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Dark Birthday, New Game Releases!

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March is here, and we're ready to spring into the season with all-new game releases crafted by our team of friendly videogame developers just for you!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Dage's Dark Birthday Returns with all-new gear!

Log in this weekend to celebrate Dage the Evil's birthday with the Legion DoomKnight Class, new reward gear, and a return to the Laken and Dage the Evil: Queen of Envy storyline! 

  • Take on Envy and discover what the Darkness is hiding!
  • Battle through the storyline to unlock the Seraphic Commander set!
  • Undead Legion Members: unlock the Legion Castle and Legion Blademaster Assassin Class!





Thanks from Zorbak!

After Lil'Z survives your adventures in babysitting, Zorbak dispatches Keyote the Heartcrusher The Void as a token of his appreciation and to say "thanks"! Don’t miss the awesome new keyblade coming to the Z-Token Shop, and Monkakazi leaves Battleon this week, so this is your last chance to get his BioBeasts items before they are gone forever!

March Z-Token - Lazer Blazer Armor!

Fashion meets function in this little number from Lazer(TM) Clothiers: The Lazer Blazer Armor is one of the bonus items that comes with the 6000 Z-Token package! Not only does it offer excellent defences and a style that can't be matched, but it also lets you fire and control lasers!




The Shadows in the Darkness have failed, time and again, at returning the world… the universe… to the gloom of nightfall. Even now, tendrils of darkness, figures in shadows, and dark spirits, all plan and plot and will, ultimately, fail. Unless… unless they can learn what it takes to win.

  • The 10th anniversary questline is beginning!
  • A new skill for Archivist class!
  • Nightfall returns!


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