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13th Anniversary WAR

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For several weeks, across our games, the dark council has been tricking you and your fellow players into gathering artifacts from our greatest villains.  Why? They used the parts to create a new villain- Vaxen!  A warlord powerful enough to conquer entire universes. First… his army is coming for all of ours!

The Shadow DragonGate opens tomorrow!
Conclusion to the Multi-game event begins in AQWorlds on October 16th, 2015!


AdventureQuest Worlds
Upgrade to unlock 7th Upholder!

7th Upholder is live AdventureQuest Worlds! Buy or renew your membership to instantly become a 7th Upholder! 




Epic Duel
The Hundred-Year Curse
  • Experience a massive new mission chain in which you must prevent the rise of a legendary war god.
  • Nightwraith’s seasonal rares return!


Warlic Shop Update and October Golden Giftboxes 

Warlic has tons of new gear making it’s way to his shop this week! Plus, find the winners of the NPC Raffle Contest hanging out in the Warroom of the Guardian Tower now! Also don’t miss the Poutine Golem in the Limited-Time Shop!

October Golden Gift Boxes - Vampire Armor and Mana Bat Guest!

  • Channel the power of the Vampire and spend HP to boost your attack power
  • The Mana Bat can siphon off your enemy’s MP and add it to your pool!



Bubble is back! Who’s ready for trouble?

Bubble is finally cured of the curse that turned her into a cat all those years ago! What could this mean for Mogloween this year? Will everything be alright, or will it be a cat-astrophe!

  • Find out what Bubble has been planning for the past few months!
  • Will you be able to save Mogloween this year?


Don’t Fear the Reaper

The S.C.E.M. Reaper is returning! This mecha has all new specials that change based on how much, or little, health your foe has!

  • Pick up the S.C.E.M. at the Star Captain Club!
  • Mortis is back for you to catch up on the previous events!

13th Anniversary!?  Thank you!

Artix writes:

On behalf of the entire Artix Entertainment team, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We are so grateful for the opportunity to create our weekly games and releases for you. Who would have believed that 13 years ago when our very first game, AdventureQuest, started its weekly releases… and that today, 13 years later, the game would STILL BE UPDATED each and every week? Not to mention all of the other amazing games we have created together. And now, as you read this we are working on the next evolution of our games with  AdventureQuest 3D -- a multiplayer game that will play on your phones, tablets, PC, MAC and more. We are very excited about the future of this and all of our games. We never forget it is all because of your support, encouragement, and love. We hope you enjoy this special cross-game event. The villain that you have unknowingly been creating is going to be…. *TRANSMISSION SUDDENLY LOST*

Battle on!
Artix the entire AE Team