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New, Lucky Releases for March 18th

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Are ya feelin' LUCK-y, Hero? This week, gear up for gold and make your enemies GREEN with envy as you battle in all new gear through our Lucky Day holiday releases!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Lucky Day 2016: Galanoth and the Luck Dragon's Quest

Battle the Luck Dragon for all new, lucky rewards as we celebrate Lucky Day AND Galanoth's birthday! Then head over to the Shamrock Fair to check out all our hliday mini-games!


  • Find Dage's Arcane Dark Caster Class in the March Rares shop in your game menu!
  • Check out all the holiday minigames in the /luck map
  • Battle the Luck Dragon to help Galanoth celebrate his birthday!





Blarney War 2016: Leprezards!

Uncle Sham is back, and he's teamed up with the Zardmaster to create their most terrifying creation to date: LepreZards!
Can you fight your way through the legion of zard and leprechaun monsters and save Battleon?



Lucky Hunt!

The Darkness is determined to find out the secret of the hero… the secret of why you have defeated the odds time and time again. The more that Caitiff learns… the more its wrath grows!

  • Revisit your victory over the Wrath of Xan!
  • The Frost Giant Sets Return!


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