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8.28 Game Updates: Get Your Battle On!

Posted by Alina on

Neither tropical storms, heat waves, or dragonoid invasions will keep the dev teams at Artix Entertainment from bringing you all-new weekly releases! Grab your gear and dive into battle this weekend! 


AdventureQuest Worlds
Third Spell from the Sun

When a mysterious force begins to steal light from Lore’s sun, Warlic and Cysero know there is only one Hero to call upon - you! This Friday, gear up and get ready to go out of this world (and out of your body!) to keep our world from being plunged into eternal darkness!


Don't miss the Back to School AdventureCoin Bonus!

  • Get up to 25% more free ACs when you buy any AdventureCoin package
  • Unlock the exclusive Greywolf Commander with a 2000, 5000, or 12000 AC package


Epic Duel
The Dragonoid Saga Part 2

Experience the epic conclusion to the Dragonoid Saga!

  • Save Charfade and banish the Dragonoid once and for all!
  • 15 all-new missions!
  • Equip amazing new Dragonoid Gear!


Guardian update + September Z-Token Packages
Find out what adventures wait you in the newly-updated Guardian Tower, plus don't miss the new look and functionality for the Guardian weapons!

September Z-Token Package - Searing Brand and Sacred Chicken Pet!
Searing Brand is coming this week to the 7500 Z-Token package

  • This exquisitely crafted blade can swap between Fire and Energy elements
  • Sacred Chicken Pet returns to the 6000 Z-Token package


Ranger Class Update

A cold wind howls across the sands of desert, the grains stinging your eyes as you scan the starry sky for a hint of shadow… as you scan for a sign that your prey has given themselves away. Will you fight them hand to hand and build up your melee focus? Or will you build up your critical damage as you attack with your deadly arrows?

  • The Ranger revamp is here with all new art and skills!
  • Test it out in new Sandsea randoms while you collect Shards of Obsidian for new merge items!


Mr. Z’s Shadowy Army

Mr. Z’s diabolical plan has been uncovered! He plans to use recovered Shadowscythe tech to augment his forces!

  • Confront him and find out what he’s been working on!
  • You must stop his plans or EbilCorp will become even more dangerous than it already is! 

Battle On!