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New Game for January 15th

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2016 is here and it's time to get the /party started! Log in this weekend to find new releases in all our main games... PLUS the Pre-Beta for AdventureQuest 3D is happening right now! If you haven't checked out our newest game, head on over to help us build it from the ground up!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Nulgath the ArchFiend's Birthday: A Call to Arms!

The planes of Lore and the Oversoul are approaching alignment! Answer the ArchFiend’s call to strengthen the link between dimensions and battle to claim your rewards! 

  • Find an all-new rares shop full of fiendish gear featuring the Evolved Warlord of Nulgath gear
  • Quest to gather resources, then unlock the Shadow Legacy of Nulgath, 3 new Evolved Orb pets WITH quests and more from the merge shop
  • Get 15% more XP on all servers, and 25% more XP on member-only servers through Monday, January 18th



AdventureQuest 3D

Pre-Beta is Happening Now!

Surprise! PRE-BETA launched early. Kickstarter backers with EARLY ACCESS and players who have supported previous Artix Entertainment video games are welcome to join in this exciting new phase of testing. Just... click... HERE!

  • You have character pages now!
  • Alpha Knights can pick up their armor from Melodia in Yulgar's Inn. Quests to get the rest of the pieces coming semi-soon.
  • New lighting system! Your characters now have shadows. If you walk into a shady area.. you get.. all.. shady O_O
  • Onward, to PRE-BETA... for great justice!




Tooty Void Challenge and Custom Titles!

Somehow Mama Fruitcake Zard, Tooty, has found her way to the present - and even received a new hat! She'll be waiting in The Void for the very brave... or foolish.

Also don’t miss CUSTOM TITLES coming to the 12000 Z-Token package this week!

  • Give your character page some unique flair with a custom title. 
  • Includes the ability to select any color you like and up to 100 letters.




Poor Twig! You had to beat up his best fwend to stop the ice cream invasion of Frostvale! Maybe you can ask around and find him a new fwend? Help cheer up Twig!

  • Classic and new New Year’s weapon shops are in your Book of Lore!
  • Grab your Frostval presents before they’re gone!


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kabimarta1: Happy Birthday, Nulgath! It's been a real pleasure aiding you in this latest plot of yours. And it's only two weeks left before the two-part Brightoak Finale... Nevanna, you will pay!
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DerposaurusRex: The birthday release is AWESOME! The birthday rares shop will be leaving on February 8th, but will the release and the evolved orb pets go rare?
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