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If LIFE were a game...

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I think it would be turn based

Are you like me? Do all of your best ideas happen when you are standing in the shower? Sometimes I think ideas must fall from the spigot with the water. Today I was thinking how much life was like a video game. I figured if life was a game, maybe we get a certain number of turns per day. It was only a matter of time until I started doing the math on how many turns I have used so far in life, and how many I probably have left.  (Oh man, this is going to be one of those WEIRD design notes posts.) So how much time should a turn be? Most things we do take a half hour. For example it takes roughly a half hour to watch a TV show, eat a meal, play a video game for a bit, etc. So, to keep things simple, let us say that  1 Turn = 1/2 Hour of real life time.There are 24 hours in a day. So, you have a MAX of 48 turns per day. Everything you do costs a number of turns. For example, sleep. (Pffft. Like gamers sleep.) If you sleep for 10 hours... that is 20 turns! (New Game Rule: If you do not sleep, you become "sleepy" and doing difficult tasks will actually take extra turns.) Ok, before we continue... how about we take a comic break.


Mia J. Park posted this on her FaceBook page. If you are a fan of her music from the AQWorlds MerAngel event, be sure to give her a like.

The Legend of the Paladin and the Frog Princess


That was random, yet adorable. 


LIFE: "The RPG Game" Rules

So I started breaking down all of the things we do into turns. Seeing life this way is really interesting... it also becomes a continious reminder that if you want to do something in life, you really gotta start doing it now!


Your Name: _______________________
Turns per day: 28 (Which is actually 48.... -20 for sleep)

List everything you did today and how many turns each thing took you.

Turn Costs

These are my numbers, be sure to come up with your own!
Work or School:
18 Turns
Eat: 1 Turn (Not eating will result in a -15 turn per day penalty)

Talk to someone about something: 1 Turn
Sleep: 20 Turns  (Not sleeping will result in "Sleepy" which increases how many turns an activity takes)

Working out: 2 Turns
Watch a Movie: 6 Turns

Go to the Mall: 6 Turns

Write a design notes post: 3 Turns
Jamming with the band: 4 Turns

Play Games for a little bit: 2 Turns

Play Games for A LOT: 8+ Turns

Writing the plot for an AQWorlds release: 8 Turns

Drawing 1 AQWorlds Monster: 8 Turns

Animating 1 AQWorlds Monster: 8 Turns

Getting distracted on the web: 1 Turn (Happens a lot!)

Creating a simple Game Design Document: 32 Turns

Designing a Card Game: 280 Turns

Building a MMO Multiplayer Game Engine from scratch: 2,400 turns

... add your own!


Advanced Rules

Some other thoughts included... caffine gives a temporary +1 turn speed buff. However, each usage of caffine lowers your caffine resistance ultimate resulting in a heavy -turn penalty. Being sick gives a -Turn penalty depending on sickness type. If you are part of a party, you may get +Turn bonuses if you work well together, but people working against you will definately cause -Turn Penalties.


How to make this useful to you

If you actually take the last week of your life and write down what you did and how many turns you used... you may find the same thing that I did. I have A LOT of wasted turns. I also do not have enough turns to do a lot of the big things that I want to do myself. That is... if you spend all of your turns doing one thing (like building a MMO game, writing a book, drawing a comic, building a website) you will achieve it faster than if you spread your turns doing a little bit of everything. Do not take my word for it -- add up your turns yourself.


What is really scary is, after work or school is over... most of us only have 10 turns left in the day. But we use 2 of those for eating so there is really only 8 TURNS PER DAY to do stuff you want! We need to use them the best we can. If you have a dream of doing something.... use your 8 turns to do it. Do not wait. Because if you waste a turn, there is no getting it back. 


P.S. Also, respawn does not appear to work. The Life RPG appears to be in "Hard Core" mode.
P.P.S. Oh, and if life is a game.... remember to HAVE FUN!


QUESTION: Comment on this post and give me a breakdown of your turns from today or even the entire week. I would love to see how you spend your points.

