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There are so many reasons to love Fridays. Here are 5 more really good ones! Do not forget, pre-registration for AQ3D is NEXT THURSDAY.

  • AQWorlds
    It is Member appriciation week! Thursday was a member release with the spooky and emotional Bludrut side-quest-line. This week's major release is a new installment of the SkyGuard featuring the highly anticipated Grenadier Class! Member appriciation week is just not for existing members... upgrade and you can join in too.

  • AdventureQuest Classic
    New quest "The Legend of Lady Tomo" with 3 new monsters and items!

  • EpicDuel
    Releasing the new Founder Appreciation bike, 70 new "broken" items. Take the broken items to Ulysses (NPC) who now has a repair item in his shop. Lucky players who find broken items will be able to repair them for a discounted price to obtain good Varium gear!

  • MechQuest
    Artix needs a cure! This week players will start quests to gather materials that will eventually (hopefully!) cure him from the H1Z1 zombie virus.

  • DragonFable
    Chapter 2 continues with the True Mortal Saga. Today the finale of the Forest Gate!

  • HeroSmash
    The Hero's Heart Day shop is open! Dage the Evil's set has been added to the supremo SmashCoin package.


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Vertigo Beast
Vertigo Beast: YAY First comment on this post :D Hooray for release :)
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Siganiv: We need more Member Appreciation Weeks in AQW.
Battle On!
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Xap: All the Games are Great! Keep it up~!
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