Suggestions Shop. You can still buy those OR take a look at all the epic gear in the NEW Suggestions Shop!


Charfade's Fade - Starting today, we are allowing players to decide whether to save or sacrifice Charfade. To decide this, we will be polling players in game. Visit Dravax to choose a side. After voting, you’ll be able to see how many players are with you and against you. When the poll is complete, Charfade will be sacrificed or saved based entirely on YOUR votes!


Book 3 has begun! Check out the brand new intro, 'A Hero is Thawed', through the Book 3 section! You'll be able to explore Oaklore, but be careful of the members of The Rose that garrison there now!


Check the Event shop at Tek's for the NEW commemorative arm - the Imitation DragonConquest Blade! Available for 500 Nova Gems, it will remain in the shop until the end of September and won't return until September of 3013! 
MechQuest - DragonConquest BladeGo East in Soluna City to the Magic Shop to pick up the revived Ghosthunter series mecha! Haven't completed those missions yet? The mecha shop now unlocks at Rank 12 instead of Rank 21!  Also, the Star Captain Exclusive MELTFACE mode on the main interface is getting more updates tonight, so prepare to MELT YOUR FACE!


Labor Day sale is happening now at /mainstreeteast! Get your items now before they're gone for an entire year!

AdventureQuest Classic

Jacques' paranoia has made him increasingly unstable and it just may lead to Paxia being torn apart! Can you somehow diffuse the situation without making yourself an "enemy"? Log in and try, Paxia needs your help!!
This release features new rewards for those brave enough to defend Paxia!