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Lord Machaar
Lord Machaar: Sleeping: Half of my turns
Eating: Other half of my turns
This is how i roll!
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Eldric: Artix, I'd beware of playing Life: The Turn-Based Game. I hear it's made by Ebilcorp.
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dooooooom lord
dooooooom lord: Sleep, 20 turns.
Eat, 3 turns.
Live my life, 10 turns.
Iternet, The rest of my turns... XD
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Enraged Gamer
Enraged Gamer: 20 turns sleep
3 turns eat (3 meals)
xbox360 game 7 turns (bethesda games mostly)
ps3 game 5 turns (mostly infamous one and two)
read fanfiction 4 turns (....hey crossovers rule)
play mmo (aqw or star trek) 3 turns
mindlessly searching the net 4 turns (we all do it)
trying and failing to learn to play guitar 2 turn

that is this gamer junkie's day in a nutshell
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rysox: Your Name: Ryansox
Turns per day: 36 (12 turns of sleep)

Working: 9 turns
School: 6 turns
YouTube: 2 turns
TV Shows: 4 turns
Random Internet Surfing: 1 turn
Gaming (Minecraft/Xbox/WoW/LoL/etc: 5 turns
Eating/Cleaning/Etc: 3 turns
Random Other Stuff: 6 turns

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Lyraxiana: Morgan
Played Minecraft: 2 turns
Drawing AQ Characters (seriously): 8 turns
Getting distracted on the web (about 5 times): 5 Turns
Eating (three times): 3 turns
Talking to someone (5 times): 5 turns
Watch tv (3 times): 3 turns
Went to library: 1 turn
Sleep: 20 turns
Grand total: 44 out of 48 turns.... *thinks of what to do with the last 4 turns...*
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Ragieki: Ummmm.... lol? I honestly don't want to count all of my wasted turns....!!!!!!!
PS: Wahoo first comment!
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Ragieki: But anyway, probably 20 or so turns were spent playing an AE game today :)
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Marie MacLir
Marie MacLir: Wow... Well okay.. Lets see 48*7= 336
Sleep: average at 8 hours=16*7=112
Eat 3 turns a day= 21
So getting the important stuff out of the way sets me at 203 turns left for the week.

I've done laundry which takes 2 turns: 1 for the combined of loading, unloading washer and dryer and one for folding and puttign away. Laundry was done twice so 2*2=4 turns.
I played a lot of games but not as much as that says about 6 turns for four days 6*4=24
Getting distracted on the web: 1 Turn. I do random look ups and I did 5
Then there's housecleaning which is about 2 turns a day 2*5=10
So that leaves 160 turns. I'll give myself 10 turns for the stuff I know I did but can't remember: 70

My husband and I walked around the mall for an hour: 2 turns
We argued three times during the week 3 turns

Wow...85 turns left unaccounted for.

I will also point out Artix, that many of the MOST important things in life. Hugs, kisses, words of kindness and love, jokes, high fives etc all take LESS than 1 turn so we'll call them "Free Actions" And because Free actions take no time at all we can fit TONS of them together in one day and one turn
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Endo: I would love to tell you how I spend my turns, but in turn that would be effectively wasting a turn or two :)
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shadow_cloud: I would like to say though that Life is game, you can find many versions of it in the bored game isle, from twists & turns to starwars as well spongebob.

Here is how I break my turns down.
This day (and pretty much all for the entire summer)

Sleep -18 turns
eat -3 turns
play Artix entertainment games -10 turns
random internet things -6 turns
Go into town to get Cumberland Farms Chillzone - 3 turns (will get distracted and do other things to make self feel better about driving 15 minutes just for frozen beverage)
play other games- 10 turns

Hoping to make it something more like this once I get back to school.

