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New Releases for September 25th!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Starsword: The Legend BeginZ!

DragonStar Crystals are only active once every thousand years… and the Hero who gathers them all will have their greatest wish granted! This week, the 1st through 6th Upholders can join Artix on a quest to learn the legend of the Starswords; next Thursday, October 1st, 7th upholders will unlock the zone, too!

  • Quest alongside Artix to recover the DragonStar Crystals
  • Unlock all-new starsword themed gear that matches your original starsword
  • Find the Cloud Rider armor and more in the DragonRoad Rares Shop!


The Back to School AC bonus leaves next Wednesday, September 30th, but until it does, you can get up to 3000 more free AdventureCoins to use for the epic gear releasing this month!

  • This week: the Pirate Adventure House arrives in Quibble Coinbiter's Shop!
  • Next week: the Mogloween Seasonal rare gear returns!


Epic Duel
Power Weekend!

Want to make the most of your BioBeasts gear? Earn Double XP and Credits all weekend long to make sure all your gear is fully-powered!



Corundum Corruption Crossover Event

The Corruption is infused with the hate and will of the Shadowscythe imposed on others - seen as a Virus in MechQuest and the Doom Weapons in DragonFable.
Using pure darkness magic and infusing it with their hatred of others, the Shadowscythe were able to twist and corrupt the minds of a small group of crystal beings. Once again the corruption has not only resurfaced but it has spread to others.

  • Battle an army of creatures pouring out of a network of caves deep in the Dwarfhold Mountains.
  • If something isn’t done soon this tide of corruption will wash over everything, twisting minds, and allowing the Shadowscythe to take over!


Corundum Corruption Crossover Event

A dark Corruption has tainted a once pure group of beings. Warlic has sensed this and requested your presence at his tower. Will you be able to save the Vizalain’s, or will the Corruption spread to the entire planet?

  • Discover the source of the Corruption and purge it from Lore!
  • Saving the Vizalain’s will let you learn more about the Shadowscythe and the Doom Weapons!
  • Learn why Warlic has been missing!


Corundum Corruption Crossover Event

Dean Warlic has requested your presence! A group of crystalline beings that Warlic promised to protect has sent word that they are suffering from an unknown illness, causing them to become hostile and dangerous to all those around them. Something that can taint these creatures is a threat to all life in the universe! Will you be able to stop it?

  • Save the Vizalain’s and foil a dark plot to control the universe!
  • Does this have anything to do with the Mysterious Stranger’s experiments?

Battle On!
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