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New Game Releases for 2.5.16

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It's time to /party! We're celebrating Carnaval, Chinese New Year, AND the Superbowl in this weekend's new game releases!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Double Festival Weekend!

Battle hard to /party harder! Fight to survive the sabotage when the competition between the Carnaval and Yokai New Year festivals turns diabolical!


It’s double the festival fun and twice the holiday exclusive items! Find the February Rare Gear shop in your game menu until Monday, February 29th!

  • Get 2x Class Points Boost on Sir Ver and 15% more Class Points on all other servers!
  • Log in this Sunday during the Superbowl Half Time Show to /punt Twilly!



AdventureQuest 3D

Guardian Test Class Update!

All of our AQ3D Guardian level backers can pick up the class from Faith in the Trainers Hall.

Remember that this is the AQ3D Guardian and it is still a work in progress so anything could change but we wanted your initial thoughts. The rest of the Guardian gear and zone are still to come! 

Don't miss:

  • Guardian Test Class added to Faith's Shop in the Trainer's Hall
  • Alpha Knight Gear Quests and Shop added to Melodia in Yulgar's Inn
  • Graphics Options added (Bloom/Depth of Field toggles & Shadow quality slider)

New phase of testing. Just... click... HERE!





Blades of Victory!

These are the weapons you unlocked by smashing the social media challenge back in November! After buying the Silver Victory Blade, you must decide:

  • Will you battle through the Underworld to create a weapon of despair?
  • Or will you face the enemies of the Sky Realm to create a weapon of glory?



Danyel and Baltael are continuing their chase after Roirr, who is now in a body of a magester. He now has an access to the Seym, where the Mana Core piece is kept. Quite the upper hand, hmm?

  • New Roirr quest coming on Saturday!
  • The Hero’s Heart Day Storybook!
  • New Celebration Shops for the Lunar New Year, the Big Game, and more!





NEW Mobile Game Now Available for Android and iOS!

BioBeasts is now LIVE for iOS and Android! Help us make it a success by rating it 5 stars and telling as many of your friends as possible!

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