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New Releases and Rewards are Waiting

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Each of Artix Entertainment's new weekly releases is full of rewards just for you, so dive on into battle and see what kinds of treasure you discover!


AdventureQuest Worlds
Treasure Dragon's Quest: Hunt for Xergon's Egg

You’ve been summoned by Chrysos, Lord of the Treasure Dragons! Brave the deadly spell of Xergon's gold curse and survive the Beast Below to rescue the Treasure Dragon's heir... or the entire race will perish!


Epic Duel
Power Weekend

Prepare for the return of the Dragonoid with a Power Weekend!  

  • Double experience and credits all weekend long!
  • Prepare for the return of the Dragonoid and an upgraded Dravax!

The Spell Scrolls

The entire Spell Scroll quest has been updated with new challenges and more spells!

  • You must explore the cursed keep of the sorcerer Varrinsqu, brave soul.
  • Buried deep within its wall are 8 rare spell scrolls.
  • Each of these scrolls contains arcane knowledge found nowhere else.


Food for Thought

Verlyrus the boxcat needs your help again! Some of his friends are hungry, and you’re bringing them dinner!

  • Find out what happened to something important from Book 1 Amityvale!
  • Will you be able to discover more about the mysterious Verlyrus?


House Leader Challenge

The leaders of the G.E.A.R.S. houses have decided to test their house members to see how they’re progressing. Do you have what it takes to be recognized as one of the strongest members of your house?

  • Challenge the leader of your house! This will change based on your level. There’s even a challenge mode fight for each house!
  • New weapon specials await you if you succeed!
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