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New Game Releases for March 11th

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Gear up and get ready to march into battle, because this week's newest game releases are almost here! Our team of intrepid game designers has crafted challenges that will require luck, skill, and stamina... are you ready?


AdventureQuest Worlds

Journey to Sky Tower Aegis: Where the Good Soar!

This weekend, journey miles above Lore to an impenetrable fortress, where the the greatest defenders of Good the world has ever seen make their home - the Sky Tower Aegis!


  • Battle to complete 17 quests from 7 new NPCs to rank up your Aegis faction reputation!
  • Find 20 new items to collect from the Pet, Rep, and Gear shops in the Tower!
  • Check out Laken's birthday shop in your game menu!





ChessMaster Saga: Xanatos Speed Chess!

The season of choices has begun! A brief moment of respite for the Chosen is, as always, rudely interrupted. Elsewhere alliances form and battle lines are drawn as the many forces pulling at them come to bear. Witness the first ever meeting between the Chessmaster and ENTROPY, and uncover evidence of the 10th orb!



Lucky Hunt!

The luckiest helm in the land is up for grabs! You’re going to need equip all your LUCK to find it though… search through all of DragonFable’s Lore to find the key to unlock the treasure at the end of the rainbow!

  • An all new scavenger hunt!
  • If you can find all the keys, you’ll be able to unlock the Luckiest Helm!
  • A brand new rainbow hammer shop!




AdventureQuest 3D

Steam is Coming...!

We have updates to build 0.0.66 which comes with a lot of new changes. Also, the time is coming to say goodbye to the web version of AQ3D and move testing over to Steam. If you haven't already installed Steam, now's the time so you can log in as soon as we go live!


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