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New Game Releases for 2.19.16

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Never fear, and feel no dread! We've got brand-new weekly releases for you to battle through this weekend! 


AdventureQuest Worlds

Double Festival Weekend!

After fleeing the Queen of Monsters' Chaos, Evil Heroes have taken over the ruins of an ancient city to make a NEW home for themselves...and they call it: Dreadrock Citadel!


Unlock the exclusive Darkblood of Nulgath gear when you upgrade with any AdventureCoin or Membership package worth $10 USD or more!




AdventureQuest 3D

The Combat Patch!

The “Combat Patch (0.0.61)” is released. This patch is our latest update that let’s you experience what direction we are taking combat in AQ3D. Give it a play and let us know what you think of our changes.


Don't miss:

  • Guardian Test Class added to Faith's Shop in the Trainer's Hall
  • Alpha Knight Gear Quests and Shop added to Melodia in Yulgar's Inn
  • Graphics Options added (Bloom/Depth of Field toggles & Shadow quality slider)

New phase of testing. Just... click... HERE!





Golden Giftbox Cross-Game Extravaganza!

Over 30 new and returning items from your favorite AE games will be coming to the Golden Giftboxes. Hurry though as these items will only be available for 1 month! Also don’t miss the Bee Arthur Katana in the Limited-Time Shop - only here for 1 final week!



The Ivory Tower!

Re-discover Swordhaven as we return to this fan-favorite town! Unlock new rewards and meet new NPCs!





New Beast Coming Soon!

The BioBeasts team is working on the first major update to BioBeasts which will introduce a new beast, new mutations, challenges, ranks, and performance improvements! The update is in testing, but it will hopefully be live sometime next week!

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Terius: I kind of don't understand logic behind new release in AQW. Why give second city to the evil heroes. Chaos heroes still don't have their own capital city. In case of good heroes, including myself, it's even worse. Swordhaven has been burnig since chaos war. We don't have strong leader and I doubt that it will change soon. Contenders would be Robina and mad king to be ( I've even forgoten his name) and neither of theme will get my vote. I am disapointed, thats all.
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chaoslord13: true, true, considering I favor chaos over either of them, I believe we need a city as well, or at least a alignment.
kabimarta1: I've been wondering, is that bluish grey female monster with the long white hair and horned mask seen in this week's AQW promo picture ever gonna appear in-game later? Just asking.
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jokerpack: nuss ve novo pack da darkblood por 10 reais pelo cell lets go
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