sleep -16 turns
college classes -6 turns
work on spec scripts- 4 turns
work on film projects for school and personal -6 hours
eat- 2 turns
work on Resident Assistant Things- 4 turns
spend time with girlfriend- 4 turns(at least)
Watch Television- 2 turns
Spare time to fill in the gaps if something goes over 4 turns
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Anubis: Gaming: 126 Turns
Eating and Gaming: 98 Turns
Sleeping: 112 Turns
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Kersaw: alright, i woke up at 10 am today so i was already down 5 turns, i forgot breakfast cause a friend came over so minus 15 turns, we played minecraft for 2 hours -6 turns, then went swimming for a turn, we then ate lunch for yet another 2 turns because we drove a half an hour to McDonnalds.after lunch during the car ride home we talked about gaming so thats another 2 turns gone, alas we got home and played minecraft for another 5 hours and lost 9 turns then he left at 5:30 pm so -1 point then then i ate dinner at 8 pm losing 4 turns cause i was gaming and another turn gone for eating dinner,last i watched tv until 11 o clock s thats 6 turns gone i believe, finally i gamed for an hour then read this blog post for 10 minutes but spent about 35 minutes writing this comment losing yet another 3 and a half turns. i used a total of 59.5 turns today!
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PKKadin: In addition, we can apply Age as a sort of Level system! Depending on how old you are means how developed your mind and body are and thus, determine how many skills and abilities you can have at one time and be proficient with.

Base Skills are primary abilities that we acquire at the younger ages, such as talking and walking, that in laters years can be upgraded. First learning [Speech] you just make sounds, but can be upgraded to learn languages. [Walk] can be upgraded into [Run], and even [Sprint] if certain requirements are met.

We can also acquire Feats after becoming old enough and we've developed. Feats can include riding a bike or learning to hit a ball with a bat. Simpler Feats can evolve with enough use, and more advanced Feats like doing backflips recquire mastering other Feats first. Attempting to perform Feats when underdeveloped can result in a high chance of making a mistake and being given a penalty (like trying to backflip at the age of 10 when SO NOT READY and injuring your neck ;~;).
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DatPerson: "Posted 5 minutes ago"
What you doing up so late?
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EJCrazy: why dose making a game cost 2,400 points
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Jakehand83: Hmm well for me playing AQW would take up about 2,000,000,000+ turns. =( i have no life
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pkmnmastah: wow... i will probably quote this at some point.
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Loremaster: quick question -
If you get 28 turns per day that means you have to choose ether schoold/work or Sleep.
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Z Man
Z Man: You know, I had to do something like this last year in seventh grade. Only it wasnt quite as... AWESOME! we had to write down all the stuff we did in half- turn segments (15 minute segments.)
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Derpyfire: All right Cycero! Confess! What have you done with the real Artix!?!
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Artix: LoremasterRocks123- There are 48 actual turns in a day. But I allotted 20 turns for sleep and "wasted time" to make it calculating the rest simple. So... 28 "usuable" turns per day.
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Artix: EJCrazy, I added up all of the time that Zhoom spent personally making AQWorlds and calculated that as the # of points to make a MMO Game. If you use turns to improve yoru programming skills, or make a smaller game, it will probably reduce the total number of points needed!
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Artix: PKKadin, I *LOVE* the idea of the level and skill system.

Level 16: Unlock "Driving." Requires ~30 Turns
Level 18: Unlock "Voting"
Level 18: Unlock "Apply for Credit Card"
Level 21: Unlock: Access to Dance Clubs
Level 65: Unlock: "Social Security"

Basic Tic Tac Toe: 1 Turn
Advanced Tic Tac Toe: 2 Turns
Mastery Tic Tac Toe: 3 Turns

Actually... it would probably be better to have ranks for skills. There is a theoretical skill cap for most things we do. As in... you can only run so fast before you run the fastest you will ever be able to physically run given the gravity weather conditions.
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Al_Gilman: So are there premium coins available so that I don't have to wait for the turns to complete but can instead skip to the end result?
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Shonen Jump
Shonen Jump: If i did this I probably would end up in a mental hospital.
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Ultimumlord: Turns complicats things (for me), but I guess it works for others. Dividing the days into hours gives more flexibility(for me).
Sleep: 8 hours
School/work: 7 hours
drive back and forth: 1 hours
16 hours of life (gone)

