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Titan-sized New Releases for 1.29.16

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Beasts and boss battles abound in our games this week! Read on to see what our friendly game developers have in store for you this week!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Queen of Monsters Saga: Brightoak Finale!

The final battle to defeat General Nevanna and save Brightoak from Gaiazor is here… The Queen’s corruption completely infected the Grove, but it may not be too late for its people… or the Mana core! It’s up to you to save the day… and the world!


  • Unlock the Tier 2 StoneCrusher Class for 2000 ACs or find it in the Brightoak Rep shop!
  • Nulgath's Birthday Shop leaves NEXT Friday... but Carnaval AND Yokai New Year arrive!





War of the Seas + February Z-Token Package!

King Mako, newly appointed ruler of the Sarkanians, has taken Aquella to be his new queen and rallied the Sarkanians to war. YOU must help Captain Rhubarb battle the forces of the seas to rescue his lo-friend!

  • Also don’t miss Monkakazi by the fountain in Battleon selling awesome BioBeasts gear!
  • Hurry though, Monkakazi is only visiting during the month of February, and then his items will be gone forever!

February Z-Token Package - Arsenal of Wukong!

Coming this week to the 7500 Z-Token Package: Celebrate your Chinese New Year with an awesome set of 3 powerful weapons!





Epic Duel

Heartbreaker's Return!
  • Heartbreaker/Azrael Seasonal Rares return on the Alydriod in Fortune City!
  • Winter/Frysteland seasonal rares are leaving Monday! This is your last chance to get them before they leave for another year!
  • Power Weekend starts next Friday! Get double XP and credits all weekend!



BioBeasts Escape!

Battle through random dungeons to find all the escaped BioBeasts!




AdventureQuest 3D

Pre-Beta is Happening Now!

Surprise! PRE-BETA launched early. Kickstarter backers with EARLY ACCESS and players who have supported previous Artix Entertainment video games are welcome to join in this exciting new phase of testing. Just... click... HERE!

  • You have character pages now!
  • Alpha Knights can pick up their armor from Melodia in Yulgar's Inn. Quests to get the rest of the pieces coming semi-soon.
  • New lighting system! Your characters now have shadows. If you walk into a shady area.. you get.. all.. shady O_O
  • Onward, to PRE-BETA... for great justice!





NEW Mobile Game JNow Available for Android and iOS!

BioBeasts is now LIVE for iOS and Android! Help us make it a success by rating it 5 stars and telling as many of your friends as possible!
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