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Frostval 2015 Cookie Contest

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Bringing the Om Nom Nom to Battle On

Arm thy spatula! Equip your cooking apron! And start your ovens! This is the 2015 Artix Entertainment Creative Cookie (and various holiday dessert) Contest!

Cookies may be sweet, but Victory is sweeter.

In years past, this highly-anticipated and highly-caloric contest has delivered a scrumptious surge of cookies, pies, cakes, CHOCOLATE!!, brownies, cupcakes, and various holiday desserts all created in an Artix Entertainment theme. 

We’ve seen everything from Moglin Muffins to Book of Lore Brownies to NPC Cupcakes and…wait, why am I telling you about it when I can just SHOW you!?!

Yummy cookie winners here
OH look, some more Cookie Contest winners

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? Not us! We know how much you love winning, and we know how much EVERYONE loves cookies, so we invite you and your friends to enter the 2015 Artix Entertainment Creative Cookie (and various holiday desserts) Contest!

Your Just Desserts: The Prizes  

  • Grand Prize Winner(s) will receive an exclusive AQW item and 2,000 AdventureCoins   
  • 2nd Place Winners will receive 1,000 AdventureCoins    
  • 3rd Place Winners get 750 AdventureCoins    
  • Runner Ups score 500 AdventureCoins

Preheat Your Oven: The Timeframe

Start: Now! What are you waiting for? GO GO GO!
End: Thursday, December 31st, at 11:59pm Server Time (EST).

The winners will be announced on the Design Notes in the first week of the New Year 2016. What a way to start the year off! Am I right or am I right? :)

How the Cookie Crumbles: The Rules

These rules MUST be followed exactly for your edible entry to be eligible. The easiest way to make sure your hard work gets judged: read all of the rules before submitting your entry! It’s just that simple, so let’s get started.

  1. Your dessert MUST be created by YOU.  
  2. Include your Character Name next to your delicious creation. You can use an index card, piece of paper, or icing signature that says your AQW Character Name alongside your tasty treat.
  3. Your dessert MUST be created in an Artix Entertainment theme. Create anything you want from any Artix game or any Artix mobile game! Maybe it’s an NPC from AQW, or a monster from Battle Gems, or even a really awesome sword from our newest game up on Kickstarter, AdventureQuest 3D!
  4. Your canvas must be an edible holiday dessert. We accept all kinds of desserts, like cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, ice cream, cupcakes, and pastry. Mmmm, get creative!
  5. High quality photos RULE! The more clear the picture, the better and tastier your dessert will look, upping your chances at winning the Grand Prize.
  6. Tweet it to @AQWContest! Upload your picture and send us a tweet at to enter!

So much excite!

Wheeee! Your friendly Artix Entertainment family is really looking forward to seeing your tasty treats and delectable desserts!And TOTALLY wishing we could eat them, too.There is only one way to win—and it starts by entering this contest! Best of luck to you all, heroes! And remember to take a photo of your creation BEFORE you Battle Om Nom Nom.xoxo Beleen :D

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