washing/shower/etc. 2 hours
Play out side/friends: 2 hours (volleyball anyone?)
rest game/computer (still/add times from above)

and that is 24 hours of a day.
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Ultimumlord: oops wrote it fast and didn't calculate 2 more hours I guess it goes with games and other stuff (mom and dad).
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Ultimumlord: oops i guess i did. kira/artix/zombie? can you please remove this post and the one before it?. thanks a lot
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The Moglin Master
The Moglin Master: I started using the turn system and I decided that I'll give myself points based on how well I spent my turns.
Point System:
+(Big Number) - Something EPIC (Get married, publish something, get a car, etc.)
+3 - Something productive and hard for you to do (Workout, finish a non-fiction book, clean house, etc)
+2 - Productive and (maybe) fun (Music lessons, make friends, write a (small) game, etc.)
+1 - Something that makes you think or be creative (Reading Non-fiction, redstone on minecraft, building something, etc)
+0 - Neutral stuff/stuff that needs to be done (Sleep, eat, hygiene, chores, job, school, etc.)
-1 - No real-world use but helps you in some way (Making your gaming character better, playing fun games, etc)
-2 - Not productive or the +1 thing at all (non educational TV, just walking around on a game, etc)
-3 - A COMPLETE waste of time
-4 - Shouldn't do that
-(Really Big Number) - Something Really Really Bad (Jail, etc)
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Ricapica: There is also the Overdrive Mode. It's when you overwork and get extra turns in one day, but with a crash +10 sleep turns the next day (like working on a college project the night before due date :P)
My normal day:
10-12 turns sleep.
2 turns driving
16 turns college+related stuff
6 turns random stuff with friends
2 turns eating
10-12 hours games+internet

PS. am i the only one that sleeps so little?(20 turns is too much, right?)
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Ejacand: I spend all my turns on BEING AWESOME.
And writing.
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Zink: I've actually thought about time optimization a lot before.. Trying to schedule things never works out for me because of how random life can be, so maybe keeping track of them will allow me to focus whatever free time I do have on what needs it the most.

This is an average day for me:

12 turns for sleep (you aren't the only one Ricapica haha)
2 turns driving to work
22 turns at work (I usually work 10-11 hour days, but I have every other friday off)
2 turns driving home
leaving unstructured time for 10 turns of activities (It never feels like 5 hours somehow..)
1 turn eating
6 turns with friends/gf/family
3 turns for gaming/side projects/hobbies

... I guess I really need to stop wasting so much time messing around online during my normal 3 "turns" for hobbies haha. And I really think I need to optimize how I'm spending my "turns" on days I'm not working, since I have so few actually available for accomplishing things outside of work during the week.
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Zadck: This has got to be one of the strangest, most bizarre, most geeky things I have ever read. And at the same time, one of the deepest, most inspiring things I have ever read. This should be like stickied somewhere.

Writing a book=3000 turns.

That's a lot of turns. I better had get back to that.
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drakolio: EXACTLY! that's why i'm not so fond of all your awesome items having to be 1% drop... maybe now that you artix has gotten an enlightening in this could change it a bit :P ?
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Shadow Raven
Shadow Raven: Building a MMO Multiplayer Game Engine from scratch: 2,400 turns
This is 250 years so you won't be alive when it's completed.
Here is the math:
72000/12 months=250 years.
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Kyontik SoulHoarder
Kyontik SoulHoarder: Games-8+ turns.
Talk to someone
Make and AQW -based fan book... hehe?
Anyway, here's my char page for AQW-
Feel free to talk to me in-game.
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The Moglin Master
The Moglin Master: Actually, Shadow Raven, you forgot about the hours/days part

2,400*30min = 72,000min
(72,000min* 60 = 4,320,000sec, BTW)
72,000min/60 = 1200hours
1200hours/24 = 50days
50days/30 = 1.6666...Months
1.6666...months/12 = 0.13 888888888...

and that is about long it would take you to do it if you never did anything else but make the game for 50 days (not including the inevitable GIANT sleepy/hungry buff which would probably slow it down to take the rest of the year...)
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rob360: lol
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