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Love and NEW Video Game Releases

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We LOVE making new releases for you each week, and this is the best time of the year to show it, because our seasonal Valentine's Day events have returned! 


AdventureQuest Worlds

Hero's Heart Day Returns!

There’s no time for love this Hero’s Heart Day, because you’ve got to free Lore from an emotional puppet-master playing with the minds (and emotions) of your friends and battle companions!


Our February Rares Shop gets even SWEETER as we introduce the Knight of Hearts and Battle Q-Pid gear! Find the exclusive February Rare Gear shop in your game menu until Monday, February 29th!

  • Weekend of LOVE server boosts! Get 2x EXP and Reputation on ALL servers and 50% more GOLD on member servers!



AdventureQuest 3D

Player Voted Emotes Now in Testing!

You suggested them...
You voted on them...
Korin animated them....
May the fates have mercy upon us all! O_O

Check out a video of all the new emotes currently being tested, and read the full blog-post here! Stay up to date on AQ3D news by bookmarking the AQ3D homepage

Don't miss:

  • Guardian Test Class added to Faith's Shop in the Trainer's Hall
  • Alpha Knight Gear Quests and Shop added to Melodia in Yulgar's Inn

If you have'nt logged in and tried AQ3D, this is the best time to do it! The new phase of testing is in progress. Just... click... HERE!





SnuggleFest: Date Night!

It's date night - for Zorbak and Mu-Glen but... somehow it becomes your job to babysit their kid while they're out!
Are you up to the task? You know when Zorbak is involved babysitting becomes anything but a standard adventure!

  • Battle through the Hero's Heart Day release to unlock great new rewards!
  • Deadpool fans: you'll LOVE the the Bee Arthur Katana! Only available in the Limited Time Shop for 2 weeks!




NEW version of BioBeasts is live on Android and iOS!

If you've already downloaded BioBeasts, check out the newest patch (1.0.24), which fixes a crash issue on older devices. If you have NOT downloaded our newest mobile game yet, now's the time to check out BioBeasts! Created by the same team that made EpicDuel, BioBeasts is LIVE for iOS and Android!

  • Help us make it a success by rating it 5 stars and telling as many of your friends as possible!
  • Coming Soon: more challenges, beasts, leaderboards, and more!
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KJinx101: Good News
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RockerGir: Omg I "love"(hehe) the Heroes heart Update. I got the Daggers to the heart and they look amazing. As well as all of the other items. Artix and his team never cease to amaze me. BATTLE ON!!
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Vanitas: Not bad at all, this week was awesome & relaxing.
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