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Art Contest Winners!

Posted by Artix on

Art contest Winners.jpg

Congratulations to everyone who entered! Our most daring contest was a smashing success and really shows of the love and maturity of our amazing video game community.

PRIZE UPGRADE - Every valid entry will recieve an AdventureQuest 3D Early Access Code. (Surprise!)

This was a VERY difficult contest to judge... all of the entires were SOO GOOOD! In our eyes, everyone who entered is a winner. Which is exactly why every valid entry is being awarded with an AdventureQuest 3D Early Access Code! That is right... this is a prize upgrade! :D 1st and 2nd place winners will also recieve in-game badges and Artix Points which they can use on the game of their choosing. Art in the Winners circle will also get a badge on their character page.

We posted all of the 1st place, 2nd place, Winners Circle, and Honorable mentions on Facebook. Please do show the artists some love and hit the like button for each entry that you enjoy looking at. They deserve it!


To see ALL valid entries, you can see the official ADVENTUREQUEST 3D ART CONTEST DROPBOX.

NOTE: Prizes are being awarded manually. Please give us a few days.
QUESTION: What would you like the next contest to be