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Tis the Season to Be Slaying!

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Break out the SLAY bells and gear up to grind down the most ice-cold villains of the year, heroes! We've got wicked-cool holiday releases going on RIGHT NOW and lasting through January 1st. Don't miss a moment... or a present!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Frostval 2015: Cryostorm Asssault!

After disobeying the Queen of Monsters, Karok the Fallen and the Frostspawn Horde descend upon Cryostorm Village to locate the next Champion of Ice… and DESTROY THEM! The boss battle begins tomorrow!

  • Cryostorm Assault Frostval War
  • New bonus gear for AC/mem packages of $10 USD or more: Cryostorm Wolfrider Mounts
  • Nulgath the ArchFiend returns with new gear for Quibble Coinbiter’s shop
  • Double Server Boosts on ALL servers 12/24 - 12/28 and 12/31 - 1/3
  • Log in 15 days during December to get 300 FREE AdventureCoins
  • Frostval Limited Quantity Packages go on sale this Wednesday at 11 AM EST



Stollen Fruitcake!

Zorbak has traveled back in time to stop Frostval before it even begins! (Mehehehe!) Your mission is to prevent him from reaching Stollen and changing the face of Lore... FOREVER! 

  • Watch for Kibbles and Tibbles as they spread holiday cheer... and FREE GOLD!... to your fellow players! The top 15 donatos will receive 1 of 2 exclusive weapon sets! (Or both if you are that uber generous!)
  • Open up the December Golden Giftboxes and find the elite Icy Dragonslayer Armor!


Epic Duel

29 Days of Gifts

This week, EpicDuel players will witness the exciting relaunch of the extremely popular Gifting system! We will also be updating the Legendary shops and seasonal shops with some awesome new gear!

  • Log in for over 60 new items including weapons, home items, styles, and armors!




The Frostval bells are ringing and Icemaster Yeti, Chilly, and the Frostvale moglin children are playing in the snow! One poor, lonely, fish-smelling yellow moglin is feeling left out though… but he’s going to make fwends… no matter what!

  • The Frostval Storybook is here, and so is the rare Frostvale House - find it in Chapter 3: Lumps of Coal!

AE Holiday Cookie Contest

This year's Cookie Contest to be judged by the creators of Cookie Clicker! Entering is simple and fun :- ) Make a creative Artix Entertainment Game themed entry and tweet a picture of it with your name to the contest twitter

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