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New Game Releases for April 22nd

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As spring marches on into summer, it's time for YOU to /equip your mightiest weapon and march into battle! Log in this weekend to quest through the all-new game releases we've built to hone your battle skills and blades!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Throne of Darkness: Skull Towers of Silver and Gold

It's a GREAT week to have an upgraded account in AdventureQuest Worlds! Members get the exclusive expansion to last week's Castle of Bone zone, PLUS... unlock the DeathKnight Lord CLASS!


There are two ways to unlock the Class:

  • Buy the Class for 1600 AdventureCoins (For the next week, the class will be 20% off... then it raises to its FULL price!)
  • Farm the daily quest to get the tokens required for the merge shop version!





ZardMaster Saga!

Now that the pesky Emojin has been dealt with, you can explore the true Zardmaster Saga, featuring TONS of new rewards requested by your fellow heroes (and maybe one or two of your own!) 



The End of the Beginning

Once upon a time
There lived a boy
Together with mother and father
The dad beamed with joy
The mom wept with woe
For she really wanted a daughter

Note: Tomix is crafting as fast as he can... to check on the release progress, keep an eye on the DragonFable Design Notes.




Epic Duel

Frysteland War!

Legion and Exile forces will gather yet again in Frysteland to battle for this vital northern stronghold! And GREAT NEWS! We’ve made large strides in preparing a downloadable version of EpicDuel!





Release 1.3.29 is LIVE! 

The fastest, smoothest version of BioBeasts yet!

  • All the beasts have been reanimated and improved in quality while reducing memory usage by up to 75%
  • Numerous fixes have been added to help players having issues with iOS builds of the game.
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