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New Game Releases for 1.22.16

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Treasure, time-travel, and a BEASTLY new mobile game? Our developers have been crazy busy this week! We've got new weekly updates in our web games AND the newest addition to our mobile game library - BioBeasts - is LIVE!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Time-Travel Quest: The Hunt for Greased Lightning!

Whispers of a crashed spaceship and an ancient time-traveler's hoard have reached Valencia the Treasure Hunter. Battle through the /crashsite to bring back the Enchanted Idol of Greased Lightning... IF you can survive the guardian protecting it!


  • Battle to unlock all-new rewards after you conquer the time-traveler's ship!
  • Don't miss the limited time Assassin Commander Limited Time Shop in your game menu!
  • Nulgath's Birthday Shop is still available, and we've buff





NEW Mobile Game Just Released for Android and iOS!

BioBeasts is now LIVE for iOS and Android! Help us make it a success by rating it 5 stars and telling as many of your friends as possible!
Help us spread the word and bring the THUNDER! Click here to donate your social reach and help us ROAR!





AdventureQuest 3D

Pre-Beta is Happening Now!

Surprise! PRE-BETA launched early. Kickstarter backers with EARLY ACCESS and players who have supported previous Artix Entertainment video games are welcome to join in this exciting new phase of testing. Just... click... HERE!

  • You have character pages now!
  • Alpha Knights can pick up their armor from Melodia in Yulgar's Inn. Quests to get the rest of the pieces coming semi-soon.
  • New lighting system! Your characters now have shadows. If you walk into a shady area.. you get.. all.. shady O_O
  • Onward, to PRE-BETA... for great justice!




X Marks the Spot!

Sailor Boon's treasure map has been in his family for 3 generations, but watch out for those who heard rumors about the treasure map-- they want it as much as you do!

2 Rare Item Hunts!
In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King we have hidden 2 dream-themed weapons somewhere in AQ!

  • Find your Rare Item Hunt clues on our homepage - only available for a limited time!
  • Also don’t miss Ziggy's Stardust spell coming to Warlic’s shop!

January Golden Giftboxes - Star Sabers!
These blades seem to harness the power of the stars. They are a force to be reckoned with! Collect all 6 weapons and you'll become a Force to be reckoned with!





Oaklore Keep Revisited!

Oaklore Keep is seeing some updates this week! Log in now to check out what's new and revisit old memories!

  • Two new quests!
  • New Elite Pactagonal item drops!



Epic Duel

Central Station War!

War has returned to the once quiet train hub of Central Station! Exiles have seized control of the COMMS Hub to feed propaganda to new arrivals at the depot. Legion forces will attempt to emit their own pirate broadcast to hijack the Hub. Who will win this battle for the hearts and minds of Delta V's citizens? You can make the difference!



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kabimarta1: This was a nice release! It's fun to go back to old maps for new quests released there once in a while. (P.S. Only one more week to go before the Brightoak Finale. I believe Nevanna's armor set will be worth the price she will pay for what she did to Brightoak, its people, and especially Aven!)
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