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NEW Battles and AQW's Birthday!

Posted by Alina on

The shadows are rising, and strange, Dark Loremasters have begun appearing in each of our games... what could be happening?! Artix Entertainment's 13th anniversary event begins next week, but before you /jump into THAT battle, hone your skills with all of our NEW game releases this weekend!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Head to BattleCon 2015 for our 7th Birthday event!

Get your /party on at BattleCon 2015: an In-Game Convention and battle to unlock information and clues about the rest of this month's holiday events! 

  • Find the mysterious new Loremaster in Battleon and recover what he seeks... before Lore falls to Darkness!
  • Quest for Loremaster Maya to uncover the secrets of WHY the shadows are acting so strangely
  • Get awesome new Cosplay-themed rare gear in the BattleCon birthday shop!
  • DOUBLE XP weekend starts Friday night and ends Monday morning!
Upgrade to unlock 7th Upholder!

Buy or renew your AdventureQueset Worlds membership to instantly become a 7th Upholder and unlock four starswords, an exclusive Class, a special in-game zone, a character page badge, and more! 


Riddle of the Sphinxes - The Mastercraft Saga begins!

The curse surrounding an ancient pyramid has weakened, revealing a pyramid in the Skraeling Desert. You must trek across the vast desert with the aid of a homing beetle if you hope to locate the cursed pyramid. The power of the treasures inside are equally matched by the perils that hold their secrets!


Blood and Roses
The finale of the Book 3 Amityvale Saga, Blood and Roses, is here! As the spectral moon is waxing gibbous, the Darkness Tower and its would-be King have fallen. Now it’s time for the Queen of all Vampires to pass judgement on the traitorous Lord. 
  • Help hunt down the last of Frydae’s minions!
  • Are Thursday or Raven doomed to succumb to the elemental infections?


Dark Secrets

A mysterious moglin, claiming to be a “Loremaster”, has appeared in Soluna asking specifically for your help! No one in Soluna knows who he is, or the group he claims to belong to, but he brings a message of dire importance that can’t be ignored!

  • Speak to the strange visitor and find out what’s so important that you were asked for by name!
  • Something doesn’t seem right about all this...


Battle On!